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Ambers Dungeon review

Summary: Ambers Dungeon offers fetish video and picture content of women dominating men by spanking them, forcing them to worship them, fucking them with a strapon etc. The content is a bit hit or miss though with not all of it delivering authentic femdom action.

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Score 60.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2009-01-19

Fetish, Hardcore, Amateur, Videos, Movies

bdsm, bondage, corporal punishment, FemDom, foot fetish, forced masturbation, smoking fetish, smothering, spanking, strapon play

Intro promises

- 100% exclusive
- 14 Gigabytes of downloadable content
- Over 300 galleries
- Over 20 mistresses
- Updates every 3 days

First impression

This site promises exclusive FemDom content that revolves around foot worship, strapon play, face sitting, smoking, forced masturbation, and spanking. The layout looks pretty gritty (as fitting a dungeon setting), with most of the models you've likely not seen before.


$27.95/30 days, recurs at $19.95
$29.95/30 days, non-recurring
$49.95/90 days, non-recurring

Credit cards and online check through CCBill
Credit cards through Epoch
Bank transfer through DirectPay
Other options include 2000Charge and payment via mail.

Our opinion

The layout isn't all that great inside Amber's Dungeon. True, the menu options are straight forward: Home; Members (which has a drop down menu to get you to movies, galleries, or the latest); and Pay Per View. The same choices are in a side menu, with an additional option of Models.

I figured the "Models" option would be helpful, like it is in other paysites, but it wasn't. The women are shown in tiny 100x150 pixel sized thumbnails, and there's no way to click on them to see more of what they look like. (When such a small thumbnail isn't cropped around the model's face, you can't really tell what she looks like and would like to see more). There's also no way to access any of her content because there are no links to click or any listing of what she has inside Amber's Dungeon. There's just a one or two line bio, and that's it. Plus, the Model index looks as if it was quickly slapped together. For instance, there's a model named "bbbb," yet it's the same thumbnail for the model named "Mistress Autumn." bbbb's bio consists of just "bbbbbb." So much for her bio! There are around 30 models, but that's assuming there aren't repeats like the bbbb and Mistress Autumn.

If you think you like the looks of some of the women in the tiny thumbnails, you can go to the Model Search box and select her name from the drop down menu. You can then choose to view either her galleries or movies. Additionally, some of the movies for a particular model may be out of order. For instance, for Mistress Taylor, she filmed 5 parts of one session. The numbered parts are out of order. As I mentioned above, the layout isn't all that impressive.

The "What's New" section presents all the galleries and movies from the latest uploading. There are no dates noted anywhere on when the content is uploaded, so I don't know if the site is regularly updated.

The presentation of the movies is problematic in that all you get is a 125x70 sized thumbnail and a description. I would very much like to see a bigger size of this picture and maybe a few other preview pictures of the action that's going on in the videos. Unfortunately, that option isn't available. You click on that very tiny thumbnail, and you're given the choice to stream or download in Windows Media. If the movie you choose is part of a series and many, if not all of them, are, then there's no way you can easily see the rest of the videos in the series. This is because since you click on the thumbnail, and it immediately gives you the option of downloading or streaming, there are no links to the rest of the series. If you want to find the other clips in the series, I suggest you go to Model Search, search for the model and then look at her list of movies to see the rest of the series.

There are around 100 videos, and they open to a 704x396 (4.00 Mbps) sized screen. The visual and audio quality is pretty good, and each of the clips I saw were around 10 minutes in length.

There are around 90 photo galleries, which are zip downloadable. I'm not sure where the over 300 galleries are that are promised on the tour. The photos open to different sizes up to 1167x1083. There isn't a set size. The galleries also vary in quantity. The ones I viewed had between 60 to 160 pictures. The quality ranges from pretty good to downright blurry.

The very first video I saw was entitled "Two Cocksluts, Part 5." Since it was the last video in this series, it ended very abruptly, before the guy even came. (He was wanking furiously). Basically, most of the video clip consisted of a topless woman giving a guy a handjob for several minutes. You could tell she was getting tired and probably developing carpal tunnel syndrome; I think most people would - having to stroke and stroke and stroke and stroke for 5 or 6 minutes. I'm not sure where the female domination was in that one.

Another video clip I watched consisted of 10 minutes of two women sucking a guy's cock - even deep throating him - and putting a vibrator on his balls. Oh, I suppose they considered it female domination because the women were wearing black, the guy had his hands tied above him (I think), and they zapped his cock with an ouchie device for all of maybe 5 seconds. Having 9 minutes and 55 seconds of two women deep throating your cock and having your balls vibrated doesn't exactly register as FemDomme to me, despite the 5 second zap. I have to wonder just who exactly is being dominated in many of these episodes.

There were, however, a few clips I saw that contained the man being more dominated. These sessions included spitting into the guy's mouth; shoe worship - sucking the heel; nipple clamps; cbt; cross dressing; cropping; bondage; anal play; and hot wax.

Additionally, the people in these videos are definitely not what you'd call porn models. They're average every day looking people, which is fine. There's nothing wrong with "real" people playing at domination, and sometimes it's downright refreshing. The problem, however, is that some of these people are downright repulsive to watch. One man's stomach was so huge that he looked to be 8 months pregnant. A couple of the women looked pretty skanky and you halfway expected to see a bunch of syphilis sores on their bodies.


I'm not impressed with Amber's Dungeon. The quality of the content is hit or miss; sometimes you have good FemDomme centered videos, and sometimes the women are shown as whores playacting at domination. The quality of the so-called high resolution photos range from pretty good to downright blurry.

Additionally, the layout needs a lot of improvement because it's not the least bit user friendly. As to when the site is updated, I have no idea since no dates are noted. Considering there are a bunch of other bdsm sites on the net that have consistent quality content and updates, I definitely wouldn't waste my money on this site.

Screenshots from Ambers Dungeon

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