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I Love Black Girls review

Summary: I Love Black Girls is an amateur site featuring a wide variety of black amateur girls stripping, masturbating and sometimes fucking the camera man POV style. Decent video and photo quality as well as value for money.

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Score 60.0 /100
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Mephistopheles, 2007-04-04

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Intro promises

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First impression

Are you in the mood for some chocolate? 'I Love Black Girls' has a stable of amateurs, that have all the curves, confidence, and attitude that you'd expect from a nubian princess. From what I've seen of the free tour, I'm very impressed, to say the least. This site boasts it has a large collection of hardcore, amateur porn. From the looks of things, they ain't just whistling dixie! All too often, so called 'amatuer' sites are anything but that. All the girls on the tour have a 'real' look about them, as if he went to the local ghetto and picked some girls at random. These are definitely not porn stars. They come in a wide variety of shapes, and sizes. They could be anything from the bitch next door, to a lady you'd see in your local super market.


Our opinion

Logging into the member's area takes us to a pretty well designed page. The colour scheme is a very appropriate, chocolate brown. At the top of the page is a horizontal menu, for which, you'll use to browse the bulk of the site. At the top you'll find the latest photo and picture updates, and older updates below. On the left-hand side of the page you'll find links to bonus sites, which come with your membership, these include: San Diego Latinas, Cali Teens, Night Invasion, Insane Coeds, Wave Hos, and my personal favorite, UNLIMITED ACCESS PASS. Directly below, you'll also find links to the highest rated (by the members) videos, and picture sets.

Before I did anything else, I went ahead and hit the 'All Our Girls' button on the main menu, at the top of the page. Browsing through several pages of these hotties, I've come to realise that they are nothing but amateurs, just like the preview page showed. These girls are the real deal, and I have a feeling, that most of them had probably never been on camera before doing this site. I can't wait to check out the videos!

I clicked the 'All Videos' button, on the top menu. This takes you to several pages, showing a series of steamy, still shots. Each image is from a video, and clicking it will take you to that video. There are currently 71 and judging solely from the still shots, I'd say the majority are solo masturbation, blowjobs, and intercourse.

I clicked on one of Tajai's videos to get an idea of how these pages are set up. First off, you see a larger version of the thumbnail still from the original videos page. There's also a rating system, where you can vote just how hot you think the video is, on a scale of 1 to 10. There are three options for downloading the video: Full Video High, Full Video Low, and Video Clip. These videos range anywhere from three to twenty minutes, and are all in the WMV format. I'm going to use a ten minute clip as a benchmark for filesizes: Full Video High (54MB), Full Video Low (15MB), and a two minute, video clip, will generally clock in at around 13 MB. These video clips are basically the 'Full Video High' broken down in a series of chunks.

I've been getting pretty good download speeds here. On average I get around 612KB/sec. The 'Full Video High' is of decent quality. It's pretty clear, although, not the clearest I've seen, it's still plenty good enough for your pornography viewing pleasure. Surprisingly, the low qualiy option isn't very far off, even with its much smaller file size. My only beef would be that these videos have somewhat poor sound quality. There's a 'hissing' room tone noise that can be more than a little distracting. Also, a minor navigational complaint, on a few of the video pages, the 'Video Clip' button simply leads you to the low quality option, instead of taking you to a page containing a series of clips.

I've watched quite a few of these movies and they're all pretty similar. Basically, what you get here is solo stripping, masturbation, blowjobs and pretty straight intercourse. One thing I've noticed is in most of these videos there is very little talking and never any music. While I'm not a fan of music in porns, I think the lack of talking kind of hurts this site. This is an amateur site and getting to know these girls a little better would really benifit the 'reality' factor.

You could be watching a scene with a blowjob or straight intercourse and there's almost dead silence. The only thing that can usually be heard is the thrusting and the room tone. There's also the annoying noise of the cameraman snapping pictures during the scenes. Which is all the more evident, considering 90% of these videos are pretty much dead silent (occasional moans aside).

A lot of these girls don't seem to be 'into it' and that kind of kills it for me. It looks like it's the same guy doing all of these girls. In the videos I've watched, I haven't seen his face. The camera angles almost never change in any of these. Most of the blowjob ones are POV shots. If a girl is getting banged, usually the camera will stay in the same spot (except for the occasional closeup) with just enough of a view to know what's going on, without seeing old dude's face.

I have to admit, a lot of these scenes are rather 'dull' because of the lack of passion. Although, one thing that really makes up for it is the fact that these girls are true amateurs. In one scene, a girl is simply going to strip. You can clearly see how nervous she is in her eyes and by listening to the tone of her voice. To me, this is what's missing when I watch a porn star. I think if the guy in all these videos would just talk a little more, it would be all that much hotter. These videos just lack passion.

Most of these girls are very cute, with a few plain Janes (or Shaniquas!) thrown in for good measure, but I'm glad they all aren't just drop-dead gorgeous. You won't find any professional models or pornstars here. This is an amateur site, afterall! It was also kind of cool that they have a few full figured ladies on the site. While that's not my thing, this should be a nice treat for those of you fellas out there who are into bigger women.

The picture pages are set up in a pretty standard fashion. Just several rows of thumbnails, spread out over several pages. The average gallery has around 100 images and they are all in the high quality JPEG format. These aren't screen shots, they're taken by a photographer and they're very clear. They could do with being a bit bigger, but they're definitely not on the small side. They clock in at an average of 94 kb with dimensions of 672x1000 pixels. These photos are shot simultaneously whilst a video is being filmed, so the action from gallery to gallery varies, just as with the videos.

Also, once you've clicked on a thumbnail to enlarge an image, there is a nifty slideshow option. By Clicking this button you can shift from photo to photo, in the same order they are in the gallery, without having to click on any thumbnails. There's an automatic, timed delay of about 5 seconds between each photo. Once you get to a picture that really catches your fancy, you can simply click the 'off' button.

I'm also really digging the bonus sites that come with the membership here. Particularly 'Insane Coeds' and 'UNLIMITED ACCESS PASS'. Also, clicking the 'Movie Library button at the top of the page takes you to even more bonus sites (22 in total). With some of these sites you only get access to one scene, with others you get access to a much larger portion of the site. It's kind of a mixed bag. I really loved the 'Casting for Porn' and 'College Fuck Parties' sites. While a lot of these bonus sites are a bit skimpy on the material, hey, it's free!


Overall, I'd say I love Black Girls is a pretty solid amatuer site. Although some of the scenes can be a bit boring, I think this is made up for by the fact that most of these girls appear to be first-timers in the porn industry. The choco girlies here are surely look like authentic amatuers, there appears to be frequent updates, and there is already a very respectable amount of material. Couple that with the bonus sites, and the interactive nature of the site, and I'd say this place is a real bargain for anyone into fine, nubian babes. Highly recommended!


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