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Bound Honeys review

Summary: At Bound Honeys you'll find a library of original all-female BDSM porn. Beautiful girls and porn stars, headed by Jasmine Sinclair (the host), are tied up, humiliated, forced to orgasm, fucked with toys and machines, and playful spanked and disciplined. The library is more playful than it is dark, and the production quality is very influenced by glamour porn. With regular updates each week in HD and a nice sized collection already online this is a nice pick for fans of lesbian BDSM.

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Jerry Fritz, 2013-08-12

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Intro promises

"Girl on girl sex bondage at its finest!"

- Winners of "Best Lesbian Bondage" in 2012.
- More than 49 hours of HD video
- Lezdom glamour bondage
- Ropes, chains, gags, whips, pussy and nipple abuse, foot fetish
- Online streaming
- Totally exclusive content

First impression

Bound Honeys is an exciting site for anyone into lesbian bondage and domination. That's the concept, in a nutshell: girl on girl bondage sex. In the first preview on the site, a streaming video clip, you'll see a dark haired beauty bound and gagged and a busty blonde dominatrix in a vinyl halter that leaves her tits bare. She fingers, uses vibrators on her captive, and also puts on a strapon to fuck her pussy and asshole, while also applying the magic wand to her clit. Now that's intense!

There's some other previews and tastes of what's to come, and all of it has a very glamorized styling to the shooting. Also of note are the beautiful girls being tied up and fucked hard by their girlfriends: Jasmine Sinclair, the host, draws my attention the most on the tour, but all of the girls are gorgeous and fit.

I signed up to see what Bound Honeys offers to full members, so read on for the details.


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Our opinion

Bound Honeys is a different sort of BDSM site. It features all female fetish action for starters, and it does it with a glamour production style that really sets its collection of exclusive scenes and galleries in their own class. The host, Jasmine Sinclair, appears in a lot of the updates and her creative force and passion for playful BDSM seems to be the engine behind it all.

BDSM, forced orgasms, bondage, strapons and more

This is a lesbian BDSM site, but not one that gets exceedingly rough. In fact, these are pretty 'light' when it comes to the fetishes, accepting some very intense, screaming orgasms the girls enjoy at the hands of dildos, strapons, magic wands, and aptly tied knots. You won't see any corporal punishment or those darker elements of BDSM play, but more playful ones: bondage and restraint, masturbation, forced or denied orgasms, some foot fetish, light spanking and a few sex machines that get run out and used on the babes' pussies and assholes.

It is a kinky collection concerned a lot with the fantasy side of BDSM, and most of the updates come with really nice write-ups that at times read like short fictional accounts of what happens in the gallery or video.

Babes and porn stars

Jasmine Sinclair is the main star here, a busty blonde porn star with an incredible figure and natural beauty to bring to the stage. The other girls and co-stars are also quite stunning, and she works with many. There are brunettes, blondes, Milfs and amateurs, girls who like to dominate and others who like to be taken advantage of while restrained.

High definition and high quality content

Production quality here is very high on all fronts, but the technical quality is easiest to show you. You have three downloading options for each of the movies at Bound Honeys; two high-def downloads and one mobile-ready download. The high-def content both offer 720p HD quality playback and come in QuickTime (5 mbits) and Windows Media (6.5 mbits) formats, both with large 1280x720 screen resolutions. The mobile-ready download is an mp4 file with a 640x352 screen resolution (2 mbits) that looks great. Movies can also be streamed online, but the player is a small resolution (picture quality is good, though).

High-resolution galleries

There are as many galleries as videos, and the galleries are very much 'glamour porn' with BDSM twists. The sets, makeup, and stage work is fantastic for these shoots and it pays off in the high resolution photographs, which open to 1600x1067 resolutions. Galleries can be browsed online or downloaded in zip files, which is convenient as some galleries can exceed 300 images!

A large library

There were 195 updates made, some just videos, some just galleries, but most having a video and gallery to go with the shoot. Updates are pretty regular, usually twice a week and sometimes a bonus update in the middle of the week to make it three total.

Navigation could be better

They have a very nice members area, but they don't have any browsing tools other than sorting updates by date or popularity. I'd like to browse video and galleries separately, and have some sort of category or tag system to sort results by as well. The collection is getting larger and I think this is going to be more of an issue as they grow.

Member interaction

They host a forum for members are encourage their participation, asking for suggestions and fantasies that can be used in future shoots and updates. They also want feedback and listen to it as they try to produce the best product possible.


