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CFNM College review

Summary: The CFNM College collection is totally original, and you haven't seen CFNM porn like it anywhere else. It's all set in a school setting and they make great use of that to come up with hot stories and creative ways to humiliate the boys - spanking them, fucking them up the ass with toys and strapons, jerking them off and laughing when they cum, and more. The site's isn't large and the media options are average at best, but its content is good enough to warrant a closer look anyway.

Score 75.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2012-05-30

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Intro promises

"The school of Clothed Female Nude Male."

- Updated weekly
- Humiliation, Sex Toys, and more

First impression

CFNM College is an edgy take on the niche from the look of their homepage. These school guys (18+ college boys) are absolutely tortured and humiliated by their sexy coed school mates. The girls here do all sorts of things to sort the boys out. Whether they are bullies or shy nerds, their sympathy doesn't seem to exist. The girls strip them, prod and poke their bodies, spank them, bend them over and put things up their ass - including strapon cocks and fucking machines which they watch fuck the guys while laughing and jeering. They are down right nasty, these girls!

For a more extreme and humiliation-focused collection of CFNM, this site looks exciting. There wasn't much said about the site's media options or any other data, but read on for our in depth report from inside the members area.


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Our opinion

The sexy school girls at CFNM College have no pity and no mercy for the pig headed boys at their college. Whenever they get half a chance, they'll lure them in and then turn the tables - humiliating them, laughing at their cocks as they play with the boys' dicks and assholes. This is a true CFNM site from the UK with a healthy dose of humiliation and femdom mixed in, and the content is really exciting. Unfortunately it's also rather average in quality, and the site is very expensive for what it pretends to offer.

Original, Exclusive and Exciting CFNM Content
One thing the folks at CFNM College got right was the content. They are very creative here and the guys and the girls in the scenes are fully committed. They may not be the best of actors, but they give it their all, and are really into the action as it builds up.

The girls are just plain mean. These guys, bullies or not, get some very rough and humiliating treatment at their hands. In one case a bully gets in a fight and ends up in the nurse's office. There the nurse with a few school girls decide to teach him a lesson. With the guy he beat up watching they strip him naked, spank him, use a strapon cock on his asshole, jerk him off into a dish then dump his own cum on his head, then stuff a ram of flowers up his sore asshole - while everyone laughs and jeers.

Other scenes have guys bound and milked like farm animals. In some scenes the girls seem more interested sexually - maybe even using their mouths, but mostly just jerking them off to make them cum. A lot of guys end up having their virgin assholes violated by the school girls' toys, fingers, or random objects they find lying around.

All of the scenes are set in the school campus - science class, detention, nurse's office, etc.

Download or Stream the Average Quality Movies
I wish I could say this exciting and original content came in great downloads but it didn't. Your best option is a WMV file with a 640x360 screen (2 mbits). The alternative is a small WMV with a 320x180 screen (< 1 mbits). They look good but are small. The sound is also poorly done (echo, probably used poor microphones and recording gear). You are able to stream the video online as well in their Flash video player at least.

Each episode is cut up into parts - some just 1 to 3 segments, others over a dozen. The length of each clip varies but is usually just a few minutes. There are no full length downloads for the scenes.

All of the pictures are just poor quality screencaps.

Small Library
There were 28 total episodes at the time of my visit, some of them quite short. For the price, that feels like such a small amount of content.

Unclear Updates
The site looks like it's updating - the video count increased over the span of a few weeks - but there are no dates on anything. It's impossible to be sure when or if they update.

Poor Members Area Design
The members area is one of the poorest I've been to. It's basically a single page covered in images and links with no real order or organization. There doesn't seem to have been any attempt at making any order, to be honest. You won't have categories, indexes or anything else. Scenes do come with interesting descriptions, at least.


An exciting collection of humiliating CFNM porn, but the site is much too small and average in quality for the price they are asking.

I liked this site, and any fan of humiliation/CFNM is going to get excited with these scenes. They're really well done on one level - the mix of humiliation, acting, use of toys and props, etc all works out fantastically. The site's download options are average though, and most of all the site is very small. With no clear signal about updates besides promises of weekly ones and a members area that's a chore to navigate, the site does lose some of its charm.


Pure CFNM has consistently ranked at the top of the CFNM niche in our reviews. This site offers a mix of forced orgasms, handjobs, humiliation and pretty realistic stories that tie it all together.

I think CFNM Secret is worth a look as well. It has HD videos, but here there is a lot of sex - the girls are often naked, and there isn't so much humiliation as much as lust on the girls' side of things, and the guys are happy to be used like toys to satsify that lust. Lots of porn stars here.

Likewise, sites like Cruelty Party and Dancing Bear are less about humiliation and more about the girls loving and craving big cock, and doing what it takes to get their hands on them. The sites are high quality and a lot of fun, though.


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Total average: 57/100 Our score: 75.0/100

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