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Caramel Creamy review

Summary: Caramel Creamy is a real amateur ebony chick who makes homemade videos and pictures of her and her hubby getting freaky in the sack. The hardcore action is fun but it's the raw, real and immediate sensation that the homemade videos give that make the site exciting. That being said, media quality is quite poor in most cases and the site itself is very amateur in design. Fans of this variety of amateur sex will find the site worth looking into, though.

Score 65.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2010-04-08

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Intro promises

Caramel Creamy doesn't make too many promises on her tour, other than you're going to have a very good time with her inside of her personal, homemade porn site. Things are very much DIY here, from the rough web design to average looking pictures and movies. That's also the appeal of this site, which lets you ride along in the sexual adventures of a real ebony babe, not some pornstar in a studio.

First impression

It's obvious that Caramel Creamy is the one running her site, one need only check out the design of her website. It's nothing fancy, that's for sure. To be honest it's a bit ugly and rough. That's all right though, because as a trade we are getting direct access to her and her homemade material. If you're looking for a more intimate experience with a real ebony Amateur model, this seems like just the site to get it. Let's log in and see how things pan out in the members area.


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Our opinion

Like the tour pages, the members area of Caramel Creamy is rough around the edges. The design is more or less the same with a few big links at the top to guide you through her material. Before we dive into that, let's have a closer look at Creamy herself, though. So the story goes, back in the day Caramel wanted to be a model and as a teenager she actually had some success, appearing in print and television ads and the like. Some family trouble set that career on hold and years later she was an exotic dancer in a small town. That led her to explore doing live modeling in cam shows but even that venue made her feel limited. The next step was filming some of her own low budget adult films and selling them. A family was formed in the interim and when she found out her loving husband was as much of a sex freak as her, the next stage was set. Together they started filming their own very real, passionate hardcore movies and launched this website to share them with the world.

When you start to browse her videos and pictures the fact that it is homemade will be obvious. These are not fancy studio settings, the stars aren't all done up in makeup and pumped full of silicone. This is just a real ebony amateur couple that loves fucking and filming themselves in action. The quality does suffer as a result. For example, the movies appear to be filmed with a webcam. They are offered in a 320x240 resolution and a 263k bit rate. They are streaming only in Windows Media Formats. You can browse through all of these episodes in a sort of gallery listing. Click one thumbnail and the player will start streaming it. The organization could be better. There are no descriptions for the scenes to guide you, but the titles do tend to be descriptive enough to know what's going to happen.

The photo galleries are a little better quality wise. Galleries contain 800x599 pixel images. These are regular-res and look to be shot with consumer digital cameras. As the lighting varies so too does the quality of every image. In general they look pretty good, and they definitely capture the homemade/amateur spirit very well. You can browse through galleries online. There were no zip file downloads, so you'll have to download pictures individually if you want to save copies to your hard drive.

Not all of the content is dated at Caramel Creamy's website. A few sets were and had recent time stamps. It looks like new material is added about once a week. The overall size of the library was surprising, at least with the videos. There are quite a few of them, some divided into clips, others available as full-length scenes. Running times vary but there is a lot to choose from in terms of content. There are solo stripping and masturbation scenes, hardcore POV blowjobs, hardcore ass fucking, messy cumshots squirted all over her ass and many more kinky sex acts.


Caramel Creamy isn't the best designed site, nor does it offer the highest quality media options. What it offers is raw, real sex with a real amateur ebony couple. I had a good time with the content and though media options could be better, fans of this variety of content will find it to be a great deal.


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Total average: 51/100 Our score: 65.0/100

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Comments from other readers

2010-04-08 12:28:17

I like the site. She is a beautiful lady. Yes the appearance may be a little rough. It is an amateur site. What is wrong with that. She is what interests me. Not just going to the site to look at the design of it.

2010-04-08 20:01:19

What an fascinating and beautiful lady :)

Lots of video,s and photo's of this black beauty on this site and several interesting extra's.

CHeck it and you will like it.
Meet Caramel Creamy and you sold!


2010-04-15 15:59:54

i thinks she has done a great job wit her sight. we don't come there to see the lay out of the sight. we come to see her pics an movies. she lets you see in to her life an you feel like you are gettin to know her better. i think she has done a great gob!