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VideoBox review

- 4th revisit

Summary: Videobox is a massive DVD archive site with more than 7,000 DVD titles and 8,000 pornstar models that can be downloaded in a variety of high quality formats and streamed online. Five new DVDs are added daily and the site has grown by more than 2,000 DVDs in less than 10 months. A high quality collection that fans will definitely want to check out.

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Score 95.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2009-11-06

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Intro promises

-Over 7000 DVDs
-Unlimited downloads and streaming
-5 DVDs added daily
-Over 200 Studios
-High quality WMV and H.264 videos
-Premium membership offers DVD resolution videos, Tier-1 Bandwidth speed and Preferential Customer Service
-Premium Channels for additional fee

First impression

When you hit Videobox's "tour" page you're really looking at its members area. That is to say, you can browse through the site as though you're a member, but in order to watch the content and download you'll need to sign up. This let me get a very thorough first impression before even contemplating joining (or logging in as it were). There are dozens of categories, thousands of DVDs and just about every pornstar I can name or recognize. With powerful search tools in addition to the high quality organization, this site looks like it still deserves the praise we gave in our last review -- or maybe even more.


Payment Processors:
Evil Angel can be added for an additional $9.95 per month. Vivid can be added for an additional $9.95 per month.

Our opinion

The members area at VideoBox has a nice little stats box that breaks down content numbers, so I was interested to see how much the site has grown since our last visit in Jan 2009 (about 10 months ago). The site has grown from 5,724 to 7,586 full-length DVD movies in that time span, which is incredibly impressive. To be honest I'm not all that surprised, though. Videobox is heralded as one of the best DVD Archive sites on the market and their aggressive growth and 5 times daily updates are a big part of why they have such a good reputation.

Right off the bat we've confirmed that two of the biggest promises made on the tour are indeed delivered (7000+ DVDs and 5 DVD updates daily). Let's move on to the quality promised. I grabbed a DVD at random to check on the quality settings. As in our last visit the layout is the same. Options are presented for each scene as a series of clips or full-length scenes. You can also make a "Custom Clip" that lets you choose start and end times within the scene and then download it. The same media options look to be present, among them those touted on the tour page.

Movies can be downloaded in multiple Windows Media formats and quality settings. The best of which is the DVD quality, which has a 720x480 resolution and have a 3.0Mps bit rate. These look pretty crisp and large. Below that are the High Quality settings, which have a 480x352 resolution and a 1.4 Mps. These look good, but not great. There's an even smaller and lower quality WMV file (Med Quality) and a H.264 formatted MP4 file that has a 640x480 resolution and looks sharp. There's an iPod optimized MP4 file as well.

Movies can also be streamed instantly online in a Flash video player with a 412x368 resolution that looks sharp and loads quickly. The intuitive player lets you pick out stills for the parts of the movie and jump ahead without any waiting. I really liked the Flash option as you can quickly scan a scene to decide if you want to download it or just watch it online.

VideoBox delivers on all of its tour promises, but it doesn't mention much about its layout, design and other features that are unique. As far as its layout, few sites can rival it. Content is meticulously labeled so that your custom queries net accurate results. Categories are nuanced and many, clicking into any lets you immediately focus on just a part of the massive library. You can browse by DVD cover, by stars, by studios and by series. You can also check out the most popular scenes of a niche/category or what is most popular on the site for that week.

The other feature that I really liked about the site was the Basic and Premium membership offers. This allows you to save some cash depending on what you're looking to get out of the site. If you don't mind doing without the best video quality, you won't need the DVD option that premium delivers, and that saves you several dollars a month. The same concept is applied to the premium channels for the Vivid and Evil Angel studios. If you want that content you can add it on top of your membership, if not, no need to pay for something you don't want. This makes Videobox a real bargain for those opting for a Basic membership. For those preferring the Premium option, you're getting some extra attention at what is still a very low price by industry standards.

With a library this large you can count on finding every variety of porn you can dream up, and with more than 8,000 models starred in their content chances are good that every pornstar you have a thing for will appear at least once, if not multiple times, in the library.


For those looking for a huge variety of porn DVD scenes and high quality media options VideoBox should be at the top of your list. I'm a big fan of this site, but for good reason: the library is one of the largest, the content looks fantastic and they have more than 8,000 models. If you're looking for a large catalog to call your own, this is the place to do so.


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Comments from other readers

2010-01-07 09:15:50

Thanks for the review, videobox is def one of the best options out there if you like a little of everything in porn ,-)

2010-04-17 05:55:16

VideoBox has great content and multiple updates per day but none of this matters because is is horrendously slow to download from.

I can not stream the video at any time as the site just isn't fast enough. Of course you can download the videos if you are happy to wait half an hour for a 100MB file (and that is when the site is running fast).

Until they upgrade their servers, don't bother with this badly crippled site.