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Mr Skin review

- 5th revisit

Summary: Mr. Skin is a huge site and one of a kind when it comes to seeing real celeb tits and ass. They have archived just about every moment of nude or almost nude action in Hollywood movies in the last fifty plus years. You have streaming and downloadable clips and pics of the moments, indexes with over 20,000 celebs with bios and filmographies, powerful tools to help you search through it all and great media options to enjoy it. There just isn't a site as great as Mr. Skin when it comes to real nude celebrities.

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Score 90.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2011-12-07

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Intro promises

"The #1 Celeb site on the net!"

- Over 500 hours of video
- Full screen & HD video
- More than 20,000 Actresses
- Over 200,000 Pics & clips
- Over 30,000 Movies & TV shows
- Detailed reviews & ratings
- Updated daily

First impression

Mr Skin's tour pages let you have your way with the site without signing up, but to really download or view the content they have compiled you have to sign up. For those that want a really good look at what they'll get should they take that plunge, the set up is ideal.

Browsing around you can see that they aren't messing about finding you all the nude celeb material possible and serving it up with a touch of wit and creativity. The main focus of the library is on "fast forwarding to the good parts", and making streaming and downloadable clips of the nude, sexual or implied nude moments in movies with the biggest names in Hollywood. They also have a lot of European actresses which, as you might guess, often show even more skin and do more intense things for their roles in international cinema classics.

It's not ALL about tits and ass, either. The site is full of a huge index of movies, actor profiles, plenty of rumors and much more. If you're into Hollywood and like tits and ass, this site is perfect for you it would seem.

Read on for an in depth look at its features and everything included in a subscription.


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Our opinion

Mr. Skin is a legend among nude celebrity sites, and probably the only one of its class and authenticity. They sum it up quite nicely in their motto: No Searching. No Hassles. No Fakes.

As you explore you'll find the site is much more colorful, complex and interesting than just a mere catalogue of nude clips and thumbnails from movies, although that content is the core of everything here. In many ways, Mr. Skin is a sort of IMDB site with a focus on tits and ass. They have movie summaries and a very complete index of actresses. There were over 20,000 at the time of my review. They have star ratings based on the level of nudity they've done on the big screen, information about where they were born and a brief biography about their careers. They also have a "Skinfo" piece about the girl, which usually talks about her great body and how it might have played a part in getting casted, etc.

On an actress' bio page are a list of clips and pics you can stream, download or view online in the moment. They clearly label everything, telling you if it's nude, accidental nude, sexy (like a bikini), etc. They also have a list of all the movies she's been in with links next to each telling if it's sexy, nude, etc. and how many clips or pics there are. They cover both Cinema and TV.

When browsing through the actresses you can use their filters to find what you're after. Of course you can look up the girls by name or by popularity rating, but there are other filters as well: the overall nudity rating, if they have shown bush, how big their tits are, if those tits are real or fake, if they are skinny, average or large, black or white or Latina, blondes or brunettes... you get the idea.

Your other alternatives are to browse by clips or by titles (movies/TV shows) with similar filters.

These clips and pictures are the main attraction at Mr. Skin but there is more here to enjoy. If this site's content appeals to you, chances are good you are also a bit of a movie buff. If so, you are fortunate: this site is full of movie summaries, gossip and other Hollywood-related topics. For example, they have news pieces on their blog about a model storming off the Game of Thrones set over a nude scene she was supposed to star in, as well as posts like "Top 10 Nude Scenes of 2011" or on various themes such as "Top Nude Newcomers" or "Naked Stars at the Doctor's Office". Sometimes the lists can include scenes from classic porn, like Debbie Does Dallas.

The thousands of clips here can be streamed online or downloaded and saved permanently. The streaming player is in Flash video format and looks great with a 640x360 screen. The downloads also offer that size screen in Windows Media and MP4 formats (1-3 Mbits). As these are mostly very short clips, a few seconds long, they are small and fast downloads.

For newer updates they have begun to offer HD download and streaming. The download is an MP4 file with a 1280x720 screen (2.7 Mbits) with a 720p HD quality playback.

There are thousands of pictures, but these are usually screen stills of the nude/semi-nude moments of the videos or TV shows. They vary in size but average 1000x600 or smaller. Their quality is average at best; again, these are still frames from the movies not actual photographs.

The final thing that stood out on my visit for this review was the site's activity. It is constantly adding new pics and video clips, new actresses that are taking off clothes, and creating new sexy and funny "playlists" of nude moments in movies that are related by topic, theme or actress. This site shows no signs of slowing down and letting Hollywood's love for sex and flesh outpace its own lusty thirst!


Mr. Skin is a one of a kind nude celebrity site. All of its material comes from TV shows and Movies. None of it is faked. They simply spot the juicy parts, the sexy or nude clips, take them out and organize them so you can quickly find your favorite actresses in their nude glory. You might be surprised by some of the names you find here that took it all off for smaller budget movies you've never heard of! If you want to see real celebs nude and having sex, then Hollywood is the best source. Mr Skin has made it easy to scour the entire history of film making for the good parts!


To be clear, Mr. Skin has no true competitor when it comes to Hollywood actresses. The size of its collection, its authenticity, and its extras like movie summaries, biographies and celeb blogging make it unique.

There are other celebrity themed porn sites out there, though. Most of those that follow focus on nude pics from movies as well as from snooping Paparazzi cameras. A few include sex tapes and some allow faked content as well. Here are some of the best celeb sites of that type: Ultimate Celebs, Celeb TA, Homemade Celebrity Porn and Paparazzi Stalkers.


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