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Cospuri Review

Summary: Cospuri offers highly original Anime and Hentai style movies where cartoons are brought to life with year 18 + young porn girls. It's bright, cheery, and yet hardcore and erotic, and it's also totally original. Membership options allow you streaming-only, 1080p HD downloads or a premium service at 4K HD, and updates are weekly. It's top-quality, delivers on its promises and gives you excellent cosplay with pretty young things in excellent quality movies.

Score 82 /100
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Luke, 2021-04-11

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Fetish, Asian

Cosplay, Real Animie, 4K HD, Exclusive, 18 to 23, Hardcore, Fantasy, Japanese

Intro promises

- Asian cosplay
- 4K HD and mobile
- Weekly updates
- Exclusive and high-quality

First impression

Your Anime and Hentai fantasies are brought to life at Cospuri. At this new and sparkling cosplay site, members are treated to solos and hardcore scenes with cute little Japanese girls dressed in colourful and erotic costumes. Updates come in once per week, and there are three sign-up options to suit all budgets. You can opt for streaming-only, a stream & download membership up to 1080p HD and the premium service, which includes 4K HD. Whatever you take, you have a bright and fun members' area, some gorgeous young things in uncensored cosplay hardcore, and top-quality movies and images to collect.


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Our opinion


Cospuri has been posting original and exclusive content since the middle of 2019, and it surpasses anything else you might have seen in this genre. Cute, young Japanese and Asian girls dress in the Hentai and Anime style, with blue hair, bright maids' costumes, schoolgirls and teens with bunny-ears, gasp and squeal their way through some of the hottest real-life Hentai you can imagine. It brings animation to life with real actresses and male models, and it delivers you a new scene each week.

This is a standalone site with bonus videos from a few other sites mixed in. It has a bright and bubbly design, plenty of info and some neat interactive functions, and easy navigation. You can order your movies into channels such as Cosplay, Schoolgirl and Bukkake, and most of the content is uncensored.


There are a total of 194 movies right now, (84 Cospuri scenes and 100 from the other bonus channels) and they run for 10 to 35 + minutes, depending on the scene. . You will find them easily enough in their bright index pages, and the viewing pages offer you a good selection of viewing choices. Depending on what membership you take, you will be able to stream in 480p, 720p or 1080p, and streaming was smooth, with the visuals being fine even at full screen. You have the same three options for downloading files in Mp4 format, plus, if a premium member, you have a 4K option at 3,840 x 2,160, Ultra HD. The quality is stunning, the porn is sensual, erotic and fun, but also hardcore and the girls are exactly like Anime characters brought to life.

Movies come with galleries too, and these hold around 60 large digital shots per set, with the girls posing, plus images taken during the hardcore, and you can save the photos one at a time. If you want, you can take a zip file of the full set, and images are at 3,840 x 5,760 px when at full size. They are scaled down to fit your screen to start with, and browsing the galleries is easy.


Navigation is simple because the site is so well designed. It looks bright and bubbly, and the home page gives you various search and sort options. There are linked tag words too, and three ways to arrange the content on the index pages. The top menu is also simple and takes you straight to the movies/galleries, the model index and a place where You can store your favourite scenes. There are 26 little cuties in the model index, and they have stats and details. There's also a function where you can choose what costume you see her in, for example, her schoolgirl scenes or her Harajuku scenes.

You won't find any technical issues at Cospuri. Everything works well, it's well thought out and advert-free.

Extras and Cospuri Pricing

There are bonus videos from a few other sites that focus on Bukkake and 18+ teen Japanese girls, and you have three options for signing up. The cheapest is for streaming only, the second is for streams and downloads up to 1080p HD, and the premium offers you the 4K HD.


Cospuri is an excellent site for Asian cosplay with cute girls playing schoolgirls, maids and other Anime characters, and it's all brought to life in glorious 4K HD. Sweet, bubbly, and yet erotic and ultimately hardcore, it satisfies your real-life Anime needs in high-class and exclusive content. Updates have been regular, quality standards are high, and there is no other site like it. When you want young Japanese girls used as playthings for horny guys in cartoon-style porn, then you want to check in here. You will not be disappointed.


There are other cosplay sites out there, but when it comes to this Anime, cutsie-young girl style, I've not yet found any that come up to the standards of Cospuri. Here, though, is another idea for you if you were looking for something harder.

VR Cosplay is possibly the world's only virtual reality cosplay site, and it goes in for the darkly erotic rather than the squeaky clean of Cospuri. You have superheroes, Goths, and dark fantasies played out, plus some more cartoony ones, and it's all set up for VR viewing. That really brings the 200 + exclusive movies to life, and you can get in for only $14.95 per month.


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