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Gothic Sluts review

Summary: Gothic Sluts is a amateur fetish site, with 20,000+ images and a small amount of videos in WMV, QuickTime and Real Player formats. There is also a forum area here.

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Score 70.0 /100
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J., 2004-02-28

Fetish, Amateur


Intro promises

"The ultimate in gothic erotica," "more than 20,000 beautiful, erotic, Gothic images."

First impression

All I can say is Every Day Is Halloween (if you got that Ministry reference, you're in the right place).
The opening pages have high quality images of girls who are definitely gothic and, if my judgement of character serves me, probably sluts as well. Let's get at 'em!


One month: $19.95
Three months: $58.95
One year: $99.00

(ccBill credit card or bank account)

Our opinion

The first page you're sent to in the member area is the latest gallery page with a small headshot of the model in the photo set. Can't get more simple than that. A simple and effective bar on the left of the page has every link available on the site. Simple doesn't mean plain, though. A nice use of the gothic imagery (hey, those links are in blood!) is nice if not a little gauche these days. Ha! I said gauche! And I even italicized it because it's French! I think it's French, anyway. Moving on to the photos...

There are 25 pages of galleries. That's a lot of galleries. At 15 models per gallery, that's like... 375 galleries. (The amount of time it took me to do that calculation is far more embarrassing than the fact that I review porn sites). Clicking on a gallery opens a page of between 5 and 12 thumbnails for your viewing pleasure (why there isn't a set number and why that number isn't way higher is beyond me). The number of images varies greatly for each set... sometimes 10... sometimes 80. Clicking on a thumbnail opens up the image in the same windown (a new window would be nice) also zip archives of the photos would be welcome. Oh well... on we plow.

The image quality is more than acceptable- the photographs are extremely professional on average. However, the images are small enough to not take up nearly the whole screen - the typical resolution is 800*600 and appear to have some compression artifacts, especially on the older images. So there's a little softness to a great deal of the pictures. All in all, it's acceptable, though it doesn't nearly do the professionalism of the shoots justice.

The galleries all have at least one really hot goth chick getting naked in them. That's the point of the site. However, look hard enough and you'll find some nice hardcore and semi-hardcore boy-girl and girl-girl shoots in there as well. It might be nice to see those seperated from the softcore shoots, but since it's a pretty subjective difference, I'll let it slide. Besides, all these chicks are hardcore enough anyway. Three lip piercings? Yeah. Hardcore.
The settings range from standard sheet backgrounds to really weird stuff like graveyards and... bathrooms.
Okay, bathrooms aren't weird, but graveyards?! Now that's gothic. Pale-skinned, tattooed, made-up, weird-haired girls are all over this place.
In fact, it would be extreeeemely convenient to have each model's sets consolidated so that you could just find all of her stuff at once. Not to mention having set descriptions under the thumbnail on the gallery pages... that would save a ton of time. But I guess if you're reading porn reviews, you've got time to burn.

One of the great parts about Gothic Sluts, though, is that each gallery has a little intro from one of the photographers (usually Amelia G, whose work is apprently well-known) that describes the shoot a little bit. These insights are usually pretty trivial, but it's nice to get some background and a personal touch like that is worth a lot in my book.
There's also a link to "Discuss this layout" in the forum, which is a very nice touch for those of you interested in becoming part of the magic.

Right now there are only 6 video sets in the "Videos" section. The older ones appear to be Windows Media format, but the newer one (and presumably all those to come) have Quicktime and Real options. The videos are not spectacular, but they give you a good chance to see some of the girls from the photos in action. Most have at least a touch of hardcore in them, which is a plus, and the compression on the older vids didn't kill the quality all that much. The videos, by the way, are available for download, and I suggest you take this route because I had some problems streaming the vids (that's probably not the site's fault... I blame Microsoft). This is a small section of the site right now and I'd treat the videos as bonuses instead of expecting a huge video section- the pictures are where the money's at on this site.

The "Forum" section includes a News and Talk forum where members can converse with each other and the photographers (Amelia G and Forrest Black of Blue Blood). There's actually a whole lot of activity on here, and Forrest and Amelia seem more than willing to do requests and to answer any and every question that members ask them.
Someone very creative could have a field day with the fact that not too many people are taking advantage of it!


Bottom line: There is a freaking ton of material on this site. If you're into the goth thing and you aren't a member, you're making a mistake and truly missing out. That being said, however, there are certainly some navigational aspects (better organization of galleries) and image quality issues to be resolved here. For the amount the site charges, you're getting a pretty good deal, though, as I believe most of this material is exclusive to this site or at least to the Blue Blood network (which also includes Rubber Dollies and Barely Evil, memberships to which are NOT included). If goth is your fetish, join up now and hop right into the forum to tell them what you want and my guess is it will be changed to your liking as soon as possible- Amelia and Forrest seem to be very interested in pleasing their customers.


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