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The Fetish category is ironically quite a generalized collection of niched porn sites. The focus of these niches are of course the varied fetishes you might enjoy. The sites in here can include any with a focus on clothing and fabrics, like PVC, Costume Play or Latex fetish sites as well as those with nylon fetishes, ass fetishes (including smothering, licking and worshipping), balloon fetishes and many more.Whatever can be sexualized is sexualized and to great effect, especially on the higher ranking sites in this niche. You'll find fetish porn that runs from familiar to the unique and bizarre, as well as that which is darker and more intense. BDSM, bondage, cock and ball torture, and sex slaves toil in their unique hellish form of pleasure right next to those sites that are dripping wet from golden showers. We've reviewed an impressive variety of fetish porn and we tell it how it really is when it comes to quality, originality and authenticity.

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  • Nude in Public screenshot
    Nude in Public
    Date: 2008-02-05

    Summary: Nude In Public is an amateur fetish site about 100% public nudity. There are long picture series that holds soft-core content, and no mention of videos.

  • Rubber Dollies screenshot
    Rubber Dollies
    Date: 2004-02-26

    Summary: Rubber Dollies is a fetish amateur site holding high quality latex photography and perverted videos, along with a forum and stories.

  • Gothic Sluts screenshot
    Gothic Sluts
    Date: 2004-02-28

    Summary: Gothic Sluts is a amateur fetish site, with 20,000+ images and a small amount of videos in WMV, QuickTime and Real Player formats. There is also a forum area here.

  • Barely Evil screenshot
    Barely Evil
    Date: 2004-03-02

    Summary: Barely Evil is an amateur fetish site. There are thousands of images that aren't downloadable and videos in WMV, QuickTime and Real formats with some hard-core content.

  • Mistress Jennifer screenshot
    Mistress Jennifer
    Date: 2005-09-07

    Summary: Mistress Jennifer has fetish content and done as a personal/amateur site. There are photo galleries and streaming or downloadable WMV videos.

  • Lactalia screenshot
    Date: 2006-01-06

    Summary: Lactalia is a personal-amateur/fetish site that holds web-cam show archives dated back to 2000. WMV, QuickTime, MPEG and Real Player options are held here.

  • Internal Violations screenshot
    Internal Violations
    Date: 2006-12-12

    Summary: Internal Violations is a video site that focuses on creampies. Both anal and vaginal. The videos are delivered in reasonably good quality and are easy to find. Not the best stand-alone creampie site, but a pretty good deal if you like its sister sites.

  • Need A Pee screenshot
    Need A Pee
    Date: 2007-05-17

    Summary: Need A Pee caters to the fan of pee desperation, where a woman suddenly has to pee no matter where she is be it on the middle of the free way or in the city streets. Decent content quality and good close ups.

  • My Slave Life screenshot
    My Slave Life
    Date: 2008-07-16

    Summary: My Slave Life is an attempt to create a femdom site where men are treated as slaves by their female master. It contains 40 episodes featuring east European models. The videos however are made without understanding the BDSM scene at all resulting in poor content.

  • Adult Creampie screenshot
    Adult Creampie
    Date: 2008-07-28

    Summary: Adult Creampie is a new site that so far only features around 20 videos and and 25 photo sets of pornstars getting a cream pie and letting it ooze out for us to view. It is not the most updated or extensive cream pie site out there, but the content here is good.

  • Society SM screenshot
    Society SM
    Date: 2008-08-20

    Summary: Society SM is a large BDSM site starring hot girls and pornstars in scenes with lots of gagging and bondage. The scenes are pretty good, but without the same emotional connection between dom and sub as seen elsewhere. Video quality is good as are pictures, but navigation could be improved.

  • Latex Angel screenshot
    Latex Angel
    Date: 2008-11-25

    Summary: Latex Angel is a German amateur site offering extreme anal and vaginal insertions of toys, fruit, vegetables and a bunch of other stuff. Everything takes place while wearing various latex outfits. Around 120 movies in average quality are available and 49 photo series. Very hardcore site with unique content for the extreme fetish fan.

  • BDSM Ticket screenshot
    BDSM Ticket
    Date: 2008-12-04

    Summary: BDSM Ticket offers around 100 movies of women subjected to flogging, bondage, gagging and much more in bdsm scenes. Unfortunately the movies are not very good quality neither technical nor acting wise. It just doesn't seem very authentic. Updates don't seem to occur as often as promised. There are better bdsm sites out there.

