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Far East Media Spanking review

Summary: Far East Media Spanking is a hard-core fetish site that holds high quality movie clips and thumbnailed images.

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Mads, 2003-04-02

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Intro promises

We encode our movies in a high quality RealMedia format, optimized for cable or DSL users but small enough to be downloaded by 56K dial-up users too. Each movie is split up into 5 minute clips for easy and quick play or download. Note that unlike some sites this content may be downloaded to your hard drive and played as often as
you like! They are yours to be kept for your private use. Our members section contains around 10 hours of video and
includes volumes 1-11.

First impression

Hmmm...this definitely looks like an appealing site given that you're into naughty girls who deserve a good, old- fashioned SPANKING! You're greeted by some of the girls showing off their private parts... and if one is to judge by the colors of their 'cheeks' it sure looks like they've been punished all right!


Our opinion

Far East Media is a very basic site in terms of design. It has obviously not been a top priority to give the site a glamorurous 'finish' and most things are kept as simple as possible... but, hey! This is mainly about the girls and the treatment they get, right?!

When one enters the members section, the girls are lined up with thumbnail pics one after another in some sort of compromising situation... this usually involves the girl in question bending over some guy's lap while he punishes the poor chick.

The navigation is quite easy due to the topbar icon-menu. Though it maybe looks a bit amateur-like, let me emphasize; it's not at Far East Media's homepage that you'll get an overwhelming aesthetic experience in terms of websitedesign. Besides, probably the most important part of the navigation takes place simply by clicking a thumbnail, whereby one gets straight to the video clips with the girl in question.

At this moment 11 movies are available, most of which involve a serious spanking lesson and a little masturbation as a soothing 'round-up'. Hardcore sex also takes place in some of the movies, though the main focus of the vast majority of movies is on the spanking of the girls... but this is pretty entertaining as well. More movies should be on their way according to the webmaster.
The movies are all original and very well filmed, you don't miss any action here... Each movie lasts roughly an hour in total and is divided into clips of about 5 minutes each and is around 8 mb in size.

Unfortunately, I experienced some difficulties in regard to the playing some of the video clips due to a strange movieformat (RM)... needless to say that this is not very satisfying! You need to be sure that Real One Player is installed for it to work. Nevertheless, the quality of the movies is mostly very pleasing, the clips are well-sized and the action is kinky! Just bear in mind that some sort of broadband connection is a plus here. However 8 mb a clip is still reasonable for modem-users. What would be an ideal solution is to offer alternative formats and/or bandwidth options.


If you're into watching attractive girls getting erotically humiliated and punished this may very well be the right place to start! The best feature of Far East Media is the fact that they offer some relatively HQ 'niche'-productions with unknown submissive girls getting punished. Hence, if domination and punishment
is your major turn-on, Far East Media offers some nice entertainment which most likely will please you a lot.
Spanking is a small niche, but growing nevertheless, and this is the first place I have seen movies this length available online.

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