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Mr. Skin review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Mr. Skin is the leading celebrity-site, with an immense collection of nude appearances in mainstream movies. Both video clips and captures are available together with additional information about the movies and actresses.

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Score 90.0 /100
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J., 2003-03-13

Celebrity, Videos, Movies


Intro promises

20,000 pics
7,000 clips
5,000 celebs
Mr Skin fast forwards to the good parts so you don't have to!

First impression

The intro page is very flashy. Jam-packed with cartoony graphics and a film-themed menu at the top, it's somewhat distracting. However, each item on the main page has a point and there's no redundancy (though all the extra white space on the bottom of the page adds a slight air of unprofessionality).
Immediately I begin wondering what some of the links like "Mr. Skin Minute" and "Tits & Tidbits" mean, at their titles are somewhat ambiguous.


3-day trial: $4.95
1 month: $29.95

(NOTE: There are several payment options, including a pay-by-phone option that requires software download)

Our opinion

As expected from the opening page, the navigation is a bit confusing. If you're looking for pictures of a nude celeb, you'll be spending most of your time in the "Directories" section, where celebs and films are listed alphabetically. There's also a search function that allows you to search by actress or film title.

Running through a few searches and letters in the directories, I am immediately impressed at the sheer amount of content on the site. Pretty much every actress who has appeared nude in a film will have stills on here somewhere.
The stills are seperated into categories such as "nudity," "bikini," and "sexy" to let you know what you're going to get. The neatest feature of this site is that, when you hold the cursor over a still or clip, you get a little thumbnail version over on the right side. It's quite clever and a great time-saving device.

As for clips, I was a little confused to find that, after clicking on an actress' name from the directory, one sees only links to her stills and not the video clips. In order to view the clips, you have to click on the title of the film, at which point you will get a nice little review of the film and a listing of available clips.

The clips range in quality with their age- older films are taken from VHS and are of a noticably lower quality than more modern DVD rips. Compression is noticable in the modem clips in .rm format, broadband users can select to view the clips in the Quicktime format instead, which has a better quality. The clever "SkinVision" feature plays back the nude parts of the clip in slow motion on some clips- saves the viewer from having to do it himself.

Additional nice features are available on the site, such as a message board for discussion, Mr. Skin's personal selections and notes about nude celebs past and present. Also top 10 lists of many exiting subjects are added regularly, such as "Babes Banged By Baseball Players" or "Hot Babes From Shitty Shows".

It would take an extraordinary amount of time to sift through all of Mr. Skin's content, and he updates every day with plenty of pics and clips (on the day I reviewed the site, he had added 60 pics and 15 clips!).


Mr. Skin has a wonderful and large collection here. Sure, there are some scenes that aren't up yet (you can request anything you want) and, while the site focuses on female film nudity (no guys as far as I could tell), it would be nice to have print nudity that some celebs have done, not to mention showing some non-actress celebs as well.

However, Mr. Skin claims to be the movie nudity expert and his collection surely proves it. This is without doubt the most comprehensive guide to nude appearances in movies I have ever seen. I always support a fair preview, and the preview on the site is one of the better celeb previews I've seen - plenty of enticing celeb nudity - not some lame teasing, he shows you the goods. If you're a fan of movie celeb nudity, the sometimes-poor navigation and somewhat extravagant pricing shouldn't stop you from joining up.


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