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Barely Evil review

Summary: Barely Evil is an amateur fetish site. There are thousands of images that aren't downloadable and videos in WMV, QuickTime and Real formats with some hard-core content.

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Score 72.0 /100
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J., 2004-03-02

Fetish, Amateur


Intro promises

Gothic erotica, punk porn & bad girls.
Spooky hot young models.
Our girls party harder and go farther.

First impression

Okay, they don't come right out and promise much. But the free photos from the tour are hot, uncensored, and appear to be the epitome of the punk/goth chick style.
High quality tour and intro pages are almost as cool as these girls seem to be.


Our opinion

The members page is the standard listing of models with thumbnails... 14 pages worth of thumbnails (a good sign!).
The first page has 32 galleries listed and all the others have 18. Do the math there. That's a freakin' lot of punk/goth chicks. Clicking on a gallery thumbnail brings you into the gallery itself, with 12 pictures per page and anywhere from 15-200+ images per set (most are in the 40-60 range).

The images open up in the same window (I prefer a new window for images) and the quality and professionalism of the shoots themselves cannot be denied. However, the images take up less than half my screen on full resolution and there is some minor compression artifacting of the photos. Bear in mind that I'm very picky about such things or I may not even mention it.
A couple things I noticed about the gallery setup includes the fact that there is no listing of the page numbers within a set. That means you don't know how many pages are in each set (the number of photos is given in the thumbnail, but a page listing would still be handy) and you cannot skip pages- you have to view every page in the set to get to the last one. This may be especially annoying to those of you with a slow connection, though I had no trouble and their server speed was top notch, especially since the images aren't huge. Another huge problem I had with the galleries is that the images are NOT downloadable.
You cannot right click the images. This is a bad idea in general if you ask me, but I suppose it's understandable that the photographers don't want their images distributed without their permission.

The girls in the images are beyond hot. If the goth/punk thing is your look, then you've found it here. Crazy leather stuff, weird hair, pale skin... they've got it all. These chicks are just plain hot, but they'll be especially so to the goth afficianado.
They range in style from "punk next door" to "Marilyn Manson would draw the line here." Almost all of the sets contain some hardcore or near-hardcore solo action and there are some girl-girl sets as well.

Overall, I'm extremely pleased with the selection here. Not to mention the little notes at the top of each gallery's first page that give a little background to the set, written by one of the two photographers of the site (Amelia G and Forrest Black, who are apparently well-respected in the goth/punk photo field). A nice personal touch there!

Next up are 12 profiles of the Barely Evil models. This is a growing portion of the site and, personally, I can't wait for more. I read every word of the profiles that are there... absolutely fascinating. The girls don't hold back on anything. Good stuff.

In the "Videos" section, there are 6 somewhat short videos of varying quality (most are Windows Media, but some Quicktime and Real options are available) and content. Most of them have some hardcore content in them and I don't think you'll be disappointed by those. The video section should probably just be looked at as a bonus to the photo site, as that's where the real bulk of the site is. However, it's nice to see some of these girls in action and I hope they keep adding videos to this section, as there's some great potential there.

Speaking of potential, there's a nice little forum where members can communicate with the photographers and, ocassionally, the girls. There hasn't been a whole lot of activity on the forum yet, but that just means that Amelia and Forrest would be even more excited about getting ideas from you. Plus you may even be able to communicate with your favorite girl, and that may be worth the price right there!

In addition, there are over 20 on-topic stories, a third party chat system, a bunch of third party games (strip poker and blackjack, puzzles) and a "Polls" section where you can vote for your favorite girls. These are all pretty standard additions, but they round out the site nicely.


Content-wise, Barely Evil is pretty much unbeatable in the punk/goth arena. There are tons and tons of pictures of hot goth and punk chicks doing just about everything and they're not that bad of quality. If that's what you're looking for, then join up now.
However, I did have the minor quibbles about navigation (no page numbers, no model pages with all their sets, and no downloadable images) that are easily fixable and may in fact be fixed if enough people mention it in the forums. I didn't get a real grasp on the updates schedule, but there's enough content to keep anyone busy on this site for a good long time.



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