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Rap Video Auditions review

Summary: Rap Video Auditions is a reality site where producers interview potential music video models and demand extras from them. Unfortunately videos are not downloadable. There is however a huge amount of content on this site network.

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Score 60.0 /100
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Joseph, 2007-04-20

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Intro promises

"Welcome to the biz

We're a couple of guys who pick up girls by posing as CEO's of our own independent record label and video production company. Some girls we find right out on the street, others we get from local ads - but ALL of them end up in our studio wanting to be the star in the next big rap video! To ensure them the best possible chance we convince them to give us a little something 'extra'"

First impression

Yo, g, what’s crackin’? Lookin’ to get your porn on? Need somethin’ proper to peep whilst you bust yo’ nut? Shee-it, brother, don’t we all? Know what I’m sayin’? Well, I gots the hookup, motherfucker, and it’s Rap Video Auditions. Ya heard? Here’s the motherfuckin’ 4-1-1 on Rap Video Auditions, son: The motherfuckin’ cracker-ass-crackers who made this motherfuckin’ bitch claim 2 be “a couple of guys who pick up girls by posing as CEOs of [their] own independent record label and video production company.” These brothers “convince [their prey 2] give [our brothers] a little something ‘extra’” in order 2 be the top bitch in da next big rap video. In other words, these fools trick bitches in2 fucking them 4 a chance 2 be rap royalty in motherfuckin’ videos that will never actually be made. Their motto? “Find ‘em, fuck ‘em, forget ‘em.” Damn, brother, that’s cold! Ya heard?


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Our opinion

Bein’ a motherfuckin’ reality site, Rap Video Auditions pretends 2 pick up its talent right off the motherfuckin’ street as if these females ain’t being paid 2 fuck these wankstas. Shee-it! Far be it from me 2 be a playa-hata, but I find this reality bullshit 2 be exceedingly wack. Any o’ you brothers as tired as I am of this phony reality bullshit? Shee-it, if it really were this easy 2 pick up bitches, none of us would be looking at these lame porn sites in the first place! Ya heard? Seriously, I only wish I could trick hot black bitches in2 sucking and fucking me on camera! Know what I’m sayin’?

Anyway, here are the current stats for Rap Video Auditions: more than eighteen hundred XXX DVDs (over twenty-nine hundred hours of video, motherfucker!), over one million motherfuckin’ photos and one hundred and three motherfuckin’ bonus sites. I don’t know how often Rap Video Auditions is updated cos none of the exclusive content on this site is date stamped. Heard that? Currently, there are thirty motherfuckin’ auditions on Rap Video Auditions, each of which containing videos and a motherfuckin’ photo gallery (some of these galleries contain average-resolution pics, but most of ‘em contain really wack screen captures). Oddly enough, there used to be forty-three motherfuckin’ auditions on the site when I did some, ahem, independent research a few months ago and now there are thirteen less — whassup wit dat?

The only motherfuckin’ content on Rap Video Auditions worth discussing at length is its motherfuckin’ videos (the quality of the pics in the photo galleries is pretty wack, ya heard?). Know what I’m saying? The motherfuckin’ videos on Rap Video Auditions can be streamed in seven motherfuckin’ parts or as a full motherfuckin’ movie in Windows motherfuckin’ Media in three motherfuckin’ speeds (low for brothers on dialup, high for uptown broadband brothers and medium for every other motherfuckin’ connection). The motherfuckin’ videos look a’ight, though they ain’t very big (unlike my dick, son!!!) and cannot be downloaded. Damn. Thankfully, there are bonus downloadable ebony videos up 4 download on Rap Video Auditions. Proper.

Speaking of bonus material, there are plenty of motherfuckin’ extras on Rap Video Auditions, including adult games, erotic stories, bonus photo galleries containing average-resolution ebony porn, an adult store, live cams and sex personals. And then there are all those motherfuckin’ bonus sites, ninety-one in all! Every genre is represented here, motherfucker, including eight sites featuring black girls and five interracial sites that are sure 2 appeal 2 any brother who gets off on Rap Video Auditions. Like Rap Video Auditions, all of these bonus sites contain streaming videos and photo galleries that aren’t exactly cracking, homeboy; in other words, the worth of many of these motherfuckin’ bonus sites is motherfuckin’ suspect. Know what I’m sayin’?


Rap Video Auditions is an average interracial site with lotsa equally average bonus material — the site ain’t exactly wack, but it ain’t the shit neither. Know what I’m sayin’? Still, all that bonus content should keep any brother wit an ebony fetish fairly busy for ages 2 come, so you may not want 2 put Rap Video Auditions on blast just yet. Know what I’m sayin’? Yeah, boy!

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