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VideoBox review

- 7th revisit

Summary: A huge site with one of the largest online libraries of porn available. And for the last year or more, many also come in HD. The site is state of the art, with some really creative and useful features that make members' lives better - including the Flow Mode, which makes browsing scenes a whole new experience. There's a lot of great variety, and they work with some top studios as well as smaller ones. With over 20+ new scenes added daily to this library it's a fantastic pick for surfers who just can't have enough porn.

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Score 95.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2012-11-30

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Intro promises

- 14,081 Movies
- 78,692 Scenes
- 177,957 Clips
- 12,778 Pornstars
- 316 Studios
- 113 Niches
- 5 New DVD's Everyday
- Unlimited Downloads
- Unlimited Streaming
- Create Custom Clips

First impression

VideoBox is a huge site, a massive DVD archive with titles from more than three hundred studios. As far as mega sites go they are one of the originals and one of the best in the game, and now after more than a decade online they've built up what might be one of the largest libraries of porn on the internet: a breath-drawing 78,000+ scenes!

Like most DVD archives this site manages to have something for everyone, covering 113 different niches at the moment. That being said, the bulk of content is going to come from hardcore porn in its different shades (big tits, anal, 18-23 models, reality/fantasies, and threesomes). There's still thousands upon thousands of niche, fetish and special interest DVD titles in the mix as well.

If you want to know more about the sort of porn titles you can actually browse their entire catalogue just by visiting their homepage. To view the porn, you'll need a subscription.

Next up: a visit to the members area, and an in depth look at everything they've got to offer.


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Our opinion

Videobox remains a major contender for DVD porn. In the market they are about as big and as high quality a site as you'll find, and they work with some great studios as well. They've also made some great updates and improvements to their website, which provide a superior experience for their users. If you want a lot of good porn at your fingertips 24/7, plug right in here.

Flow Mode is Awesome!

A major feature in VideoBox is Flow Mode. In a big player, a table of video thumbnails scrolls by slowly, the videos in each thumb streaming in the moment. You get a panorama of lots of porn streaming instantly. When one of the streams catches your eye click it and it goes to full size on that one clip. It's an incredibly awesome way to surf their porn library while viewing it, and you can even adjust the setting so only certain types of porn are previewed in the Flow mode viewer. This is probably one of the most creative features on a porn site I've ever seen, and I was addicted to this feature right away. No more browsing and clicking around, just go to Flow mode and sit back and relax - watching all the good porn that comes your way as it flows by!

Huge Variety of Quality Porn

There are 113 niches covered in this library and I think that's an example of just how diverse the collection is. That being said, however, the main focus of pretty much any DVD archive is going to be on some variety of hardcore boy/girl porn, with lesbian porn usually making up a considerable chunk of action as well. The more obscure the fetishes, the less examples of it you'll find here. But even niches like Femdom have over 200+ scenes to offer, and have new episodes being added somewhat regularly. But compare those 200+ scenes to 23,000+ scenes that feature anal sex! Keep in mind, there is overlap, and most DVDs cater to a mix of tastes and sexual desires (anal, DP, big tits, big butts could all be in the same DVD for example).

The important thing to walk away knowing is that no matter what type of porn you like to watch and even if it's a less common fetish, you should be able to find plenty of action here. But the real winners here are your average porn loving web surfer who enjoys all types of hardcore and lesbian action.

Did Somebody Say Porn Stars?

The DVDs at this site cover more than two decades of production so you'll find just about every major porn star from the last twenty years at work inside, including girls who are just breaking out into the industry today. Among their most popular and highly ranked models are babes like Ashlynn Brooke, Alexis Texas, Sasha Grey, Asa Akira, Jenna Haze, Lela Star and Lisa Ann - there are a total of 12,700+ porn stars in the collection though, so this is very much a partial list!

720p HD Videos

Most of the best DVD archives are offering at least some HD video now and VideoBox is no different. They started with the HD videos a while back and are still adding them, but not all of the DVDs they add will be in HD.

The HD downloads are also not going to be the most incredible HD you can find online. You'll have a MP4 720p download that opens to 1280x720 (4 mbits) and looks great, usually. Sometimes they are 960x720 - an enhanced SD resolution - and sometimes an odd 1296x720 resolution. In the end picture quality is usually pretty great no matter the quirks. But yeah these aren't crystal clear, just really good. As far as I know no DVD site can offer much better though, so Videobox is holding the line.

Several Other Media Options

Videos can be streamed instantly online in their high quality Flash player (low and high quality settings). But they also have a number of other downloading formats to pick from if you want to save a scene to your hard drive. There are DVD quality MP4s (640x480 screens; 1.2 mbits) and WMVs (720x480 screens; 3 mbits). There are also two lesser quality options, a High quality WMV (480x352 screens; 1.5 mbits), and a small iPhone ready version of the scene.

Make Your Own Clips

You can also choose the parts of the scene you want to download, and the site makes it into 1 downloadable file for you. They have a very cool system set up for doing this, and making your own cuts of scenes is really great - cut out the fluff and focus on the parts you love.

HUGE Collection

This is a mega mega-site. There were over +14,000 DVDs at the time of my visit which between them offered over +78,000 scenes. How does a site get so huge you ask? Well they add several new DVDs every day of the year, On average you're looking at more than 20+ new scenes to view each and every morning you wake up. Now that's what I call a porn update!

Fantastic Members Area

During our last visit VideBox had just rolled out its new and more modern design, and now they've refined it and added a few more touches like the Flow mode player. The site is very easy to use, and full of features for browsing, filters for refining your searches, and indexes for DVDs, Scenes, Models and Studios. You will have no trouble digging through here for those gem scenes you love most. You can also follow your favorite girls and find more that have a similar look and style pretty easily. Download and streams are fast and smooth. What else can we ask for?

Free Goodies

When you sign up for the 18-month subscription they ship a free Roku (59.99 value). This is a device to use with your TV at home, and allows you to stream the porn at Videobox right to your TV set. No more laptop surfing! You can read up on the device and how it works on their website.


A huge library of the hottest DVD titles from hundreds of different studios, and a site that is creative and very focused on giving their members the absolute best experience in online porn possible.

VideoBox is going to remain my go-to site for DVD porn. It's bigger and better than the competition, really. The features, such as the Flow mode and make-your-own-clips add a lot of interest and really set them apart from other cookie cutter archives. They also have a better and more varied selection of DVDs and studios. This site can respond to all your porn viewing needs and it does it at a very fair price.


There are several big DVD-Archive sites out there that are going toe-to-toe in terms of size, features and quality. If you want to compare Videbox to some other sites, start with these ones.

VideosZ is a major force, a huge library and a great website. They have a growing selection of HD DVDs to browse and though they aren't as big, they do work with great studios so their variety and quality of porn is high.

If you want to have a more focused library, consider going straight to the source. ZTOD is the official site of Zero Tolerance videos and there you can find gorgeous HD downloads for thousands of their high quality scenes. They work with the hottest busty porn star babes and the hardcore there is intense and explicit.

For those looking for a more premium quality of classic vanilla hardcore and lesbian porn, Wicked Studios is a must. This is a nice site and they've been doing a lot to improve it over the past two years. It offers a very high quality selection of titles and updates regularly. A perk here is that a lot of their hottest girls are contract stars, so you won't see them doing porn anywhere else.


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Total average: 91.5/100 Our score: 95.0/100

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