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Arab Street Hookers review

Summary: Arab Street Hookers features allegedly Arab women in hardcore sex scenes. Whether the women are actual Arabs or not is somewhat unclear. The illusion however stands -- there is lots of burkhas and Middle Eastern clothing. Action is mostly videos and some relatively low quality pictures. Newer videos look fine, but older videos are pretty low quality. The site is part of Incredible Pass.

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Joseph, 2009-06-08

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Intro promises

- Watch Middle Eastern babes fuck.

First impression

Arab Street Hookers sounds like it should be a reality site about guys driving around in search of Arab streetwalkers. Well it ain’t — the gals employed by this site probably drive themselves down to the studio for their shoots. In other words, it is clear that none of these women are actually prostitutes. And many of them don’t seem to be Middle Easterners either — some of these models brazenly sport such non-Arabian-sounding names as Africa Sexxx and Pocohontas!

And there is some cyber-debate over whether or not any of these women are actually Arab in origin — many insist these “Middle Eastern wannabes” are really Latina babes (remember when I said the Incredible Pass Network calls itself “the world’s largest collection of Latina/ethnic first-timers”?) dressed in Arabic-inspired garb. One of the models, Persia, is a well-known porn star born in Iran… and raised in the States. Close enough! And Ginger claims to be half Syrian and half Irish. Hey, beggars can’t be choosers… Okay, so Arab Street Hookers has gotten off to a rough start… can it redeem itself? Let’s find out.


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Our opinion

Log into Arab Street Hookers and you’ll find yourself in the members area of the Incredible Pass Network, “the world’s largest collection of Latina/ethnic first-timers.” Members of this site now get access to eighteen additional sites for the price of their monthly subscription fees to Arab Street Hookers. These bonus sites have some fairly intriguing premises and include Rock Star Pimp (starring a guy from Biohazard, one of the worst metal bands ever, who somehow tricked Tera Patrick into marrying him!), Sorority Sistas, Black Booty Invasion, BBW Depot, Big Tits Curvy Asses, White Dicks in Black Chics, Latin Booty Girls, Moms a Cheater, Asian Chicks American Dicks, The Boss XXX, Human Toilet Bowls, Midget Cum, The Amputee (where a man with one leg fucks women with no self-esteem), I Love Black Cum, Cum Brushers, Daddy I’m a Whore and Coeds Love Big Dicks (they’re not the only ones who love big dicks!). But this review ain’t about the Incredible Pass Network, it’s about Arab Street Hookers! So let’s take a closer look at that site instead.

The members area of Arab Street Hookers is simply laid out and user-friendly as a result; all updates, episodes, bonus scenes and bonus sites can be accessed right from the main page of the members area and there’s also a handy menu bar at the top of each page to ease in navigation. Arab Street Hookers is updated every Wednesday with a brand new scene; currently, there are one hundred and forty eight scenes in all. Here’s a fairly typical scene description: “We found this American[-]hating Arab praying to Ala [sic]. When she was confronted by our man and asked if she would fuck an American[,] she told us straight to our face[s,] ‘Fuck Americans[,]’ then she told us she had a bomb on her and she’d rather blow us all up and set fire to our bodies. Holy Shit [sic]! Another terrorist. They don’t [sic] won’t stop till [sic] we’re all dead. We had to diffuse the situation immediately. So we got her to take off her clothes, then some good American sex and in the end the only bomb she [had] was a cum bomb filling her mouth. Welcome to America.” Interestingly enough, the following disclaimer can be found at the bottom of the members area: “[Though] many of the girls appearing on this site come from Middle Eastern descent[,] not all have Middle Eastern Origins [sic]. This site is not a Reality Site [sic] and all accounts are purely fictional. We do not condone, recommend nor promote any sort of negative or demeaning racial or sexually demeaning behaviors in any way shape or form.” Uh-huh. So not only do they deny being racist after filling their site with racist text, but they also freely admit that Arab Street Hookers isn’t real and many of the models aren’t even Arab! For shame!

Scenes on Arab Street Hookers play out in much the same way that scenes in any pseudo-reality site would play out: Model is interviewed (her Arab background of the women is “authenticated” in this case; the “authentication” involves the model answering some questions in Arabic), performs a little strip tease, engages in solo play, sucks a dick and, finally, fucks a dick. You can probably guess how each scene ends. Each scene on Arab Street Hookers comes with a set of screen caps and many of them also come with a set of average-quality photos. Bah! They also come with videos, which are the real draw here.

The videos on Arab Street Hookers are split up into four parts that can be downloaded individually or as one full movie. You can download or stream the movies in high (around 142.53 MB) or low (around 50.67 MB) bandwidth. The newer movies open to a 720x480 sized screen, while the older videos open to 640x480 or 460x348. Both offer pretty decent video and audio quality. The director is a little chatty and you can even hear him saying things like “look at the camera” during a couple of scenes.

So members get all that and sixteen bonus scenes of “one hundred percent exclusive Middle Eastern footage shot by Incredible Pass affiliated producers” as well. And, of course, they also get access to all those other sites in the Incredible Pass Network. Lotsa content, even if most of it is bogus.


Arab Street Hookers claims to be the first XXX site to solely feature Middle Eastern babes, but it’s hard to say whether or not this claim is a valid one. (Looks sketchy to me.) Still, this is one of the few porn sites currently online with such a premise, so I guess you take what you can get. All in all, content is average but bonus material is plentiful, so maybe it all evens out in the end.


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