  • Dungeon Virgins screenshot
    Dungeon Virgins
    Date: 2009-01-28

    Summary: On Dungeon Virgins all the girls are British. It is difficult to put a label on the type of action on the site, but it is all based in a dungeon like setting with different actions such as groping, bondage, spanking and occasionally femdom. Neither of it seems to be done wholeheartedly though and lacks enthusiasm and effort.

  • Hairy Undies screenshot
    Hairy Undies
    Date: 2017-12-13

    Summary: Hairy Undies offers 315 video scenes featuring pornstars with hairy pussies. The models range from teens to MILFs and can be more or less hairy. All scenes come directly from DVD titles. Movies can be streamed or downloaded in good quality. Major con here is that scenes are only displayed one at a time when browsing. Other than that, a site with lots of hairy pussy action and mainstream porn.

  • Brutal Dildos screenshot
    Brutal Dildos
    Date: 2009-04-28

    Summary: Brutal Dildos is an extreme dildo site offering a large amount of scenes where a girl inserts very large dildos into her pussy and sometimes ass. Action is good and video quality is okay, but could be improved. Included with the membership is an admission to a network of several extreme hardcore sites with various related themes.

  • Now: $24.95
    Hairy Pussy Cuties screenshot
    Hairy Pussy Cuties
    Date: 2015-01-23
    Your price: $24.95.

    Summary: Hairy Pussy Cuties carries amateur teen fetish content. There is high quality and home-made photos, hours of DVD quality videos and updates done several times a week.

  • Now: $27.95
    Ambers Dungeon screenshot
    Ambers Dungeon
    Date: 2017-01-19
    Your price: $27.95.

    Summary: Ambers Dungeon offers fetish video and picture content of women dominating men by spanking them, forcing them to worship them, fucking them with a strapon etc. The content is a bit hit or miss though with not all of it delivering authentic femdom action.

  • Now: $9.95
    Hairy Twatter screenshot
    Hairy Twatter
    Date: 2018-12-10
    Your price: $9.95.

    Summary: Hairy Twatter is a new site featuring only models with a hairy pussy. There is so far around 30 scenes all of which feature b/g hardcore sex and consist of photos and videos in great quality. The site delivers all it promises and the only drawback is that it still hasn't got a huge archive. Hairy pussy fans are sure to love it though.

  • Now: $29.95
    Cum Eating Cuckolds screenshot
    Cum Eating Cuckolds
    Date: 2019-02-13
    Your price: $29.95.

    Summary: Cum Eating Cuckolds has a lot of good cuckolding content inside. They show a great understanding of the humiliation a cuckold craves. However, the site isn't updated daily, as mentioned on the tour, nor does it have only black males as the service studs. The content that is there though, is reasonable quality and entertaining for those into this niche. Warning: contains male/male action.

  • Now: $29.95
    Strapon Jane screenshot
    Strapon Jane
    Date: 2010-02-12
    Your price: $29.95.

    Summary: Mistress Jane is an expert at using her strapon on women, men, cross dressers, and trannies. Based on the enthusiasm shown in the site's content as well as its variety within the niche and fairly good quality of content Strapon Jane is recommended to strapon fans everywhere. Updates are weekly, and revolve around her strapon and the way she creatively dominates all the bum holes presented to her!

  • Now: $29.99
    Dom Karin screenshot
    Dom Karin
    Date: 2010-06-21
    Your price: $29.99.

    Summary: Dom Karin featured well renowned Mistress Karin von Kroft dominating and putting submissive men through all kinds of humiliating acts including ass worship, CBT and orgasm denial. In keeping with her high reputation, she offers good quality videos and fetish photography. Updated weekly, with a large archive and easy navigation, Dom Karin offers an enjoyable experience to bdsm fans.

  • Now: $27.95
    Will She Explode screenshot
    Will She Explode
    Date: 2010-10-19
    Your price: $27.95.

    Summary: Will She Explode is a trip to the extreme fringes of solo masturbation and female insertions. These porn babes fuck and fit massive rubber cocks and objects inside themselves, and no hole is free of the tyranny of these mega cocks. Movies are long and filmed in 1080p HD. Media options are varied and convenient. With regular updates plus the network access that is included free for members the site is an attractive option.

  • Now: $25.95
    FemDom Films screenshot
    FemDom Films
    Date: 2010-11-03
    Your price: $25.95.

