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Dungeon Virgins review

Summary: On Dungeon Virgins all the girls are British. It is difficult to put a label on the type of action on the site, but it is all based in a dungeon like setting with different actions such as groping, bondage, spanking and occasionally femdom. Neither of it seems to be done wholeheartedly though and lacks enthusiasm and effort.

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Tamesin, 2009-01-28

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bdsm, bondage, British girls, dungeon, groping, wedding dress

Intro promises

- Each photo opens to 1000x1500 pixels
- Photo sets are zip downloadable
- High quality videos in Mpeg or Windows Media Video
- 100% exclusive content

First impression

I'm unsure why this site is called Dungeon Virgins, since I've seen some of these women on other bdsm and fetish sites. There are certainly a lot of very beautiful women shown in bondage, pvc, uniforms, and leather, so I won't ponder too much about the site's name. There's some female domination, but most of it seems to be where the women are the ones submitting. Hopefully I'll get some of my questions answered once I enter the Dungeon!


$19.95/30 days, recurring
$24.95/30 days, non-recurring
$55.00/90 days, non-recurring
$100.00/165 days, non-recurring

Credit cards through CCBill or Epoch
Payment via postal service also available.

Our opinion

Navigation is simple in Dungeon Virgins. You have the menu choices of Profiles, Models Index, Photosets, Video, and Streaming Cinema. If you want to just stream the videos, click on "Streaming Cinema," and the movies will open right up for you. "Profiles" contains mini bios of some, though not all, of the models. There's a note on the site indicating that they'll be adding all the profiles soon.

It appears that there's an update every week, according to the home page. (There are no dates noted on the content itself). Scroll down further on the home page, and you'll see the latest photo sets and videos.

There are over 150 video episodes laid out in 133x100 thumbnails. While that size may seem small, they've cropped the image well enough for you to tell what's going on in the scene. There are no descriptions about what the scene is about, however. The videos open to 720x576 (around 1.47 Mbps, depending on length) in Mpeg or Real Player/DivX. The videos range from less than a minute in length to over 10 minutes.

The photos open to 900x1200 or 1000x1500 pixels and are very good quality. (The tour promise of all pictures opening to 1000x1500 isn't true). There are around a 100 photo galleries, each containing around 50 photos, though some have a lot less. There's no zip download option available - another tour promise broken. There is one model who has a zip download file under "Profiles." There are a lot of photo galleries of women wearing bridal gowns and veils - so much so that I think this site could cater to people with a bride fetish.

Watching the videos, I'm still clueless what this site is about. In "Smoking Jan," I expected a smoking fetish video; however, smoking wasn't the focus. It took until about the 2 minute mark until she lights up a cig; she puts it out about 3 minutes later. During those 3 minutes, there's not much focus on the smoking. Rather, the herky jerky, grainy camera just rolls over her body. Her black bra and panty set seemed to be the star of the show, and not the smoking. Jan looked hopelessly bored most the time, and I half way expected her to roll her eyes when she lightly slapped herself with some of the bdsm implements. This video was around 8 minutes, even though their noted clip time is around 4 minutes.

In "Alex PVC," the beautiful woman looks pissed off. The video "New Bride" had "dungeon spy cam" written in the corner, yet the "bride" often looked at the camera and posed for it. She didn't look bored or angry, though I'm sure she wasn't all that happy having to suck and fuck a fat, middle aged troll with a small dick. Just as he was wanking onto her chest, she all of a sudden gets up, puts her wedding dress back on, and leaves. Okaaaay. I'm so not comprehending what the point of these videos are. Maybe it's called Dungeon Virgins because it's in a dungeon setting and the participants have no clue what to do.

The video "Barbie Unbound" was more in keeping with the bdsm theme, but it lasted under a minute. The blonde was bound in rope, with some heavy rope bondage on her sizable chest. You really didn't get to see it much since the camera operator apparently had ants crawling in his/her pants and was jerking around a lot. "Kate Black Tape" gave me the same "WTF is this?" reaction. All the blonde did was wiggle around in tape - as if she could get out of it. There's no way she could, yet she kept wiggling around. Thankfully, the video only lasted a minute. The camera operator was wiggling around as much as the taped up blonde.

The spanking video "Kelly Grope" wasn't any better. For most of the opening part, you couldn't see the woman having her wrists tied behind her because the fat, small dicked troll's large girth was covering up her body. When you did finally see her, your eyes were more drawn to his tiny pecker and medicine ball shaped gut than to pay much attention to the brunette. (He's like watching a train wreck). Then again, the director apparently has no clue about bdsm because the woman here was pretty much ignored. Her facial expressions were covered up by her hair. (It's just as well because she was probably disgusted and dry heaving). I got no sense of power exchange in any of these videos, especially this one. It was just the obese troll groping her in a rough and non-erotic way and doing a poor job of spanking (he has no clue how to do it - at least in this video).

There was weird techno music in all the videos I watched, even the ones that had dialog. In fact, you couldn't hear the dialog because of the music droning on and on. The women in the videos clearly weren't happy to be there. They look bored or angry. I think they all lost a bet or something and were just going through the motions of whatever they have to do to get it over with and get out of there.


Dungeon Virgins will have you scratching your head (and not the one on your cock) wondering wtf is this site about? I watched several mediocre quality videos, and I still don't know what this site is about. What little bdsm and fetish there is just seems so pointless and ignorant. It's just posing by obviously bored models, some who look like they'd rather be getting root canals than pose for this site.

There are so many well known and very high quality bdsm and fetish sites out there that this site pales in comparison. In fact, a lot of the time I was laughing at the total cluelessness this site offers. After seeing what's inside, I finally figured out what "Dungeon Virgins" means: it means this site has absolutely no clue what bdsm and fetish are, nor how to present it.


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