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Hogtied review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Hog Tied has a large archive of videos that go all the way back to 1999, and in recent years have added live shows, HD downloads and feature-film BDSM fantasies. The site is very active with a few updates each week and an extraordinary quality in all areas: props, settings, models, authenticity and intensity of the bondage, and much more. Any BDSM or rope bondage fan won't be able to resist the excitement in these original and rather long episodes, produced by the world's best and biggest BDSM company, Kink.

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Score 90.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2012-08-01

Fetish, Pornstar, Hardcore, High-definition, Videos, Movies, Mega-Sites

adult toys, BDSM, bondage, domination, forced orgasms, Kink

Intro promises

"Hog Tied is women suspended and restrained in rope bondage while made to orgasm."

- 770+ shoots
- 143,00+ pictures
- 430+ hours of video
- HD video
- Up to 4 updates weekly
- 1 feature abduction movie and 1 LIVE show monthly

First impression

Hog Tied doesn't have too much to say once you click through to their homepage. Instead they show us what they're all about by letting us look through their library of episode updates. You'll be able to see thumbnail previews of scenes that will give a very colorful impression of what this site offers: hundreds of movies, intense breast bondage, restraints, use of torturous devices and toys, clamps and needles, forced orgasms... all in the very dark and dungeon-like basement rooms of the Kink Armory building in San Francisco.

This site has been running very strong for many years now and has grown considerably. Besides their regular episode updates, they are now offering special features like monthly LIVE shows and 'feature abduction movies'.

Read the porn review that follows for a comprehensive look at what Hog Tied offers in 2012.


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Our opinion

Hog Tied's two biggest interests are without question the combination of rope bondage with forced orgasms, but that isn't all they include. There are sex toys and objects, whips and canes, they play with nipple torture and insidious bondage, and sometimes include very rough sex ("skull fucking"). The site has been online since 1999 and is more active in 2012 than ever before, with new episodes, live events and other features all available to members along with unlimited access to their archives.

Exclusive & Creative Rope BDSM
One of the things that impressed us most in our original visit to Hog Tied in 2007 was the intensity and quality of the fetish BDSM action. If anything they've only refined their work further and created even more impressive, long-running sessions. A constant influx of new models mix with their favorites who come on again and again to try new things and explore fantasies.

There is a mix of action here, but the rope bondage is the main feature. Besides being literally hog tied, the girls are also bound into many other positions - often within the same episode - and subjected to a variety of other activities. Girls have their nipples pinched with clamps then pulled on until their big tits stretch out painfully. In another a girl is flogged, forced to cum while tied to a huge wooden rack. In another while hog tied the model will be face fucked until gagging, sometimes by multiple men. The sexual activities are secondary to the BDSM here, just one other way to dominate and torture the willing slave girls.

Each of the movies has a pre- and post-interview where they go over the limits and then rehash the experience. The girls will often share their feelings, discuss how the experience lived up to expectations, or describe in more detail what they felt at the breaking points - in some scenes girls will cry for mercy and stop the action when they can take no more.

720p HD Videos
For a while now Hog Tied has offered 720p HD playback for its exclusive videos. You can save them in MP4 files with 1280x720 screens (4 mbits) and an excellent quality playback or as WMV files with 1280x720 screens (1.5 mbits) and a great quality playback.

Huge Library & Frequent Updates
With constant updates since 1999, the library here is expectedly huge. I counted 986 episodes (including the Feature Abductions and Edited Live Shows). Every week a new episode is added, as well as parts of the previous month's live show, edited into digestible episodes of its own. Some weeks can see as many as 3-4 new videos added, most running 30-60 minutes long.

Convenient Media Options
Besides your HD downloads there are a few other ways to save or stream movies online. The latter is done in their embedded Flash video player. It has Low, Med and High quality settings that look very nice. The players loads very quickly and you're able to skip ahead and rewind without waiting for the whole thing to finish loading first.

The downloads include another Windows Media file with a 960x540 screen (1 mbits) and good quality playback and an MP4 that's great for iPods and iPads with a 512x288 screen (1 mbits) and a great quality playback.

Weekly Live Shows
Each week they schedule a new live show. It's very similar to the video episodes in terms of content, only it's filmed and streamed live online - no editing, no cuts. You experience it all in real-time as it happens including the setup and interaction between events, new positions, etc. Afterwards these live shows are edited into parts (3-6) for each of the 'events' during the session.

No Abduction Features Since January
Until January 2012 they were adding 'Abduction features' along side regular updates and live shows. These were 'feature films' where they live out the model's own fantasies, played out in safe and save environment. These run over an hour long on average and were very high quality productions. They don't vary terribly from the main content other than being the model's own fantasy.

Older Videos Lower Quality & Shorter
The oldest movies are pretty short and not offered in the same high quality media options as newer updates. They can be streamed in the embedded player, though.

Navigation Too General
You can sort results by date or member ratings and also apply a category filter. These filters are pretty vague though - age groups, hair color, that sort of thing. A more enhanced way to browse, filter and sort through the almost 1,000 movies here would be really nice.


One of the most complete, active and high quality rope BDSM sites online today.

Hog Tied is an excellent site for rope bondage, humiliation, forced orgasms, rough sex and various types of S&M. The combination of live shows with long, detailed episodes make the offering a bit unique and quite prolific in updates. With almost 1,000 scenes at the time of our visit there is no shortage of variety, and the 720p HD downloads makes sure there is nothing lacking in quality either. One of the finest rope bondage/BDSM sites online from the name behind the niche's best work: Kink.


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Total average: 87.9/100 Our score: 90.0/100

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Comments from other readers

2013-08-24 12:28:25

Hogtied, as with all the Kink sites, is top quality. The one thing I dislike though is that they go through periods where they switch between male and female doms. That basically changes the whole genre for a lot of people. If you can live with that though, the site is highly recommended.