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Movie Box review

Summary: Movie Box is a massive DVD Archive site offering over 4,500+ titles with 25,000+ scenes from the biggest studios in the business. Prices are fair and video quality is excellent. Some of the newer titles are premium goods that cost extra but are priced very fairly. With a great selection that's easy to navigate thanks to their high quality web design Movie Box may just be one of the best DVD Archive sites online.

Score 81.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2015-09-04

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Intro promises

- Over 40 studios, including Vivid, Jules Jordan & more.
- Over 25,000+ videos.
- Growing international porn collection.
- 10 New DVDs (50 episodes) added every day, 7 days a week.
- 4,000+ XXX Models
- Multiple download formats
- HD Porn movies
- Fast in-browser video streaming
- Mobile download formats

First impression

I've found that DVD Archive sites can really be hit and miss. Typically they fall into one of two categories: extremely large sites with old and unknown studios comprising most of the content or they can be small sites with a great roster of premier studios and pornstars. Movie Box doesn't quite fit into either, and that is a good thing. According to the tour it isn't as large the first breed but not as small as the second. Throw in the fact that they also offer a "premier" tier of DVDs that you pay extra for and you end up with a sort of DVD Archive/Video on Demand hybrid. What I can tell you without doubt is that this site is packed with some very high quality porn from the biggest names in the industry and after logging in it is clear they know how to run a tight ship.


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Our opinion

I really hate it when large sites just throw all their content together without thinking it through. This can be a real nightmare when it comes to finding the stars, niches or studios you want to see most. Movie Box clearly thought everything out before even stepping into the online realm. The site looks awesome but more importantly it is loaded with browsing features that are built on a solid system of organization. That means you can find the babes you love, the DVD titles you crave and the variety of porn that's brought you to their door step. You'll find a variety of hardcore sex movies, fetish and BDSM porn, legal teen amateurs, cumshots, facials, porn movies with big boobs and teen boobs, anal creampies, lesbian sex, group sex and much much more.

I think the first thing I want to address about Movie Box is an issue that had me just a bit confused when I first logged in, and that is their "Premier" level DVD titles. As mentioned, Movie Box is both a massive DVD Archive and a VOD-esque kind of site. Of the 4,500+ DVD titles you'll find that 762 of them are stored under the Premier label. Those 762 DVDs will cost you some cash to download or stream where as the other DVDs are all included under your membership. So what makes these DVDs premium? From what I can see, these are newer titles with an extremely high quality of production, where as the majority of the others are more of your standard porn and have release dates within the last decade or so. Before you get too upset, you should know that buying these premium titles isn't all that expensive. Most DVDs can be purchased for about $8 (prices vary up to $19.95) and you'll have them for life. You can also buy individual scenes for about $1.99 - $2.99 each - - just like iTunes. Considering the shelf prices on these bad boys can be well over $30 a pop, the prices are very good. What is a bigger issue is that the premium titles can only be streamed on the site which means no downloads.

In quick summary of the above: about 85% of the DVDs here are included under your membership, and the rest will cost you a few bucks to access and come as streaming only. The majority of DVDs are free and included in the membership and can be downloaded.

Now onto some of the details. The site promised us over 4,000 XXX stars and they easily make good on that promise. You can browse these babes by name and pull up a list of all of their content. Some of the more popular girls have over 100 scenes. Trina Michaels had a total of 168 when I visited! You'll have no problem finding even the most elite stars on this site as Movie Box works with the big name studios like Vivid and Jules Jordan among others.

The other promise that I was interested in vetting was the HD content. Here Movie Box isn't exactly straightforward on the tour. There are only 124 HD DVDs (around 600 scenes) that come in a gorgeous 1080p HD Windows Media format. The Flash videos that you can stream for these HD vids also look great, though not as good as the downloads. What they don't mention on the tour is that almost all of the HD DVDs are from the Premium DVD collection. I actually found just 2 titles in the list that weren't. That means the HD content is, for all purposes, going to cost you a bit more on top of a membership.

The standard quality available is far from being poor, however. Videos come at a 640x480 resolution and in great quality Flash video streams and Windows Media downloads. You can also download the promised mobile formats in MP4 files. I was particularly impressed with the Flash video player, which shows you some still shots beneath the window that moves as you fast forward through the video. You can quickly find the parts of the movie you want to see most and know you're in the right spot without having to load screenshots in a separate window or just try to make a lucky guess.

There were no bonus sites included with a membership to Movie Box but they are not needed. As the tour states, Movie Box adds an average of 10 new DVDs every day (or around 50 scenes). That means this already massive collection is getting larger and larger every 24 hours. How even the most demanding porn lover could run out of material is beyond me and seems pretty much impossible.


Movie Box is probably my favorite DVD Archive site. I like their collection and their focus on bringing you the top-tier studios and stars and I actually liked the premium idea as well except for the no download part. Instead of just not giving fans access to those more expensive DVDs, they offer them at discounted rates. Other sites would just avoid the cost by not offering anything.

With great quality media options, intuitive Flash video players and a site that is just about as easy to navigate as the best of them, Movie Box was a real success in just about every way. For fans of DVD porn, famous porn stars and having access to a literal mountain of the hottest porn flicks released, Movie Box is a great pick.


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Total average: 85/100 Our score: 81.0/100

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Comments from other readers

kiss you better
2010-12-08 15:45:29

that site sucks and sucks and sucks !

2010-12-20 18:04:26

you need to ammend your review.

"about 85% of the DVDs here are included under your membership"

This is definately not true as of Dec 2010. I joined this site on the impression that I could download everything. It wasnt until they had my money that I learen a lot of the content wasnt downloadable.

Ive been going through that site and AT LEAST 50% is non-downloadable. Some actresses have 40+ scenes listed and you can only download 2 or 3.
Other actresses have 40+ scenes listed but approx 30% are all duplicates as the dvds moviebox seems to buy are compilations, so you see the same scenes over and over.

Other issue i have with them are,

movies encoded with an incorrect aspect ratio
wrong actresses listed under a lot of scenes.
some clips contain multiple scenes so you end up downloading a 500mb clip for a 3 min scene.

Their server often gives 400 errors
download speeds are erratic - originally i was getting 1.5mb/sec then it dropped for a few weeks to around 200k/sec most nights recently it shot up to 1.5mb again.

2014-03-07 11:23:19

Not a great site.
Nothing on here that you can't get at other VOD sites (like hotmovies).
However... I was excited because they're one of the very few that carry the "Shot At Home" series as VOD.

I joined because you get no sense of what you're getting until you are a member. Once on there, I went to the dvds only to find out NONE of the clips played: clicked on a link, it would go to the movie page and redirect me back to the home page. No rhyme or reason to it.

I got no indicator that this was their "premium" stuff and still not sure if it is. Basically, a waste.