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VideoBox review

- 2nd revisit

Summary: VideoBox has already been the leading DVD-archive site for years. The site has been relaunched with tons of new useful features such as Flash streaming and an intelligent recommendation system. With monthly membership from $9.95 it's simply THE best deal!

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Score 95.0 /100
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Joseph, 2007-09-26

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Intro promises

For $9.95/month VideoBox offers:

- Unlimited downloads of our catalog of over 3,000 movies
- Five new DVDs added every day - more than any other site
- Exclusive Flash player for lightning-fast streaming
- No DRM restrictions on any downloads
- Movies from over 100 top adult studios
- Personalized recommendations based on your tastes
- Thousands of real customer reviews
- A powerful, easy-to-use interface

First impression

If you’re a veteran of online porn, then an introduction to VideoBox, which lets members download as many full-length DRM-free adult movies as they want for a mere $9.95 a month, making the site the greatest adult video bargain on the Internet, is not necessary.

VideoBox, with its stock of over three thousand DVDs featuring over seventeen thousand scenes that star more than eight thousand porn stars, is a legend in the world of Internet porn, receiving impossibly high marks from every reviewer who writes about it (including this one). And guess what? VideoBox has gotten even better. The site, which was already incredibly easy to use, has been reworked to make it even easier to use, allowing members to quickly find what they want. With the launch of its new design, the webmasters have made many improvements to VideoBox; some of the changes include a Quick Links section that takes you right into VideoBox’s extensive catalog as well as your favorites lists, a new countdown clock that lets you know exactly when the next DVD will be available on the site, the latest seven DVDs posted to the site (to see all recently posted movies, just click the All New DVDs link at the bottom of the Newest DVDs), new privacy-protection features that allow you to erase and turn off your viewing history, download history and recommendations and a newly embedded Flash player which is even easier to use than the old player. The site is also now available in French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Korean, giving our foreign brethren the chance to join the fun. Muy bueno!


Premium Plans - includes DVD Resolution
1 Month Recurring $17.95 per month until cancelled.
10 Month NON-Recurring, 44% off (NO REBILLS) $9.95 per month ($99.51 charged one time only)

Basic Plan - no DVD-Resolution
1 Month Recurring: $9.95 per month until cancelled

Accepted forms of payment: online check and credit card. CCBill and handle payment for VideoBox.

Our opinion

VideoBox has many features which separate it from other porn sites, so let’s take a moment to look at some of them in detail. First, VideoBox makes it oh-so-easy to search for your favorite movies and stars. You can narrow a search or listing by category — just choose the category from the left-hand navigation bar. For example, if you searched for Shyla Stylez and wanted to see only scenes where she is masturbating, you would click the Masturbation link on the left side of the search results page. You can also switch between DVD and scene view on any search or listing page. There are six different ways to browse VideoBox’s enormous catalog: by category (there are forty categories that include Japanese, Latinas, creampie, handjob, golden showers and mature), new DVDs, top scenes of the week, stars, studios and series.

Not only is it easy to find stuff on VideoBox, it’s also easy to catalog your finds. Under the My VideoBox tab, you’ll find pages that allow you to set your preferences and keep track of what you have already watched. Mark certain DVDs as My Favorites and you will be able to sort your favorites by name, date, popularity or date posted (you can create up to ten favorites lists with as many as twenty-five items per list!). Under the recommendations tab you will find personalized picks based on your Preferences (found in the My VideoBox tab), ratings and favorites. When you rate or indicate a preference for certain DVDs, the recommendation engine uses those preferences to create these suggestions for you. Handy!

VideoBox has added a brand-new Flash player to give you even more ways to watch — you can now download entire scenes or make your own custom clips to download. Skipping ahead and backwards is simple with the Flash player — just bring up the menu and click on the place in the film strip you’d like the movie to start. To look through the scene, use the orange scroll button at the bottom. Another great feature of the Flash player is the ability to loop pieces of action with just the click of a mouse. Move your cursor over the part of the film strip where you want the action to start and press the mouse button. Then drag your cursor to the place you’d like it to end. Release the mouse button. Now you’ve created a loop! To get rid of a loop, simply click on a part of the film strip that is not highlighted.

Though the DVD-resolution files are very high-resolution and thus take some time to download, they’re also cut up into bite-sized segments so you don’t have to wait around to download all the bits you don’t want to see. The lower resolution clips load rather quickly, but are displayed in smaller boxes than the higher resolution clips. The quality of the movies varies, but this is due mostly to the varying quality of the original videos and not to the quality of the actual downloads.

Currently, there are three thousand, four hundred and twenty-three DVDs containing over nineteen thousand scenes on VideoBox; of course, there will be even more videos on the site by the time you read this review as VideoBox adds five new DVDs a day. The selection of videos is rather impressive and there’s a nice variety of starlets represented on the site, including big names like Tera Patrick (but only one Joanna Angel feature? For shame, VideoBox!). VideoBox is in cahoots with over three hundred different studios, so there’s a ton of stuff here, from gonzo shot-on-tape productions to classic blue movies from the eighties — pretty much anything you could possibly want is here waiting for you, including 8 Simple Rules for Banging My Teenage Daughter #2 (but can they top the first one?!), Confessions of a Teenage Anal Queen and Semen Demons #2, which answers all your questions left over from Semen Demons #1.


Clearly, VideoBox reigns supreme! Note that VideoBox’s premium service, which gives the subscriber access to DVD-resolution files, is a few dollars more each month. In VideoBox’s own words, “DVD-resolution files are almost four times as large as our current high-resolution videos... Simply put, we need to charge extra to cover the additional bandwidth costs of serving such large files. Even at $17.95 per month, our VideoBox Premium subscription is still half the price of most adult sites.”

So quit yer bitching, tuff guy, you’re still getting a major bargain Especially if you opt for the 10-month plan with a monthly cost of only $9.95. I mean, hey, the price of the typical pornographic DVD has skyrocketed to thirty bucks, thus VideoBox is a steal, especially when you take into consideration the fact that you could easily burn ten discs a month for less than the price of a single DVD purchased at the store. And, hey, a monthly membership to the average adult website will cost you twenty to thirty bucks and you won’t get access to a fraction of the videos available on VideoBox, so you’re making out like a bandit in that respect as well.

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2011-02-10 00:06:42

For some years it has been one of the best sites, but from the reorganization of December 2010 the connection has become slowest and has become impossible streaming and the download. To subscribe to VIDEOBOX is useless.