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Draggin Ladies review

Summary: Draggin Ladies is a premier smoking fetish site where well known porn stars talk about their smoking habits while smoking a cigarette. The site is updated daily with a new good quality video clip or photo set. Navigation is simple and this is a must see site for the smoking fetish crowd!

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Tamesin, 2010-04-29

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Intro promises

"Our take on women smoking or what we call Smoking Fetish, the titillation obtained in the viewing of beautiful women smoking long luxurious (in most cases all white) cigarettes."

- HD videos
- 50% off DVDs and VoDs
- Updated daily
- 40+ bonus sites

First impression

These smoking babes put the draggin in Draggin Ladies. And I'm being literal! Yes, for those of you who have a smoking fetish, these women are going to blow smoke around you and your fantasies. That's because, from what I can see on the tour, these women don't look like they're just smoking a cigarette, they're actually thoroughly enjoying their cancer sticks and especially enjoying their seductive effect they have on men.


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Our opinion

I've seen some smoking fetish sites before, and I have to admit to being rather disappointed in them. Most of the women were kind of skanky and rather masculine looking, and they just puff away, oblivious to how seductive they could look. In fact, they usually looked anything but seductive. But not so with the DragginLadies. All of these very feminine and classy looking women have an inherent knowledge of their power over men just by the way they smoke a cigarette.

Each episode devotes a lot of time to the woman talking about her love of smoking, when she started smoking, some of her sexual history, etc. You will see them fully clothed, chatting away and doing various things. Then comes the x-rated action, with the babes getting totally naked and masturbating or having hardcore sex. No matter what kind of sexual pleasure they're enjoying, their smokes are in hand. I think some of these women enjoying smoking as much as they enjoy sexing! And that, my friends, is a huge turn on to a smoking fetishist!

Luckily, navigation is very easy, so you won't feel like you're in a smokey haze trying to figure out how to see the content. There are approximately 130 babes beckoning you from good sized thumbnails. Just click on their pictures to see all their content. The content, by the way, is updated daily, so there's a good sized archive built up already.

The content consists of videos and pictures. The newer videos are offered in mpg, WMV (in small, medium, and large), and Quicktime, with the older videos coming in Mpgs or small WMVs. The videos show in 864x576 (approx. 1.6 Mbps) very good quality screen (although not HD as promised), with each episode made up of several 2 minute clips. Each of the episodes lasts approximately 40 minutes. You can see the episodes in full length, but you have to purchase them in DVD or VoD format.

The photos are 533x800 pixels and are pretty good quality. Some of the newer photos also open to 1000x1500 and 2000x3000 pixels, but the quality is a little fuzzy when viewing that size. The galleries usually contain between 100 to 200 pictures and they're not zip downloadable.

As to the Draggin Ladies themselves, there's a good variety presented here. Most of them seem to be your typical porn stars like Eva Angelina, Natasha Nice and Crissy Moon. They range in age from barely legals to MILFs, and they have from small to large breasts. All have a serious smoking fetish themselves, which helps them know full well their effect on men. I get the feeling that when they know a man is watching them, they get just as excited smoking their cigarette as the smoking fetishist is in watching them. I can only imagine the puddle of goo these women leave in their wake when they smoke in front of a man in real time.


Draggin Ladies is a very classy and good quality site for the intelligent smoking fetishist. There's no sense of rushing to puff for the camera just to get some footage and call it a fetish. Rather, Draggin Ladies features women who know the smoking fetish very well and know how weak they're making men.

The quality of the content is very good, with daily updates. Additionally, navigation is very easy. All in all, Draggin Ladies is a very good site that will leave you huffing and puffing for breath. Just remember to breathe as you're getting your smoking fetish fix!


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