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VideoBox review

- 5th revisit

Summary: VideoBox continues to grow at a steady and reliable pace of 5 DVDs each day. In the last year they've grown from ~8000 DVDs to close to ~9000 DVDs. Media options remain the same (see review), but a new members area was in beta during our visit. Hopefully sometime in 2011 it will be released. Their prices remain competitive (dirt cheap, really) and the site is as much of a value as it was when we first visited. VideoBox remains a favorite for all kinds of hardcore porn.

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Score 95.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2011-03-09

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Intro promises

- 8,750+ Videos
- 5 New DVDs added daily
- DRM-free downloads
- Unlimited download and streaming
- Over 200+ studios

First impression

For the past few years VideoBox has ranked as the best porn site here. I was actually the last reviewer to visit the site for an in-depth, top to bottom look at the site, and I was excited when I saw the site in my queue again. Our last visit, our fourth, was a little over a year ago. We've watched the site mature with each visit so I am excited to see what this massive DVD archive has to offer in 2011.

From the outside, most things look the same. I signed up for a new account and logged in, below you can read all about what you get access to in the members area.


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Our opinion

When I logged in for the first time for this review it was like coming home in a lot of ways. VideoBox has been a personal as well as a staff favorite for years. They are one of the most steady and reliable porn sites of any type online. On this visit I found myself thinking for the first time that maybe they are too steady: the design of the site, the media options, and many other things are the same as they were on our last visit, as well as the visit before that!

VideoBox is the turtle, not the hare, when it comes to upgrading and making major changes, but there was a glimmer of change on the horizon. They are gearing up to release VideoBox 3.0, the newest version of the members area, and I was able to login to the beta site to see how the new functionality works. In basic terms, things remain the same, but the interface and graphics look more like an application than a web site. The layout is clean, big buttons, clearly labeled, will take you to different sections of the site, or open tools for browsing. Since the beta is still a work in progress I won't go into too much detail, as things might change before the final version. What I can tell you is that the media options are still the same for now.

I can't say I didn't see it coming. I've been scratching my head for the last two years, wondering why VideoBox hasn't gone ahead and updated their media options to offer high definition.

The only answer I come up with is that the majority of DVDs here just aren't available in HD. In fact, many DVD sites that claim to offer HD do no such thing, or they just recompile DVD-resolution movies into higher HD resolutions. That's all fine and good, but these transformed DVD scenes often are just the opposite of high definition: they get a little blurry, because the same pixel information has been blown up to a larger size. You've seen the same when you've tried to resize smaller images to a larger size -- they get pixelated.

I actually prefer that VideoBox stick with the best quality option, which is leaving them in their standard DVD resolutions for now. When HD DVDs become standard operating procedure for studios, VideoBox will follow suit I am sure.

So the media options are the same as always. Full length downloads are available in 720x480 pixel resolutions for those with a premium subscription. They will be 480x352 for those with a basic plan. The 480x352 resolutions have a slightly less brilliant and defined image quality, too. You can still stream videos online in a quality Flash video player (again, it looks better with a Premium Plan). You can also make your own clips and download them, grabbing the parts of a movie you like best to make your own highlight reel of sorts. This was a feature that I've always loved about VideoBox. It's like making your own porn mix tapes!

You have access to hundreds of studios' DVDs by default with either Premium or Basic Plan. If you pay an extra $17.95 per month on top of your plan price, you can get access to their two 'Premium Channels'. These are Vivid Studio and Evil Angel Studio releases, and generally feature more contemporary, bigger-name porn star models. Without these channels you still have a lot of great porn, and a lot of porn stars: over 800 of them, in fact.

Getting around all of the movies is easy. You can browse by DVD, by studio, by category or niche, by porn star name, and many other filters. It's really just a matter of deciding what you want to see, then putting in your requirements. You can also just browse randomly through thumbnails or DVD box covers if you aren't sure what you want. VideoBox really hasn't changed in that regard.

So what is new here since our last visit? Not much, but they do have almost 1,000 more DVDs to check out. The consistency of VideoBox is really one of its greatest features, though. They don't offer HD because they can't, and instead of lying to you and trying to fake HD, they are honest. They haven't ever missed an update, adding 5 or more DVDs every day. The site always just works, and you can count on a good deal and good customer service. These are all things that are very hard to get from most porn sites online, both big and small.


VideoBox hasn't changed much, but it is much larger (750+ new DVDs in the last year) and a new members area is in Beta and should be coming out in the next few months. The most important thing to take from this review is this: VideoBox is consistent. They keep growing, keep offering great porn, and slowly but surely are improving the site and the content. With a Basic Plan subscription just $9.95 a month, this is a great deal.


Videobox is one of the most competitively priced and largest DVD porn sites on the internet, but there are a few others among their competition that are worth a close look at as well.

You can read our in depth reports on each of them: ZTOD; VidoesZ; Third Movies; and Elegant Angel.


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Comments from other readers

2011-08-25 16:24:57

I paid $15 for 30 days..I thought it was a good price until after 24 hrs I could no longer get to the site...Over-priced for sure and very OLD ideos...The site stays DOWN more than up..Not worth your money or time...A TOTAL waste....

2011-08-31 01:04:49

I've been a member of Videobox for about 3 years and have NEVER been unable to login. Not a single time can I ever remember this sight being down.
LOTS of videos, 5 new new DVDs released everyday. However if you have a particular niche you really enjoy you may have difficulty finding it here. The selection quickly drops off once you venture outside of the mainstream.
Also I hate the new format, "VB3". Thankfully, they are still keeping the old format around via a link once you login.
Like I said, I've been a member for 3 years, I don't think another sight can come close to this site for $9.99 a month.