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Hog Tied Review

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Hog Tied is a BDSM site with 1,321 hardcore fetish movies all in Full HD. The content is exclusive, and this site is just one of 29 sites from within the network. Just pay for this one site, and the rest come for free. The site itself looked like it had stopped updating in June last year, but they have just added 2 more movies this month.

Score 85.0 /100
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Summary: Hog Tied delivers good quality rope bondage content. It is obvious that the people behind Hog Tied know their stuff and are truly into this niche. No new updates had been added since June 2020, but one year later, they have just added 2 more. They consist of good quality videos and photos featuring porn stars getting tied up and 'abused' is promised.

Tamesin, 2021-06-12

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Intro promises

"The original source of erotic and sensual BDSM, a rope bondage site."

Hog Tied doesn't have any introductory promises, per se. Rather, they let their photos do all the talking for them. This is a site devoted to rope bondage containing lots of photos and several video clips.

First impression

Goodness! Look at all these beautiful women getting posed and hogtied in the most ridiculous - and thus, humiliating - positions. If the purple breasts, furrowed brows, and expressions of pain don't make you tongue tied, descriptions like "crotch rope hell," "pussy torturing," "breast bondage" and "hardcore bondage" will. I'm almost fit to be tied to get inside. (Sorry, couldn't resist)!


Our opinion

Hog Tied won't tie you up in knots with its navigation. It's laid out simply like it was on the tour. "Models" displays, alphabetically by first name, the models used within the Kink network. "Calendar" shows you all the updates within this network. There's an update every business day, except during holidays. "Store" links you to quality bondage equipment for sale. "Special Offers" gives current members special discounts to other Kink sites. Last, but not least, hang out with other members at the "Forums."

"Updates" is the home page. Scroll down, and you'll see a dozen or so weekly updates laid out in a dozen good quality thumbnails, photo, and description. Each update contains a good sized gallery (close to 200 or more pictures) and video (at least 30 minutes in length). There are probably close to 1,321 Hog Tied episodes, dating all the way back to the late 1990s. but nothing new had been added since June 2020, however, they have just added two more movies a year later.

You can stream or zip download the video clips. There's no option to watch the episode in its entirety, but the clips are usually several minutes long. The older videos open in a 320x240 (509 Kbps) screen; full screen mode diminishes quality a lot. Some of these are formatted for Real Player and have very short clips (around a minute). The newer episodes open in WMV on a 960x540 (2.07 Mbps) very good quality screen; full screen mode doesn't diminish quality at all. These contain an interview for the first clip and then the post session follow up interview. I like the personal touch of "getting to know" the models before their bondage shoot, as well as their thoughts after experiencing such an intense experience.

The photos from several years ago open to 538x800 pixels and are of good quality. I even saw an older gallery where the photos open to 1015x1200 pixels. The newer galleries are zip downloadable and open to 800x1200 and contain very good quality photos.

Since I like Sativa Rose, I watched the video of her being tied up. She's so expressive, I knew the episode would be anything but dull. From practically the beginning, she starts whimpering and whining. Pretty soon she is screaming (she doesn't like her nipples hurt), and squealing while being ball gagged. She is tied up, posed in various positions, nipple clamped with weights, forced to cum multiple times, and flogged. During some parts of the Hog Tied episode, she seemed zoned out and in sub space.

Another episode not to be missed features big breasted Berlin. She is led around by her nipples and smothered with her own sizable breasts. She is really put through the ringer, especially for a first timer to Hog Tied. Don't miss the ingenuous use of rubber bands all over her body and face. She cried out "Mercy" and became emotional. As explained in the follow up interview, rubber bands are insidious bondage, much like a boa constrictor. It slowly squeezes you until your senses suddenly become overwhelmed.

The episodes in Hog Tied contain face slapping; breast bondage, torture and flogging; suspension bondage; predicament bondage; forced orgasming; forced to stand on tip toes; spanking; tied in all sorts of humiliating and uncomfortable positions; pussy flogging; bastinado; purplish bound breasts; hair pulling, and much more. The videos are heavily edited between the scenes. For instance, one of Sativa Rose's scenes ended with her bound with rope and hoisted up slightly by a rope between her pussy lips. The next time you see her, she's suspended on a bar by leather straps. The editing didn't take away from my enjoyment, but I thought I'd let you know.


I like Hog Tied very much. The updates were regular and very good quality. Navigation is a breeze, so you can get to the bondage action right away. There are plenty of bondage sites out there, but this one uses tops who have years of experience. They have ingenious ways of using the usual bondage equipment, as well as turning every day items - like rubber bands - into something that gets inside a bottom's mind. The porn models are very expressive; you can see their range of emotions (anger, fear, frustration, and arousal) play across their faces. I highly recommend this site.

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