    Summary: FemDom Films features some great BDSM themed videos with sexy and expert Mistresses who enjoy physically tormenting and mind fucking their submissives. The sites needs some work to improve the user experience - like photo galleries, previews of each scene and photos of the mistresses. Content comes in the form of medium quality videos and photo galleries. Especially the photos need some tweaking. But if you can look past these issues, there is some good BDSM content here.

  • Now: $24.95
    Embrianna screenshot
    Date: 2010-11-30
    Your price: $24.95.

    Summary: If you have a thing for pregnant women, Embrianna is waiting for you. With weekly updates of good quality videos and/or photo sets, this site focuses on Brianna's big bulging belly. What sets this site apart from the other pregnancy sites is that Brianna shows off her smoking while preggo.

  • Now: $27.95
    Hardcore Power Tools screenshot
    Hardcore Power Tools
    Date: 2010-12-02
    Your price: $27.95.

    Summary: Hardcore Power Tools is a new site for fans of machine sex to have a look at. Their exclusive scenes are offered in True HD formats that look amazing, and the machine-powered pussy-pounding hardcore is exciting, satisfying, and surprisingly varied in terms of positions and penetrations. The girls are all hot pornstars as well, and the generous bonuses included will help keep you entertained as the site continues to grow.

  • Now: $24.77
    Golden Feet screenshot
    Golden Feet
    Date: 2011-01-03
    Your price: $24.77.

    Summary: Golden Feet is a site run by the fifty-year-old MILF Sarah. While her feet tend to be the focus of a good part of the content, she also does a lot of other kinky things in different fetishes. She's also got a habit of showing off her multi-pierced pussy in extreme closeups. The movies here come in good looking 720p HD downloads and the picture galleries are in high resolutions. With regular updates and a pretty easy to navigate layout, it's a nice pick for someone looking for a kinky MILF amateur site.

  • Now: $29.95
    Femme Fatale Films screenshot
    Femme Fatale Films
    Date: 2019-02-17
    Your price: $29.95.

    Summary: Kudos to Femme Fatale Films. Their FemDommes are naturally dominating and skillful in front of the camera while submitting their male subs to all kinds of bondage, forced foot licking, strapons and much more. Being relatively new, the site is already quite impressive with their high quality content, daily updates, simple navigation, and a good sized archive already built up.

  • Now: $34.95
    Wasteland screenshot
    Date: 2011-06-06
    Your price: $34.95.

    Summary: Wasteland is highly recommended for all fans of BDSM. The site offers over a decade's worth of intense BDSM content with today's updates available in HD videos and high res pictures. Whether a veteran or a newbie to the scene, this site offers great content and a whole wealth of resources. In other words, you get educated while you're getting off! Who says learning can't be fun?

  • Now: $29.95 screenshot
    Date: 2011-06-22
    Your price: $29.95.

    Summary: Niche Fetish is dedicated to British amateur girls in many different soft fetish scenes - especially nude in public. Unfortunately it needs a lot of improvement if it wishes to compete amongst the other fetish sites on the 'net. Offering better quality videos would be an essential start as well as adjusting the price. Despite claiming to have HD videos, most are very low quality. A shame since the girls and the action is great.

  • Now: $24.95
    Exposed Nurses screenshot
    Exposed Nurses
    Date: 2011-11-15
    Your price: $24.95.

    Summary: At Exposed Nurses you have a nice mix of fetish and solo girl masturbation. The models are amateurs, dressed up as nurses and in medical examination rooms. They use authentic furniture, props and medical tools. In each scene they get naked and allow extreme closeups of their gaping pink as they rub and masturbate and stretch themselves with speculums. Updates now occur weekly and the content looks fantastic in 720p HD.

  • Now: $29.95
    Kinky Mistresses screenshot
    Kinky Mistresses
    Date: 2011-11-22
    Your price: $29.95.

    Summary: The Kinky Mistresses often like to show off how they enjoy using a slave's fetish against him. In addition to the lots of medical play, humiliation and strapons used on the male slaves, they know that many slaves have a latex, leather, foot, shoe, boot, and/or rubber fetish, so all of their clothing incorporates at least one of these. Since the videos are very good quality, you'll see all of this fetish wear in drool worthy content that is sure to please you as you wince at the pain inflicted!

  • Now: $29.95
    Gape My Pussy screenshot
    Gape My Pussy
    Date: 2012-01-03
    Your price: $29.95.

