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Third Movies review

Summary: Third Movies features all DVDs from Third Degree studio that star some of the hottest looking pornstars. Streaming as well as high quality download is offered. The action is pretty much mainstream porn without too much BS. Overall a great DVD site.

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Score 85.0 /100
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Mephistopheles, 2007-06-11

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Intro promises

Unlimited Access to Thirdmovies
Unlimited access to ZTOD for Free!
Unlimited Downloads to your hard drive
Exclusive Content
High Quality Streaming Flash Video

"We have teamed up with 3rd Degree and Zero Tolerence to offer you the highest quality adult content available for download. We offer you instant viewing online with our innovative high quality flash player or you can download the movies and watch them whenever you want.

When you sign up to 3rd Degree you get access to the entire library of DVD's from both studios. We even promise to get you the movies before they hit the street. You'll also have access to high resolution pictures taken during the filming of the movies and great backstage/behind the scenes footage.

In addition you will also receive access to 3 great sites, Zero Tolerence, Black Ice, and 3rd Degree Films. All for just $29.95."

First impression

The promises on the tour page of Third Movies are impressive. It looks pretty similar to a lot of the adult DVD houses on the net. Apparently, they feature content from two production companies called Zero Tolerance and Third Degree Films. With your membership, you also get access to Zero Tolerence, Third Degree Films, and Black Ice's full libraries of films. Sounds like a nifty deal. My only complaint so far would be, that these films don't seem to satisfy as wide a variety of niches as I'd like. Browsing what DVDs I can see they have (on the tour page), it looks like your typical 'hardcore' action. Hopefully I'll find something a bit more out of the ordinary inside.


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Our opinion

I'm digging the layout here. It's very straight forward and well designed. There's nothing confusing about this, and the page itself actually looks quite nice. It has a nice, sleek, professional look about it. I like the grey on red colour scheme. It's very easy on the eyes. All of the menus for accessing DVD's and pics are neatly tucked away on the left-hand side of the page. The middle of the page is left free to give you links to individual model pages, the latest releases, and vital information about accessing bonus sites which come with your membership.

I like some of the options on the main menus. For instance, you can build up your own DVD, or picture gallery 'collection'. While this is an awsome way to keep track of the real 'keeper' material you find, it's also a highly convenient alternative to bookmarking directly in your browser, for those who don't live alone. Afterall, there's nothing worse than the wrong person finding a vast plethora of pornography links on your pc, now is there?

Also, for those of you too lazy to wade through hundreds of DVD titles and picture galleries, you're in luck! You can go directly to a list of the 'most viewed' photo galleries and DVDs. This could save you a bit of time, if you feel like your tastes may be similar to the bulk of the other members. If you're feeling a bit adventurous, or just like rolling the dice, there's a 'Random DVD' button.

There are currently 129 DVD titles to choose from and over 800 scenes. The majority of this stuff looks to be your typical hardcore. There aren't very many niches represented here. I've seen a few interracial, anal, threesome, and fantasy scenarios but the bulk of material seems to be blowjob themed. If you're into the more 'out there' stuff, you might want to look elsewhere. I have to give them points for quality, though. I also have to note, the girls in these videos are of a higher caliber than your typical porn star. Even though I'm usually into more wild material, I did get off to quite a few of these flicks.

One scene I particularly enjoyed was in 'Camel Hoes 4'. It features a drop dead gorgeous starlet named Angel Dark. It starts out with her showing off her fat pussy for the camera and masturbating. It's pretty clear that the camera man notices her beauty as well. At one point he remarks "You're the hottest woman in the world.". Whilst I wouldn't go quite that far, she is probably one of the most beautiful porn stars I have ever seen. This foxy brunette has perfect C cup breasts, a great tan, and a pussy that I would have easily rank an elevan on a scale of one to ten.

