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Maniac Pass review

Summary: Maniac Pass is a DVD archive with 700+ available titles. They can be found by either browsing among the 800+ smaller sites each with its own niche or directly from the main page. Video quality, download speed and number of titles is nothing special, but its selection of more unusual niches makes somewhat up for it.

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Mephistopheles, 2008-03-18

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Intro promises

- Gigs of ultra fine quality porn never came cheaper! Finally there's ManiacPass, a huge network of freshest smut offering hundreds of latest DVDs and high class XXX sites. From vanilla to narrower fetish niches, it has it all! Get in and watch your porn archive soar!
- Fuck that streaming movie crap. You can download every movie in our member's area. Full DVD Movies!
- We're changing the way you watch porn!
- You'll never have to go to the XXX Store again!

First impression

Maniac Pass is one of those sites that provides you with the luxury of browsing a plethora of DVD titles, without ever leaving the comfy confines of your humble abode. The tour boasts 700+ DVDs and a network of bonus sites. I've seen countless DVD archive sites in my day, with varying quality, so I won't get my hopes up just yet. It's high time I login to the members and see how it stacks up to all of that hype in the tour.


Our opinion

There are two menus in the member's area and they both have their uses. The first, which tops the page, is laid-out horizontally and appropriately called the 'Quick-Jump' Menu. You see, it contains the the most basic of options: Home, My Favorites, Browse Sites, Search For Movies, DVD Listing and Support.

The other, which is situated vertically on the left-hand side of the page, is far more thorough than its quick-jump counterpart; furthermore, it'd probably be best suited as your main key to navigating the site.

Directly below the horizontal menu you'll find a valuable list of site statistics. And what impressive statistics they are! Currently, there's 840 sites, 3,595 movies, and 67,486 pictures. That's 1,664 Gigabytes of content in total, folks!

The site is built up as a network of sites each delivering content in a certain niche of in a certain series of movies - e.g. "Please Bang my wife". Alternatively you can browse and download all available DVDs in the network on the main page.

There's currently 787 titles to choose from; also, judging by the timestamps, updates look to be quite frequent. In fact, they're damn near daily. In addition to that, you get 40 niches to choose from. Whether you're in the mood for a gang-bang or a tranny, they've got you covered! For a filthy old pervert like me, this kind of selection gives that 'kid in a candy store' vibe, ya dig? In addition, you also have the option of browsing by actor or studio.

Unfortunately, the movies cannot be downloaded in their entirety. Instead, they're split up in a series of scenes, all of which are in the WMV format, with three quality options: High (Resolution: 620x480 Bitrate: 2600kbps), Medium (resolution: 480x360 Bitrate: 2024kbps), and Low (resolution: 320x240 pixels Bitrate: 512kbps)

Honestly, the high quality option looks fine. While I won't go as far as to say it's one of the best I've seen. My main gripe would the massive size of these files considering the only mediocre quality. A 30 minute scene in the 'High' format is about 500 MB. Couple that with the meager 300 kilobyte per second download rate, and you'll find yourself with a long wait ahead.

In fact, the lack of an option for downloading full-length DVD titles may have been a blessing in disguise. It makes you wonder how many suicides have been avoided. Keep in mind, I've got a high-speed cable connection, and I clocked my download speed several times throughout this review - just in case. Therefore, I'm positive the slowness should be attributed to the server, and had nothing to do with my end.

Each DVD Title also has its own image gallery full of screen caps; however, anyone seriously interested in pictures will likely to be left unsatisfied. You see, they're all screen caps. In addition, the number each gallery contains is a bit inconsistent It jumps around between 50-200.

I scoped out the other sites on the network. There's currently 38 categories to choose from and they range from BSDM to Tranny. There's something for everyone here, and every category contains at least four sites. I must confess, I spent quite a bit of time browsing these categories. I applaud them for hosting some of the more taboo niches. These kinky delights, in particular, helped keep me occupied for the better part of an entire evening.

There's currently 33 Bonus sites spread-out between 19 niches: everything from pissing to strap-on. Admittedly, some of these categories only have one site. Also, the content in these sites is a mixed bag. But when you lay this on top of the huge amount of material this site already has, it's really just the icing on the cake.


Maniac Pass isn't the best DVD-Archive site out there, by any means, but it still may be worth a look. Its saving grace is its selection of niches in the network. The number of available movies isn't impressive compared to other DVD archives, but for just under thirty dollars, you'll still get a decent bang for your buck.


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2011-08-26 00:10:45

Very slow speed.... take 24h to download a vid.
Have a 30Mbps connexion and the faster I download is 24kb/s... very poor !!!