    Summary: Gape My Pussy has a small library of HD videos and a large archive of Hi-res pictures that all focus on one thing: pretty European girls spreading their thighs and gaping their pussies for the cameras. Extended close-ups make up the majority of photos and playing time, and the girls hold nothing back. The site is a bit different than most you'll find with gaping themes in that it isn't hardcore and they don't have any medical fetish action. It's just pretty girls stripping, spreading and masturbating.

  • Now: $18.95
    Pregnant USA screenshot
    Pregnant USA
    Date: 2012-01-05
    Your price: $18.95.

    Summary: Pregnant USA is a fetish site for pregnant women. That is, it stars pregnant women. Some are barely showing while others are near term, with big milk-laden breasts leaking milk. You'll watch the ladies strip and model and sometimes play with one another -- even feeding on each other's hard nipples like suckling babes. Videos offer HD playback and updates are made each week.

  • Now: $29.95
    Shadow Slaves screenshot
    Shadow Slaves
    Date: 2012-04-09
    Your price: $29.95.

    Summary: Shadow Slaves offers true lifestyle sadomasochists submitting to their masters will in scenes full of bondage, humiliation, wax play, needle play, humiliation and real pain. There is an intense bond between the master and slave in these very authentic BDSM and fetish scenes. Recent updates include 720p HD download options, and members have unlimited access to the archives that go back more than five years.

  • Now: $29.95
    Exclusive Club screenshot
    Exclusive Club
    Date: 2018-08-10
    Your price: $29.95.

    Summary: If you love pussy, you'll love the Exclusive Club. It takes pussy loving to the extreme by revolving around the gyno fetish. It features a dirty old man as a kinky gynecologist who is very friendly with his amateur lady patients. They don't mind it though when he engages in speculum fetish play that offers lots of extreme closeups for the camera, or when he has them masturbate with sex toys. The site offers great HD video downloads and high res galleries, but updates are a little slow - just a single gallery or video alternating each week.

  • Now: $24.95
    Alice In Bondage Land screenshot
    Alice In Bondage Land
    Date: 2012-07-02
    Your price: $24.95.

    Summary: Alice in Bondage Land features a library of amateur BDSM and femdom porn. Alice plays with her male and female slaves using ropes, latex, devices, face sitting, humiliation and costumes. The videos can only be downloaded in one rather average quality format however, and there weren't very many of them. Updates are made every week.

  • Now: €29.99
    Fully Clothed Sex screenshot
    Fully Clothed Sex
    Date: 2018-08-19
    Your price: €29.99.

    Summary: Fully Clothed Sex is a hardcore site and most of the action involves threesomes and large groups. The action takes off right away with the studs ripping apart their girls clothes rather than take them off. They don't want to waste any time, and are desperate to get their hard cocks into the girls tight pussies as fast as possible. Movies come in HD downloads and there is a large library of them to enjoy, plus updates.

  • Now: $29.95
    Dirty Doctor screenshot
    Dirty Doctor
    Date: 2012-11-15
    Your price: $29.95.

    Summary: Dirty Doctor is a medical fetish site that revolves around a simple scenario: pretty 18 year old amateur girls visiting their new gyno doctor for the first time. The perverted doctor gives a thorough exam with speculums and toys, then his hard cock as he fucks his patients and leaves them covered in his warm cum. The site isn't very big but offers HD downloads and access to a network of hardcore sites starring the same sort of models. Medical fetishes might be disappointed with the lack of closeups here though.

  • Now: $29.95
    Milky Babes screenshot
    Milky Babes
    Date: 2012-11-27
    Your price: $29.95.

    Summary: Milky Babes is a fun fetish site starring elegant and sexy European girls stripping nude and sliming their bodies with cake, milk, heavy cream and whipped crema until their covered head to toe. The content is softcore but explicit, with some nice closeups of the cream-covered naughty bits. They add a new HD video every other week and a new high res gallery on the off weeks. The library is still very small though so that pace of updating is too slow. With more content, this site will be a really nice option in the niche.

  • Now: $39.95
    German Goo Girls screenshot
    German Goo Girls
    Date: 2013-10-28
    Your price: $39.95.

    Summary: German Goo Girls is the most extreme gang bang bukkake porn you'll find in the world. These lustful babes are surrounded by a room of hard dicks, and they're eager to milk every one of every drop of hot white seed. While they're fucked at one end their grinning for a messy facial at the other, slimed with multiple men's cum and still fucking and sucking their way towards more. The library here is big and they add to it every month with a new hour-long HD movie.

  • Now: $29.95
    Special Examination screenshot
    Special Examination
    Date: 2013-11-13
    Your price: $29.95.