Count me among the fans of Bound Honeys. I really like the idea here, taking beautiful girls into bondage, and lesbian sex, and making something erotic and at the same time glamorously beautiful. It works, and the high quality downloads are great. With a big library and regular updates, plus a healthy amount of member interaction/feedback as part of their production process, this site is only getting better and better.


Dominated Girls from the 21 Sextreme network offers its own take on BDSM, with beautiful European babes and porn stars as willing slaves and subs. The action is a mix of guys dominating (and fucking) the girls, and other babes taking charge and masturbating their beautiful slave whelps.

The Training of O from the Kink castle is another fantastic BDSM collection. Again, this is a mix of fetishes in the larger realm of the BDSM scene, and usually girls are slaves/subs but the dommes are both men and women. HD content, intense play, and some of the best settings and scenes in the industry can be enjoyed here.

For a stronger vintage, Shadow Slaves is an amateur BDSM collection built on real passion, that pushes things further than the glamour-esque poses and play at Bound Honeys. There are some intense corporal punishment scenes and beautiful bondage tie-ups worth seeing in this exclusive site's collections.


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User Comments

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Comments from other readers

2014-04-12 00:42:15

For the first couple of months the site is good. Then lack of variety strikes.
The price is fair but the competitors listed above are ALL much better.

Beside they delete old updates and repost months later. They post 2 updates each week but often at least one of them is a old update they deleted and reposted.

It's not very fair IMHO.

MY advice: if you like Jasmine Sinclair or want to try the site, join for no more than 3 months then look for the competitors above.

2014-04-17 12:40:05

I don't suggest the three months subscription. If you like bondage join a site like Device Bondage. More updates (and they don’t delete them), more models, longer scenes and original restrains. Not the same rope/chain/magic wand over and over.

Just read this and decide yourself:

It costs more per month but if you buy the 1 year subscription you pay 169.95$, Bound Honey (renewed each month) costs 267,4$ per year.

2014-05-16 15:28:06

Typical leechers and probably competitor reviews previous to this. I've been a member of BoundHoneys for a couple of years and LOVE the content and style. The way in which it fuses lesbian bondage and glamour mixed with domination and submissives. The best there is. So hot. And other sites DO NOT compare. No update breaking up into parts. A solid and fantastic mix of different types of bondage gear too.

Would strongly recommend signing up and getting a feel for the site and community.

2014-05-26 11:26:21

Nearly a year passed since the day I joined Bound Honeys and each update possesses a quality and a style rarely found in the other Bondage production.

The updates always feature a thrilling plot (which in my opinion plays an very relevant part in any Bondage fantasy) played by talented models.

Jasmine Sinclair's acting skills are impressive and always give a boost to the enjoyability of the scenes. You don't look at simple "sex action", you watch a short movie with hot Bondage sex and a amazing plot!

The contents have a great degree of variety: from glamour Bondage, to very intense Bondage action. Most competitors give you one of them: Bound Honeys gives you both of them.

There are many sexy models involved in the updates. Of course Jasmine Sinclair is present in most of them and that adds even more value to the performances. She does not only bring her breathtaking beauty but also a remarkable ability in playing a vast array of roles. She makes you "feel the action" and, honestly, what more can you ask to a Bondage production?

The custom videos are really the jewel in the crown. An unparalleled ability to "follow the script" will bring your fantasies to life!
Bound Honeys customs will bring your fantasies to the next level!

They also have the most competitive and honest prices you will find for such high quality works!

Join Bound Honeys and see it by yourself. You will see I spoke the truth. Im sure you will renew the subscription and you will enjoy the site for a very, very long time.

Huge Bondage Fan
2014-09-22 16:25:43

I'm very demanding when it comes to judge Bondage works and Bound Honey never disappointed me. I'm a member of the site from quite long and every single updates released continues to impress me.

The site has a variety of scenarios and content you will never find elsewhere.

Bound Honeys will give you more than glamour bondage: it will give you intense and exciting Lesbian Bondage action that won't let you move away from your screen. If you want bondage works that give you as much excitement like you were part of the action, then Bound Honey is your choice.

An unprecedented attention to the quality of the production process makes Bound Honeys the best choice for custom videos. When you watch a Bound Honeys video you can clearly see it is made by persons who put a lot of dedication in their job and nowadays it's very rare to find such dedication. Surely I never found it in the other competitors.

Add the fact the site features Jasmine Sinclair who can masterfully play both the Sub and the Domme role (she is also an amazing and skilled producer ) and you have found your Bondage Heaven.