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French-e-Girls review

Summary: French-e-Girls is an amateur fetish site that holds 100+ girls that bring you 10,000+ images and 120+ complete scenes with a new series added each week.

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Score 60.0 /100
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Andreas, 2002-06-21

Fetish, Amateur


Intro promises

La veritable touche francaise - The real french touch promises nearly 100 girls with at least 120 complete scenes. On the intro pages you see portraits of the French girls. Each of them has a page of her own, describing what scenes you might find inside.
All in all, members are promised to be able to choose among more than 10,000 pictures. Moreover, the site promises to get updated with new series each week, and two completely new girls each month.
So, let's have a look at it.

First impression

From the main page, you have access to two sections: the girls and news. In the the news section, which is also accessible for non-members, you get an overview over the latest additions. But of course, to see the series, you'll have to log on. However, there are also a couple of free pictures for non-members.
The girl's section consists of a huge page with the girl's portrait pics. Apart from their name, there isn't any information on how many or what kind of series the girl is represented with. Some of the girls are really hot, others are nice amateurs, but there are also a few which I find less attractive.


By credit card or online check 30 days recurring/non recurring $ 19.95
By credit card 3 months non recurring $ 49.95
By credit card 6 months non recurring $ 89.95
By phone 30 days non recurring $ 24.95

Our opinion

On the girl's own pages, you have the possibility to learn a bit more about those hot Frenchies. Apart from the model's age, each page gives you an overview over the scenes. Or at least it tries to do so. For example, in the description you would read "Scene A, My very first casting". But later on, the links refer to Scene 1, 2, 3 and so on. So is Scene A the same as Scene 1? Actually not always! For some girls Scene A suddenly appears as Scene 3. Well, this might just be French logic. As long as you stick to the descriptive name of the scene, you'll find the pics you're interested in anyway. But actually, there might be an explanation to this.

The girls are divided into two groups: the new and current girls, where you can see all available scenes, and the past girls, where only one scene is available. Every week, the scenes for some of the girls get exchanged, and this might be the reason for the rather confusing naming system. Nevertheless, a consequent naming of the scenes would make navigation easier.

Depending on the size of the scenes, they are divided in 2-6 series. Every series contains thumbnails which are linked to large images. For the most part the images are in pretty decent quality.

The scenes depict plain strip tease, spreading pussy lips, dildoing and other vaginal as well as anal insertions. All in all, the girls are posing alone, with other words there is no couple or lesbian hardcore.
Neither are there any videos, partner sites or other bonus content. So if it wasn't for the regular updates and the rotation system, the site could easily get a bit dull.

As mentioned before, most of the girls are good looking, some of them are even really hot. They are mostly between the ages 18 and 28, and quite a number have tattoos and/or piercings. Most of them actually do have a french look, or at least European, and thus make a nice contrast to the american mainstream porn.


Despite the fact, that French-e-Girls hosts quite a number of different girls, it's a rather small and apparantly new site. All pictures appear to be taken by a single photographer named Rafik. Not only doesn't French-e-Girls offer anything else but picture scenes, many series also look quite similar. But on the other hand, French-e-Girls features girls hard to find elsewhere, and the membership fee is cheaper than average. So unless you're mostly interested in american video productions, French-e-Girls might be worth a visit.

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