    Summary: Special Examination is a medical fetish site where cute 18-23 year old girls are asked to under go a special medical test before being hired at a new job. The test turns out to be very embarrassing as they are stripped naked and asked to do nude gymnastics, then undergo vaginal and rectal exams. The doctors take pics of the tests and some even go so far as to ask the girls to suck their cocks while their pussies are being spread wide open.

  • Now: $39.95
    Extreme Bukkake screenshot
    Extreme Bukkake
    Date: 2013-11-18
    Your price: $39.95.

    Summary: These hardcore German chicks are up for some Extreme Bukkake action, fucked by a room full of hard cocks in every hole and cummed on and inside of again and again. There's cum swapping and drinking, creampies, and multiple-penetrations during these wild gang bang parties. Recent scenes are offered in full 1080p high-def quality and there's a big library here. You also get access to another bukkake-themed site and a large library of bonus DVDs at no additional cost.

  • Now: $1.95
    Hustlers Taboo screenshot
    Hustlers Taboo
    Date: 2014-11-04
    Your price: $1.95.

    Summary: This site brings you porn stars and extreme amateurs in intense fetish porn scenes and photo shoots. From submissive girls in bondage and ball gags to extreme penetrations with strapons and other kinky fetish play, Hustlers Taboo offers a wide range of uncommon hardcore entertainment. The library offers hundreds of movies and photo shoots and updates weekly. Members also get access to digital copies of all past magazine issues and Hustler MegaPass network pass as a free bonus.

  • Now: $29.95
    Pee Fantasies screenshot
    Pee Fantasies
    Date: 2015-12-30
    Your price: $29.95.

    Summary: Here you'll get to see pretty girls from Europe trying to hold back their very full bladders - and failing. From wet jeans to naked pissing into containers and pee games, you'll find a fun mix of HD videos in this collection. It isn't the biggest site but it updates every week, which is a plus since they don't include any other extras or bonuses.

  • Now: $29.95
    Goldwin Pass screenshot
    Goldwin Pass
    Date: 2016-02-08
    Your price: $29.95.

    Summary: The Goldwin Pass gets you into a mid-sized library of porn. A mix of Full HD, 4K Ultra HD and lower resolution movies starring shemales, Brazilian babes, grannies, and amateurs fucking, sucking, gang banging and gaping is all yours to enjoy in unlimited streams and downloads. The site's search tools work well to get around the colorful and eclectic mix of porn and with updates every day the site is growing at a steady fast pace.

  • Now: $19.99
    Nylon Up screenshot
    Nylon Up
    Date: 2018-03-10
    Your price: $19.99.

    Summary: Here you'll see amateur girls posing in different types of stockings and nylons. Most of them undress totally and even masturbate themselves with toys or fingers. A few give footjobs to rub dildos, make themselves squirt, and hook up with other girls and suck their toes and feet. The library is small and the quality isn't the best but for true feet and leg fetishists there's something here worth seeing.

  • Now: $34.95
    In The Crack screenshot
    In The Crack
    Date: 2016-09-16
    Your price: $34.95.

    Summary: In The Crack is a high quality site offering HD footage of their beautiful porn stars, European babes, and sexy amateurs posing nude, showing off their bodies, spread pussies, and gaped buttholes in extreme closeups while masturbating and teasing. The content quality has been fantastic for a decade and their 1080p HD videos still look better than most. With updates every three days and over 1000+ original episodes online, In The Crack is a great pick for fans of insertions and closeups.

  • Now: $29.95
    Deviant Hardcore screenshot
    Deviant Hardcore
    Date: 2016-12-06
    Your price: $29.95.

    Summary: There's more to this site than just rough sex and sloppy face fucking. Here you'll find a kinky mix of bondage, latex, domination as well as studs who aren't opposed to swapping roles with their girls and taking a big strapon up their ass. The site is growing every week with new videos and has a nice sized library of Full HD streams and downloads already available.

  • Now: $39.95
    Teen Creeper screenshot
    Teen Creeper
    Date: 2016-12-29
    Your price: $39.95.

    Summary: Teen Creeper almost deserves to have a warning sticker put on it, such is the dark and menacing nature of its rough sex fantasies. You won't find many sites producing such high quality and rough action with top porn star teen talent. The site isn't very big but with access to similar sites on the network as a bonus and weekly updates it will probably be worth a punt, especially as its content is very unique - it's hard to find fantasies this dark and extreme!

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Total 119 reviews