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EMX review

Summary: EMX is a hard-core mega site. They offer content such as, 1,500+ hours of video, 4,400+ scenes online and unlimited downloads.

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J., 2004-11-19

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Intro promises

- 1557 Hours of Video
- 4422 Scenes Online
- Unlimited Downloads
- Ultra Fast Downloads
- Free Sample Videos
- Customizable Download Manager
- Highest Quality, Lowest File Sizes for fastest downloads
- Free access (for search and screenshot viewing)

First impression

EMX appears to be a video archive, with plenty of content and a reasonably professional-looking layout. I'm a bit surprised they're not pushing the quality or quantity of their content more, but the best part about it is that you can search their videos for free (you still have to give them a credit card number) and find out if they've got the goods you're looking for.


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Credit Card (iBill)

One month: $39.95

Our opinion

The main subscriber page has a simple and effective layout. You get thumbs and descriptions for the top 10 downloads, and a handy listing of some suggested downloads based on your previous ones. Along the side panel you can choose from their over 25 categories if you feel like doing some browsing or you can just enter a keyword into the simple version of their search (it scans through the decriptions of the vids) that's accessible from all pages of the site.

They're not kidding about the amount of content on the site- there are thousands of clips here, most of which contain an entire scene from a release of some sort (though some scenes are split into smaller clips). The clips range in length from a few minutes to nearly full-length movies (which could actually have used some clipping). All major categories are represented here (Lesbian, Fetish, Mature, etc.) and for whatever reason, Public Nudity and Gay movies are highly overrepresented here, constituting over a combined quarter of the total videos on the site here. None of this stuff (as far as I can tell) is exclusive content, so maybe there was just a deal from one of their providers on that stuff. The point is there's plenty to choose from here.

An important note to mention right off the bat is that all of these videos are in .WMV format. That means they are NOT natively Mac compatible. Furthermore the movie files are protected using DRM, which I strongly recommend you read more about here, in case you don't know what it is. That being said, the videos are available in a both high and low resolution Window Media format. The high res movies have a natureal resoution of 640x480 and a bitrate of 576Kbps. I've seen higher bitrates before and, while the vids show only minimal pixelization and compression artifacts at their natural size, one can tell where the extra bits per second were going at full frame. However, one of the claims of the site is smaller filesizes for faster downloading and, with the high res files levelling out at about 4.25MB per minute, they've done just that. The low res videos are a viewable 320x240 size naturally, with less than half the bitrate of the high res. Again, these look just fine at their natural size, but blowing them up introduces significant fuzzying of the picture. These files are about half the filesize of the full res ones, but if you've got a fast enough connection, it might be worth it to just go for the high res ones on the shorter videos. I wouldn't mind seeing one higher resolution and one lower resolution here (mainly for previewing purposes).

From the thumbnail of a clip, you can simply download the high or low res version of the video or you can view the scene information. Here you get the full description, 10 thumbnails for sample screenshots and 5 thumbs for sample clips from the vid. The interesting thing about the thumbs is that they're apparently random. Refreshing the scene info will call up some different samples sometimes. An interesting concept, but if those samples are on the server, why not just make them all available? I also experienced a lot of trouble with viewing the sample clips- more than half of the time, I received an "Upgrade Now To View Samples" page. Plus, some of the videos are listed as having a filesize of 0, meaning they are not available on the server. There's obviously a lot of housekeeping to be done on 4400+ video clips, but it's something that certainly needs to be kept up on. Speaking of which, the descriptions of the videos range from very helpful to just plain lazy. Some contain detailed info about what goes on in the scene and some sound something like "Guy fucks a girl then cums on her face." Well, obviously. Maybe if all of the samples actually worked, I wouldn't have so much trouble with the descriptions.

The advanced search also leaves something to be desired. You can search within a genre by setting and plenty of keywords, plus physical traits and, of course, by title or actress. The problem here again is consistency. For instance, there are currently 128 movies listed in the Lesbian category. If you look through each one of those and then go to the advanced search page and search within, say, the "Hardcore" section for lesbians, you'll find tons of different videos, not included in the Lesbian section. This makes absolutely no sense to me. I can understand the desire to not want videos double-listed, but the simple solution to that is to make better (and fewer) main categories, then not allowing those same categories to be searchable sub-categories. This is all pretty simple search logic here, and I'm very disappointed to not see it implemented on this vast collection of content. Two more minor problems navigation-wise include the lack of the download manager they mentioned on the opening page and lack of dates on the video clips. A download manager would be absurdly helpful in getting all the stuff you'd like and a unique feature for the site. And dates on the clips would make searching for new stuff all that much easier.


EMX has the makings of being one of the better video archive sites. The problem appears to be that the webmasters think that all you need is the content. These days (especially at the super-premium price they're asking), you need to offer something more in the way of accessibility. Anyone in the world can acquire some licenses and put a bunch of porn on a website. Spending some time to make the database complete, consistent, and easily navigable is all it would take to make this site a contender. As it stands, there are several competitors that will gladly offer you this type of content more readily and for a better price.

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