After a bit of masturbation, a stunt cock is called in. She undoes his belt and unclasps his pants like she's been cock starved for a good month. She proceeds to suck his cock, get fucked in the pussy and ass, and even slapped around a little bit! I might add, she also gives an awsome foot job. The dude fucking her obviously has a foot fetish, because at some point in the video her high heels are mysteriously missing. He continually puts her feet in his face, sucks her toes, and even smacks her soles. I can't say that I blame him. This girl has some very soft, lovely looking high arches - and nice toes to boot!

The videos themselves usually have a duration time of anywhere from 1-2 hours, and are seperated in scenes that are usually around 20-30 minutes. Unfortunately, there is no option for downloading a film in its entirety, but there are quite a few options for viewing. The videos can be downloaded directly to your hard-drive in either AVI, WMV High-Def, WMV Medium, WMV Low. They can also be streamed in the WMV Medium, Low, or with the Macromedia Flash Player.

Streaming the videos works wonderfully. I had no issues with buffer rates. The size of the window un-maximized was actually pretty decent (unlike most sites). My only complaint would be that you can't fast-forward through a video whilst streaming in the media player unless you have the window maximized. This is only a minor problem though, as I can't see why you wouldn't want to watch the vids full screen, anyway.

As far as direct downloads go, the AVI and High-Def WMV are definitely the cream of the crop. They are both crystal. I'd go as far to say that they both border close to DVD quailty. However, some of them are quite large (as big as 800MB) so they can be a pain in the ass if you don't have a high speed connection or plenty of free time on your hands. I really can't see a huge difference between the two, but for some reason, I find myself prefering the AVI files. They generally clock in smaller, yet seem to have a small edge in clarity (at least to my eyes).

[Added November 2007: All videos are now DRM protected, which means you can only view them while you are a member of the site. Read more about DRM in our FAQ.]

The lower quality options really aren't that bad at all. The WMV Low does look quite grainy, but not so much that it'll totally ruin your viewing experience. I'd definitely recommend it to any of you with a slower connection as these videos stream very fast, and clock in as low as 80MB. I got some excellent download speeds here. Most of the time they averaged around 1200KB/sec.

There's quite a few picture galleries here. All these pictures seem to have been shot during the shooting of films. Luckily, they are high quality images and definitely not screen caps. They are all in the JPEG format and clock in at 400kb with dimensions of 900x600. They are expertly shot and the photographer makes superb use of lighting. I'd go so far as to say these images of magazine quality. In fact, my only complaint would be the bulky logo tagged at the bottom, right-hand corner of each pic.

The galleries themselves are organized in your standard rows of thumbnails, and consist of anywhere from forty to two hundred images. There's also an option for viewing all the pictures in a slideshow. Since the pictures come directly from various scenes, they give you links at the bottom of each gallery to the particular scene they were shot from. This 'cums' in handy if you find something particularly hot that you'd like to see in real time.

The Zero Tolerance website appears to be designed by the same crew. Aside from the colour scheme, the layout is virtually identical. They have over 190 DVD titles, and just like 'Third Movies', their content is pretty much your typical 'hardcore'. I'd rate them towards the mild end of my 'Mild to Wild spectrum. The only notable difference would be that their content seems to lean more towards the 'innocent' factor as far as their videos go. What I mean is, a lot of the videos seem to be 'teen' themed. I also noticed a lot of the girls are dressed in a way to have that 'girl next door' look. Of course, there's plenty of cum guzzling vids thrown in for good measure.


Whilst Third Movies may not have as much content as some of the other DVD powerhouse sites out there, I don't think it would be fair to compare the two, as this site's material is all original. Anyone can go out there and get the rights to show a million different porno titles, but making them yourself is quite another thing.

While the material isn't as far 'out there' as I'd personally like, nor does it cater to very many niches, I suppose that's not what they set out to do. These guys seem to have been intent upon making some good, straight to the point, hardcore flicks - and they've did so quite well. The video and picture quality here ranks right up there with some of the best of em'. They've also got a stable of some of the most natural looking and beautiful porn stars I've seen in one place. With over 300 DVD titles to choose from, and countless scenes, I think this should peak the interest of anyone looking for some good, old-fashioned pornos.


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