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VideoBox review

Summary: VideoBox is a mega-site holding some hard-core material. With 250+ DVD's that are streaming or downloadable. They offer unlimited downloads.

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Score 95.0 /100
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J C, 2005-04-01

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Intro promises

"Welcome to VideoBox!

VideoBox is the second generation of Climax Corner. In addition to a name change there are many improvements to the site that make VideoBox the premiere site for downloading adult DVDs:

* Unlimited downloads!
* Over 250 full-length DVDs that can be streamed or downloaded.
* One new DVD added per day.
* A unique thumbnail interface that allows for easy navigation.
* More categories and search features so you can easily find the porn that you want.
* $9.95 per month.

We are always interested in improving ours site so please contact us if you have any comments."

First impression

This is a reincarnation of one of the most popular and critically lauded websites around. They're pumping up their improvements, and I have no reason to doubt them. This professional site is bound to have plenty of great content that's just ripe for the pickin'.


$9.95 monthly, recurring
Via credit card or online check

Credit card processing via Paycom and CC Bill.

Our opinion

As soon as you enter the site, you'll be inundated with all the different options. The site contains 300+ DVDs worth of material, amounting to nearly 2000 complete scenes. What you might not notice is the lack of variety in forms of content. This is a site for videos only. Hence the name. Before we get into the meat of the site, I want to talk a little bit about how you get there.

This website knows how to work a search. The options are numerous and quite comprehensive. If you know exactly what you want, there's a quick way to get to it. In the mood for a particular type of action? Easy as creampie. Know of a particular star you might want to see? Smooth as Alexandra Silk. Have a favorite studio and want to preview some of their merchandise? Well, I don't have a pun for that. But rest assured, that's just as simple.

The great thing about these searches and menus is that they give you the information you want to know. Keep in mind, these aren't search engines, but dropdown menus that give you quick access. There is also a search engine available to you. When you click on one, let's say "Popular Stars," it'll list them all in alphabetical order and tell you how many scenes each one has on the site. There are four menus to browse through: the three unused on the top and the current one right below that. It's a very simple touch, but the fact that the design stays so consistent and consolidated gives it an extra aire of professionalism.

Once you find a general topic, star or studio to look through, your options continue. You can look by DVD or by scene (or by favorite -- I'll get to that later). In addition, you can filter it more. Say you're looking at POV stuff. You can filter it to say I only want the interracial POV scenes and voila! There's your spanking material. Also, feel free to sort the content by name, date, or popularity. As if that weren't enough, the scenes have detailed descriptions and very good thumbnail/screenshot images. Most of the time, you'll have to click on the scene to get the description, but it should be able to confirm your choices.

Once you're at a scene you like, you'll notice something quite unique about the page. You'll see some filmstrips with various thumbnails in a row. And at the top, there are two boxes. One is green (start), the other is reddish (stop). Some of these videos can be pretty long. Also, maybe you won't want all the stuff in the beginning. Maybe you just want the end. Maybe you want to break it down for your slower connection. This site gives you that option. You just click and drag on a start and end point to their respective boxes. Then pick high, medium or low resolution by left clicking to stream it or right clicking to download it. You are set. This is perfect for all of you out there that do the ten second clip thing and wish you could combine them into one file. You get to make your own files with this site.

If you decide to download the whole scene, my recommendation is to use that time to search through the rest of the site and find more scenes you'd want to get next. You can either use the recommended scenes to the right (a very handy and surprisingly accurate guide). Or just look around on your own. Either way, when you find something you like and may want to come back to, just click the add to favorites button, so you can create a little queue for yourself and you don't have to take the time re-finding it (even if that's pretty easy). It's also something that'll keep you occupied, since there are no pictures to look at while you wait.

Anyways, let's talk a little about the video quality. The way the video is shot and the colors and original quality of the scenes will vary greatly between the studios. For the most part, you can expect the typical fare, which includes some shaky, cameras that tend to wander a little bit too much. Sometimes you'll find older stuff where the colors don't look quite right (like the scene has a blue or red tint to it, and it's extra grainy or fuzzy). As for the files themselves, the main difference between small, medium and large is the size and not the quality. The small will fill a small portion of your screen, the large can go full size pretty well, and the medium is just that. The pixelation and crispness of the video doesn't seem to get any better or worse as the size of the frame increases or decreases. In short, it's not the best stuff I've seen, but it's hardly horrible. At least the stuff was produced by established, professional studios to begin with.


VideoBox is THE place for video content. For about ten bucks a month, you can't beat the selection, the navigation and the way they serve their members' needs. It's extremely easy to find help sections and customer service aid if you need it. If you can't find many things to download here, then I don't know why you look at porn. There's such a variety of categories and studios represented in a clear, easily executed manner. It's overwhelming. And to top it all off, you can customize the size of your videos. I don't know what else to say, except "Wow!"

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