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Adult Rated review

Summary: Adult Rated is a DVD archive site and quite a good one. Well over 2000 titles are available in a very wide array of niches. Right from mainstream porn to kinky German fetish flicks. The premium quality option is recommended if you have a fast connection.

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Mephistopheles, 2007-07-18

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Intro promises

- Get access to 1000+ adult rated videos
- No charges per download
- Get all the DVDs today

First impression

Are you sick of going to your local porno shop to pick up a few flicks? Paying inflated rental fees, wading your way through a shitty selection only to end up not even finding what you're looking for? Not to mention, saving yourself the embaressment of running into a friend or co-worker. Adult Rated boasts unlimited access to over 1,000 DVD titles, all for the price of one membership. The tour page looks pretty good and they even let you see the goods up front. Previews of every single DVD are shown, including: steamy still images, running times and a small synopsis. I can't wait to login and check some of these out.


Our opinion

I'm really digging the layout here. It's good looking, well designed and organized in a very efficient manner. Hundreds of their DVDs are spread out over 25 pages on the main members area. There's also a nice menu on the left-hand side of the page that contains over 50 niches. They have everything from gang bangs, to the harder stuff like shemales and water sports. Some of the niches have over 700 titles. Of course, some of these categories do overlap.

It also doesn't hurt that they have an awesome search engine from which you can do VERY specific searches. You can narrow a group sex search all the way down to 2 men and 1 woman. You put all that together and you have a site where it's very easy to find exactly what you're looking for. All in all, this makes browsing here less of a chore and more of a pleasure.

I like the way they've setup the pages for each DVD. The DVD's are broken down into a series of scenes, as opposed to downloading them in one huge file. Usually I'm against there being no option to download a movie in its entirety, but considering the fact that these scenes sometimes last over half an hour a piece, and the fact that there's sometimes as many as six scenes per film. I think in this case, it's excusable. Otherwise, you'd be in for quite the hefty download!

They give you a good idea of what to expect for each scene. You also get several steamy still images, a list of the sexual acts performed, the niches which it fits into and a running time. The clips come in various formats: WMV, MPG, IPOD and PSP! There's also a High and Low quality option on the WMV and MPG files. I haven't tried the Ipod or PSP formats, as I don't have one. These DVD rips are high resolution and look fantastic. I was especially impressed with the high quality options. The high quality WMV and MPG clips have a resolution of 512x384.

The overall quality of all the video is actually rather consistent considering these are DVD rips from a wide variety of different production companies. The medium quality is just good enough to be considered 'watchable', while the low isn't worth the minute it takes to download. I'd recommend you go with the high quality. While it has a high resolution, it does take a bit longer to download. However, with speeds here as fast as 1300kb per second, I don't think it matters much. So, unless you're on dialup, go with the high quality option. On a side note: there's really no clear option for streaming here. You can stream a clip by left-clicking the MPG link with your mouse though. The screen is pretty small but this should come in handy if you want to checkout a scene before downloading it directly to your harddrive.

The real cream of the crop, however, is the Super or 'DVD' option. This can only be obtained with a premium membership. These babies are encoded at 2300 kbps with a resolution of 640x480 pixels. That's a level of sharpness and clarity which usually could only be experienced by watching a DVD. The file size is quite hefty (a 9 minute scene clocks in at nearly 200MB), as you can imagine, but is well worth it if you have a good connection. I'd highly recommend you get the 'Premium' membership option. The extra 5 dollars a month is a small price to pay when you consider the amazing quality of video you'll have access to.

While they may not have as many movies as some of the competing sites, they make up for it with variety. On many of these 'DVD RIP Super Sites' I've come across, the content is rather bland. Sometimes even limiting itself to straight hardcore. These guys really know hot to mix it up. I've watched some great fisting, bondage, transexual and even gay movies here. There's a wide variety of beautiful starlets and I was impressed to find that they even have decent amateur content! Pretty much every niche under the sun (aside from a few extreme ones) is covered here.


There are currently 2,160 titles at Adult Rated equaling over 5,600 hours of footage! If you give the archives a quick scan you'll realise that these guys update with a couple of new flicks damn near everyday. That means that these numbers can only continue to grow. If you couple that with the impressive diversity of niches, awesome download speeds and user friendly interface - you've got one hell of a site on your hands. At these prices, it sure as hell beats a membership at an XXX video store any day. Folks, this is a bargain.

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