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Mr. Skin review

- 2nd revisit

Summary: Mr. Skin is the leading celebrity-site, with an immense collection of nude appearances in mainstream movies. Both video clips and captures are available together with additional information about the movies and actresses.

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Score 90.0 /100
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Steffen M, 2004-04-06

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Intro promises

- A giant website that displays my huge collection of nude celebrity pictures and videoclips
- 7000 celebs in more than 45000 photos
- New photos added daily

First impression

Naked people are almost always interesting but famous naked people even more so. With the Internet we have seen a major boom in photos and videos of the celebs doing what we all like to do – getting naked and maybe even having sex. This site focuses on the legal stuff though which means no paparazzi shots and accidental nipple slips here only footage from real motions pictures and tv shows.

Mr. Skin has reportedly a huge collection of these varieties. So let’s fast forward to the good stuff.


Credit Card, Bank transfer or Check

3 day trial: $4.95 and then 29.95 recurring for 30 days
1 month: $29.95

Our opinion

There are several ways to get to the naked stuff. One of the easy ones is to type in the name of the actress – this is a 100% female site - you would like to see and hit enter. My first lust, created by seeing “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” in 1988, is Juliette Binoche. I type her name and get a
brief star bio with a user friendly interface displaying in which movies she has been totally or partly naked. The red symbol is for naked, green for bikini, purple for underwear and blue for sexy. There are quite a few photos of the dear Juliette without a thing. You put the mouse of the symbol to get a thumbnail and click to get the full size. Very easy and convenient. 9 movies are listed and in 4 of them you can choose to see some video clips.
Choosing the video clips a new section open with details about the film and the clips. The clips are rather short, about 20-30 seconds some around a minute though. The quality of the video is okay. You can chose between Quicktime with a 400x300 resolution and audio or Real Player with 320x240
resolution and no audio.

I was a bit disappointed by the Binoche-section so I move on. There are tons of different search options. You can search by director, by hair colour, by body type and so on. One of the best search options though is the skin rating. Choosing maximum rating, which is four stars, I get a result of 196 celebs including Bo Derek, Ursula Andress, Pamela Anderson and Daryl Hannah.
One of the nicer ones here is Sylvia Kristel in the “Emmanuelle”-films from the 70s and 80s. Even though the years have passed there are still some turn-on scenes in these ones.

Another interesting place is the top 100 celeb nudity scenes. I won’t give away the winner but only say that it is a quite surprising but justified winner…

Moving your way through Ludivine Sagnier in “Swimmingpool”, Sophie Marceau in “Beyond the Clouds” Marie Schneider in “Last Tango in Paris” and Anouk Aimée in “Justine” you start to feel quite excited. This is a stunning collection of great moments in nude film history. Most of the footage is
quite new of course since I guess the closer we come to our present the more normal it gets to be naked in films but still Mr. Skin has quite an admirable collection of older and even more rare footage.


I am very impressed by the huge collection of celebrity nude scenes. The idea is pretty interesting and it’s definitely a new way to approach film history. However I would like to see some more hot stuff. Maybe it is just me who wants to see more action. I guess if you are satisfied with nudity involving you favorite actresses and celebrities and maybe just a little hint of action then this is the site for you.


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