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Sweet Black review

Summary: Sweet Black is a soft-core site with ebony content. There are downloadable hi-quality images that are compressed and archived, and the video clips are best supported by high stream connection.

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Score 65.0 /100
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Mads, 2002-03-18

Ebony, Softcore


Intro promises

Black people having hardcore sex incl. 3somes, Blowjobs, cumshots, fucking and fisting
Quality pictures
Updated daily

First impression

The pink design does not seem to indicate a softcore site at all. Rather, the impression is that the content of the site is quite hardcore. There seems to be no doubt that the basic content is black people enganging in uncompromising sex. Otherwise, the layout and design is pretty much the standard of most sex sites, and the mulatto and negro girls posing on the mainpage look very attractive.


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Our opinion

You can download the photo sets compressed and archived, and even select special series to your list of favorites, both very nice features. Nevertheless, the pics in the galleries are not organized in any logical order and seem to be randomly scattered between each other. Somewhat confusing, and even irritating at times.

All video clips are best supported by high-stream connections, and there are lots and lots to choose between and in various categories. It does not seem to be a particular criteria that the models are black here. The content here is seemingly all third party material.

Navigation-wise, Sweet Black is at the beginning somewhat confusing and the first time you go looking for pictures of black women in the pictures section, you'll probably be a bit confused by the fact that there is only a small text menu leading to the galleries with black women while some of the third-party material (with non-black content) gets a more prominent spot in the middle of the page and even with small screenshots.

The by far best rated of these user-evaluated third party sections is the "Interactive" section, and this section does have some hot and steaming features to choose between.
As one gets used to the construction of Sweet Black, which seems a bit illogical at first, it actually becomes quite easy to navigate.
A nice feature is a "Help" section that offers the members assistance in case something does not work out as expected.

As far as the black material goes, the quality is all right and the number of pictures featuring black women is impressive. Nevertheless the pics are seldomly organized cronologically, which makes the overall impression a bit messy. The picture quality as such is all right, but the pics and models are nevertheless not overwhelmingly stylished in general. One can choose between various categories, from softcore modeling to hardcore fucking. The model standard varies, but must be termed average.


"Sweet Black" is not that logical to navigate until you get the hang of it.
If you include the third party material, there is lots and lots to choose between. Only problem...the third party material is not specially oriented towards black erotic content. The major setback of Sweet Black is that it e.g. does not offer black people in erotic videofeds or the like...just one of the approximately forty third party sites offering video feeds features this. This single one, "Ebony 18", was rated 5 stars out of 10 by the users.
Altogether, an average experience given that you primarily are to evaluate the site by its black contents. If one was to disregard these premises, the rating of content would clearly be above average due to the massive amount of third party material of quite good quality you get access to.


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