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Paparazzi Stalkers review

Summary: Paparazzi Stalkers features authentic candid nude and semi-nude pics of celebrities in public and private events and forums. You'll see the topless sun bathing girls, the risque drunks flashing at Hollywood parties and plenty of sexy upskirts, non-nude bikini and sexy dress shots. The footage is real, and at no extra cost you get access to even more celebrity footage on the Gossip Members network including sex tapes. For fans of real celeb content Paparazzi Stalkers is a good pick.

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Jerry Fritz, 2010-09-21

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Intro promises

- Real celeb porn scandals & nude pics
- Daily updated
- Hi-Quality sex tapes & pics
- Unlimited downloads
- Access to 7 other exclusive celeb sites

First impression

Everyone on the planet knows paparazzi pics equal nude, upskirt, topless or embarrassing photography of celebrities. Obviously a celebrity porn site called Paparazzi Stalker is going to offer just that, and it does. The tour page shows off a lot of the sort of content it has, a mix of concert shots, wardrobe malfunctions and real candid pics snapped by nosey cameramen of stars topless, having sex or flashing their boobs in public. The list of stars on the tour page alone is impressive: Janet Jackson, Tara Reid, Lil Kim, Gwen Stefani, Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, Cameron Diaz...

The site looks promising, and maybe more exciting: it looks REAL. I signed up to check out the members area and to see if the site owns up to its promises for members.


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Our opinion

Paparazzi Stalkers delivers pretty much what I expected it to deliver after visiting its tour, which is a bunch of candid, sneaky shots of celebs in vulnerable moments, mostly in nude ones specifically. The content appears to be 100% legit and real, I didn't see any fakes or anything that was suspicious. So out the gates we've got some positive things to say about the site.

The content is a really diverse mix. There is a lot of nudity in here, specifically topless and boobie shots, but not every picture set or movie will have naked celebs. Sometimes you'll get a teasing shot of a side boob, or hard nipples poking through translucent tops. Upskirt shots are extremely common in here, when babes like Kim Kardashian and Eva Mendez get out of limos to head into clubs, you better believe the camera man is on his knee waiting for the upskirt shot. Sometimes the stars are wearing panties, and many times they are not.

I would say roughly half or a little less of the library is upskirt and non-nudes, mostly of celebs at award ceremonies, parties or on vacation. The other chunk of material is going to catch celebrities topless at the beach sunbathing, flaunting their boobs on ocean yachts (Cindy Crawford is topless on George Clooney's boat inside) or drunk and willing to flash cameraman and fans alike (see Tara Reid for a sloppy drunk nude set).

The one thing I thought was in low supply were videos, which are only a handful in a sea of picture galleries. Most of these rarely run over 1 or 2 minutes long, and rarely have any nudity or sex in them. I was expecting some amount of sex tape scandals but as it works out, this site is more about the photography that the paparazzi shoots of stars out and about. But fear not! Luckily this site is part of a celeb network where each site has a different focus, meaning that you also get access to a site specifically containing celebrity sex tapes. More about that later.

There were hundreds of galleries here and they will range in size and quality. Most had under 25 pictures, some few would have many more. I think it's important to understand these are opportunistic shots of real celebrities in their moments of nudity and slip-ups, so there is only seconds in most cases in which to snap photos. Thus sets are smaller.

I was going through galleries and was really surprised how much pictures varied. Most are just a tad bit blurry (again, consequence of how the content was captured), but often the pictures themselves were huge in size. There was no real standard, however. Here are some of the resolutions I ran across just in one page of results: 1869x1200, 3264x4896 (the biggest), 906x1190, 600x853. Most are large but not as clear as you'd hope for. A worthwhile trade-off for real nude pics of celebs, though.

The few videos that were here ran just a few minutes long and came in one format: Flash Video. These are streamed in a small resolution player that's embedded right into the members area. It can also be downloaded. Like the pictures these are opportune or homemade movies, so the quality fluctuates quite a bit, and rarely is all that great. Again, a worthwhile trade-off for real footage, I think.

Remember how I was upset about there not being any sex tapes? Well there are on the bonus sites. Some of these will share the same content. They are all part of the Gossip Members network and they include the following titles: Dirty Teen Celebrities, Fake Fantasy, Homemade Celebrity Porn, Celebrity Spanker, Oriental Celebs, Famous Milf, Reality Star Scandals and Sexy Male Celebrities. These do share content between them, but you'll find a ton of real celebrity sex tapes and scandalous footage on the sites, as well as a many more photo galleries. They make a very large and exciting collection of celeb porn.


Paparazzi Stalkers was a bit light in the video department but their myriad paparazzi picture galleries were authentic, real and contained a lot of accidental celebrity nudity. The site is large and active and the bonus celeb sites you get access to filled some of the gaps, like offering tons of celeb sex tapes and scandal tapes. I thought the package was a good one for celeb fans out there and worthwhile.


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