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Cum Eating Cuckolds Review

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Cum Eating Cuckolds started with only 40 scenes back in 2008. Thanks to them updating every two days on average., I counted 2,480 delicious scenes that are in HD, full HD, and some are now in 4K. There are no bonuses, but, you do get extra videos and pics from other sites in the Kick Ass network.

Score 82.0 /100
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Summary: Cum Eating Cuckolds has a lot of good cuckolding content inside. They show a great understanding of the humiliation a cuckold craves. However, the site isn't updated daily, as mentioned on the tour, nor does it have only black males as the service studs. The content that is there though, is reasonable quality and entertaining for those into this niche. Warning: contains male/male action.

Tamesin, 2019-10-01

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Intro promises

- 100% exclusive
- Regular updates

First impression

Warning: Contains male/male action!

Cum Eating Cuckolds promises to be a site that shows husbands cheated on and forced to eat black men's cum out of their wives pussies. I have to admit to being confused by the tour samples because at least half of the men these women are fucking are white. (Their dicks certainly don't look black to me)! Perhaps there are more black males having their way with white wives once we get inside.


Our opinion

As soon as you enter Cum Eating Cuckolds, you see the latest update in a great sized thumbnail (640x360) and description. Navigation is as easy as these women, with the menu choices of Updates, Girls, Amateur, Polls, Forum (active), Fiction, and Bonus. Additionally on the home page, you'll find the latest forum posts and fiction offerings. "Girls" is divided into the most popular and recently active "wives." You can also search the porn models alphabetically. "Amateurs" is where you can send in your content. Unfortunately, it is empty at the present time. "Fiction" is also user generated and has around 10 cuckolding stories.

There are over 2,480 updates, which include both photo galleries and videos. The first content was uploaded in September, 2008, where updates were once a week. Now they are every 2 to 3 days, not daily as the tour states.

You can download or stream the videos in their entirety in hi res WMV, Quicktime, or iPod. The movies open to a 640x360 (1.37 Mbps) sized screen and are good quality although the resolution could have been bigger. The movies are also sizable; the ones I saw lasted between 20 to 30 minutes long. There were a lot of good close ups which didn't get blurry when the camera got in close.

Each of the videos has a couple photo galleries to go along with it. The pictures open to 1500x1000 pixels and are very good quality. The zip downloadable photo galleries I saw had between 60 to over 100 pictures in them.

You'll see many popular porn stars, such as Flower Tucci, Gianna Lynn, and Kelly Wells, playing the role of wife in these vignettes. They're all very good at role playing and make the stories believable. Also, there are more black dicks in here than what is shown on the tour page. It appears that recently they've begun adding white guys, though a recent poll suggests the members prefer to see interracial cuckolding.

One of the hottest videos showed a middle aged husband lounging in the backyard. His hot young wife introduces him to someone she met online. She forces hubby to suck and gag on her new lover's cock, trying it out first. This video features a lot of conversation designed to humiliate the cuckie, which is very believable. Even the "bull" told cuckie how to suck his cock. This episode showed a lot of fun positions, such as cukie gagging on the young stud's cock, while his wife sort of sat on said stud's face. She pushes cuckie's head on the bull's cock, making him gag some more. Hubby gets a lot of close up views of this stud thrusting into his wife's cock, courtesy of some unique positions. The bull even smacks cuckie on the face and body. There was one wrinkle in this episode: they repeated some of the same footage, but it was only about a minute's worth. Despite all the good this video had, I didn't actually see the bull's cum spray all over cuckie's face, although supposedly it occurred. Additionally, there was no cum eating out of wife's pussy. The wife also says the young stud's cock goes in deeper than cuckie's but the two men are about the same size. In fact, the cuckie's dick looks bigger.

Another cuckolding vignette features a married couple welcoming a black athlete into the neighborhood. The husband is uncomfortable at the way his wife is coming on to the new black neighbor, but he really has no say in the matter. The cheating wife tells hubby to undress, and he shortly complains of being cold. So his wife takes off her skirt and tells him to wear it since he's so cold. He does put it on, furthering his humiliation. She even places her foot on the back of his neck so she can spread her legs wider while fucking that big black dick. (And his dick is definitely bigger than the white husband's). Here, we see a bit of a cream pie; the cheating wife lets the black guy's cum dribble out of her pussy and onto the plate of cookies she brought over. Then she feeds a cookie to her husband.


Cum Eating Cuckolds is a pretty good site if you look at the content and not what's presented on the tour page. From reading the description on the tour page, one would think the content surrounds husbands having to clean out their wives' pussies after a big black dick has pumped them full of cream. While the majority of the content features black men, a good deal of it also shows white men as the cheating wives' lovers. Additionally, most of the content doesn't show cum oozing out of pussies, let alone the hapless cuckies having to suck it out of there.

Another tour promise broken was the mention of daily updates, While I normally don't like tour promises broken, I have to admit I liked this site. The porn stars featured were great at playing their roles, really getting into the cuckolding part. Whoever wrote the scripts definitely knows the cuckold fetish and how humiliation is a big part of it.

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Total average: 79.9/100 Our score: 82.0/100

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