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Fake Fantasy review

Summary: Fake Fantasy is full of faked sex and nude pictures of just about every celebrity under the sun. They add new material every day and provide their members access to 9 real celebrity nude, non nude and sex sites. The content here is mostly good faked smut, but some of the galleries are less inspiring, and the videos aren't all that great, though they are quite novel.

Score 70.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2010-11-16

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Intro promises

- "Thousands of hardcore celeb pics"
- Unlimited downloads
- Updates multiple times daily
- No DRM restrictions
- Access to 9 bonus sites (celebrity-themed)

First impression

I know they aren't real, but damn do they look real. The top half of the Fake Fantasy tour page has very realistic nude pics of the stars Jessica Alba, Hayden Panettiere, Emma Watson, and Megan Fox tanned, beautiful, and with perky, round breasts each. Scrolling down there is a long list of stars, complete with topless thumbnails of each. These too look incredibly realistic.

The offering, if you haven't yet grasped it, is "thousands of images" and movies of your favorite celebs in nude and often intense hardcore sexual action. Since most of these celebs have never done triple penetration, you can safely assume that to see them in such action would require a bit of photoshop wizardry. Fake Fantasy provides just that.

I signed up for a membership to see if all of the galleries and clips promised looked as good as those that are showcased on the tour. Read on for details.


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Our opinion

Fake Fantasy just came online in 2010. Though only a few months have passed at the time of my review the site is already quite massive. A rough estimate puts the total number of galleries at near 2 thousand, and the movies have to be well into the hundreds.

As promised, it's all fake. The longer I sifted through the various galleries and short clips, though, the larger my disappointment grew. A good majority of these fakes are really poorly done, showing nothing of the quality that was on the tour. You will stumble on better sets of course, I just wish that they were the standard. Having come in expecting these to be fake does take some of the sting of that disappointment out, and really they've probably done the best they can. A small comfort: most of these models you'll never see nude outside of the faked images here, they've managed to keep their clothes on, somehow, in their movies, TV shows and appearances.

If they aren't all top quality the site is at least unyielding in their dedication to get lots of material online and for as many celebrities as you can dream up. I would think up the various celebs, both well known and lesser-known, to see how wide ranging their collection is. I was very impressed with the results. You have the big stars like Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba, but there were also lesser known glamour models from Europe and England, Bollywood hotties, and other exotic stars from around the world.

For the pictures I had more or less an idea of what they would be like and the sort of process that created them. For the movies I was really curious, and clueless. All of them are just a few seconds long, and they are brief clips from porn movies with the model's face pasted over with a celebrity's face. It's not a picture of the face, but the face of the celeb lifted from another video or movie and layered over the porn star's face. The result is... less than convincing, but for hardcore celeb fans, I'm sure they will be fun. They are at least a novelty.

All of these movies are in Flash video formats. The largest size they come in is a 640x360 resolution, but they are quite irregular in size and quality.

The same can be said about the galleries. Most average around a dozen images each. They tend to focus on one model, but won't necessarily be a cohesive series. Instead it's a collection of fake nude pics in various settings and scenarios. They do a good job of finding various types of sexual scenarios to put the celebs into -- tit fucks, hand jobs, cum shots, anal sex, double penetration, lesbian action, gang bangs -- the sky's the limit.

Image size varies wildly, as does quality. As noted, some of these are more convincing than others. The worst of the bunch seemed hurried, and have a glossy blur to smooth the rough work of the artist. Thankfully these really poor images are few in number. Most are average or better. You can save entire galleries in zip files or download individual pictures.


Fake Fantasy has a large collection of fake celebrity content. They have a good quality overall, but surfers should go in knowing that not every gallery will be of the quality on the tour pages. The videos are also more of a novelty than anything else. For celeb junkies the mix is still an exciting one, and there are 9 other celebrity sites with real nude and non-nude action to enjoy with your free access as a member.

Overall, Fake Fantasy is a nice pick for those into the fake celebrity niche.


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