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Bars and Stripes review

Summary: Bars and Stripes is a spanking site themed around a prison with female inmates behaving badly. The models are British amateurs and the exclusive content is available as pictures and videos. The quality is decent without impressing though. Updates seem to be regular and frequent.

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Score 60.0 /100
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Joseph, 2007-12-17

Fetish, Amateur, Butts, Videos, Movies

British girls, OTK, spanking

Intro promises

"Welcome to Bars and Stripes a top quality female prison themed spanking site. With well over 200 video clips and 9000+ images in over 200 galleries we think you will be impressed..."

- Sharp High resolution picture galleries
- All gallery images zipped for easy download
- Crisp high quality videos @ Full Resolution 720x576
- Video capture galleries to dwell on the 'action'
- Slideshow option for all those who find themselves 'short handed'
- Inmates diaries and profiles
- We are now updating up to five times a week!!

First impression

Bars and Stripes is a brand spanking new spanking site where all of the action takes place at an all-female British prison; how the very American pun in the site’s name applies to Brits is anybody’s guess. Colloquial concerns aside, Bars and Stripes is doing its best to tame unruly females... and titillate its members at the very same time. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved!


$29.95: 1 month recurring until canceled
$74.95: 3 months recurring until canceled
$124.95: 6 months recurring until canceled

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Our opinion

The setup of the members area is unique, to say the least — members are referred to as “governors of the prison” and they are given “unlimited access” to various areas in the virtual penal colony which house the site’s contents; these areas include the governor’s office, cell block, intake office, solitary, sick bay, interview/visiting sessions, PT room, governor’s house and prisoners at large. Obviously, this approach is more amusing than the standard dropdown menus and navigational bars that we’re all accustomed to utilizing, but finding out what the hell is on the site will take a little legwork on your part. Having said that, I must admit that the unique navigational quirks of Bars and Stripes makes one feel that he/she is actually exploring the dirty business that goes on behind prison walls, thus the navigational system is successful in its attempt at creating a partially lifelike fantasy even if it confuses the casual surfer senseless. (It should be noted that I considered explaining in detail what is found in each area of the prison/members area, but I decided against it, seeing as it would ruin the fun for anyone who chooses to join the site.)

Bars and Stripes is currently reforming nineteen inmates, including Honey Hardy and Rhiannon Diablo (will these repeat offenders never learn?!). Each prisoner is doing time for her crimes against society; Niki Flynn, for example, is “a known pyromaniac” who was sent up the river for trying to burn down a church (sounds like my kinda gal!). Each inmate has a page that displays her mug shots, extensive criminal history and exclusive episodes, which include videos and photo galleries.

Episodes on Bars and Stripes usually depict the inmates doing something unseemly (like being caught masturbating or making homemade moonshine in their cells) and then being punished for their misbehavior; punishment usually consists of spankings doled out by the screws, which is prison speak for guards (hey, guys, why not just throw ‘em in the hole?). Bars and Stripes is updated several times a week, but the webmasters (wardens?) don’t just add a clip or picture set for one episode at a time, they update two or three episodes bit by bit to create a sense of drama and suspense. Some episodes come equipped with screen captures in addition to the photo galleries and videos that they contain. Content is fairly tame (there isn’t even that much nudity on this site!), so don’t expect to see anything hardcore here — it’s all about the spanking on Bars and Stripes.

Full photosets can be downloaded as zipped files, but photos can also be viewed one at a time. Like every woman I’ve ever had sex with, the photos are average-looking at best. However, the galleries do a good job of telling the site’s stories, which depict lawbreaking babes being processed into the system.

The videos on Bars and Stripes are split into two or three partial scenes that are downloadable or can be streamed in Windows Media. The videos look alright, though the quality of the clips is improving over time. Much like the photo galleries, the videos deftly depict life in the prison.

Also of note is the rarely updated diary of the prison’s resident “top dog,” Mrs. Leia-Ann Woods, “who observes all that goes on ‘inside’”—“only governors are able to read this most private of documents.” There are no extras or bonuses, but the main content is compelling enough to keep your attention. Unless you’re as bored with all-female prison fantasies as I am, in which case you’ll just phone in a review of this site and go watch Lust for Life on cable afterwards.


Bars and Stripes scores major points for thoroughly emerging its members in its seedy prison fantasy world; seriously, I’ve never seen a site so dedicated to its premise! Could this be the best all-female prison spanking site in the world?! (Believe it or not, it’s not the only one, not by a long shot…) Could be, folks, could be…

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