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Anastasia Pierce review

Summary: Anastasia Pierce is the model behind this bondage site. The action is mainly lesbian bondage scenarios. Both videos and photos are offered. Videos however could stand an improvement. Not a site for the hardcore bdsm fan.

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Score 65.0 /100
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Mephistopheles, 2007-02-19

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First impression

Anastasia is a very gorgeous woman who enjoys nothing more than having kinky, bondage sessions with her(mostly) female friends. It would appear from the free tour alone that she has a large amount of submissive hotties all more than willing to be submit to her cruel demands. I'm already impressed with the fancy flash intro and images on the tour. It would appear they've explored just about every corner of the bondage world. From pussy Latex to pussy torture. So far, so good! Lets have a look inside.


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Our opinion

As I look at the Member's page of Anastasia Pierce I can already tell it will be quite easy to navigate (which is always a plus!). On the left of the page there is a vertical menu from which you can access the entire site. In the middle of the page, updates with the names of the models and the amount of content. It doesn't get much more simple than that. Unfortuantely there are no 'preview' thumbnails but it may be for the best, considering the massive amount of updates going down the page, it might only clutter things up. I can't say I like the design of the layout (it's not the prettiest) but I admire its simplicity.

Ana's site has many different features. Everything from Live Cam feeds to two different adult stores. I checked out the 'Photo Album' first.

Well, it's quite obvious right off the bat that bondage is the theme here. The 'Photo Album' page has several thumbnails which lead to different galleries. Pictures of everything from girls in cages to girls in latex body suits hanging from the ceiling. Quite a few of the galleries have Ana in them and the majority only contain females. Ofcourse, there is the odd gallery of a male submitting the females to various tortures. You can either click a thumbnail image to lead to the gallery or click the 'Zip File' link underneath it to download the entire gallery compressed into a ZIP file.

I had to checkout a gallery entitled 'Bound and Tied'. The image of a girl (Ana), legs spread and hanging from a ceiling automaticaly caught my eye.
The gallery contains a little back-story to the images explaining that Ana was a delivery girl who hurt her ankle. The man she was delivering the package to, takes advantage of her under the guise that he wants to give her a glass of water and give her a foot massage. Of course, the water is drugged and once she is asleep he removes her clothes, ties her up, and fucks her rather brutally. Very sexy stuff...

Each picture in the galleries are 600x800 pixels and around 40kb in size. Most of the galleries contain atleast 100 thumbnails spread out over several pages. Overall, The picture quality is very decent and appears to be professionally shot (not screen caps). There are currently 154 galleries and all of them contain a wide variety of choice material from several facets of this particular niche.

Onto the videos! Well, there are currently 97 videos on in the videos section. They are spread down the videos page accompanied by a steamy still image and information about the length of the video and resolution. All of the videos are in the Quicktime (.mov) format and vary from 650x480 resolution to 320x240. Some videos are as short as 50 seconds others last as long as 15 minutes. The videos are downloadable in zip files. File size is about 5 mb per minute video. The video quality is actually not very good. Even though the resolution is fine, it just looks like a low resolution video blown up.

The first video I checked out was 'Shock Therapy'. This starts out with Ana and a friend both decked out in latex outfits in a faux hospital room. Ana is on the bed and her friend administers various tortures. She clamps some sort of electrical device with wires to Ana's pussy lips. It's hard to tell whether there is actual current going through this or if Ana is just acting. What is real however is the boob torture. She puts some sort of suction like devices over Ana's boobs which look very painful as her breasts become extremly red as they are squeezed. The cheezy acting in this video is topped off by equally cheezy 'scary' music. We know you love this shit, Ana. Don't pretend you're horrified until you get some better acting lessons.

While I wasn't impressed with the first video I watched, I was highly impressed with a video entitled 'Pleasure Slut'. This one also contains Ana but this time the 'torture' (self inflicted) is MUCH more convincing. Ana ties her legs up, gags herself and applies nipple clamps which resemble jumber cables to herself. But what really impressed me is the fact that she put a device on her pussy which looked very painful. It is circular and has 6 clothes-pins on strings which she put on her pussy lips, stretching them out. Ouch!

As I've explored the videos I've found that some of them are very sexy and contain some great girl on girl stuff. Even if you don't like bondage a fan of lesbian action would love some of the stuff on this site. I do have two semi-big complaints though.

1. There's not enough of these girls that really seem to be genuinely hurt or afraid. I think it would be much hotter if the girls were actually convincing us that they are hurting from this stuff.

2. The flashes of the cameras! All throughout the videos you can hear the annoying camera sound and see the flash. I understand they are just shooting pictures for their galleries but this is extremly annoying and distracting.

The site also contains quite a few other features some bordering on useless (depending on how you look at it) and a few are very cool.


Overall, I'm still on the fence about Anastasia Pierce. In some ways it is very good but I think it would be better suited as a lesbian site. I'm all for bondage, but this stuff just isn't 'hardcore' enough for me. It is not a bad site, but if I were looking for some hardcore bondage oriented sites I'd give this one a pass especially taking the video quality into consideration. There has to be better ones out there.

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