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House of Taboo review

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House Of Taboo is a fetish site that has continued to update their site on a weekly basis. They had only 250 scenes a few years ago, but now they have over 1,245 movies in full HD, and they have just started in 4K. There are also some VR scenes. Most scenes come with a high-resolution photo gallery, but not all of them. Set against a black and sinister background, this site looks fit for any fetish lover, and it is simple to find what kink you are looking for. There are no bonuses, but if you join the DDF network, you will get access to all of their sites.

Score 86.0 /100
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Summary: House of Taboo offers fetish content in niches such as bondage, spanking, peeing and medical fetish. All content features known glamour models and much of it includes lesbian action. Pictures come in high quality and most videos are available in high definition. A good all-round fetish site.

Tamesin, 2019-01-20

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Intro promises

- High quality pictures and videos
- Original content
- Updated weekly

First impression

I'm impressed with how slick and professional the tour of House of Taboo looks. Not only are there a ton of beautiful porn and fetish models on this site, they also cover a wide variety of fetishes, bdsm, and kinky hardcore porn action.


Our opinion

House of Taboo has such simple navigation that you can go right to the "room" you want to go. The content is divided into different houses, such as the House of Spanking, the House of Bondage, the House of Carnal Clinic (medical fetish), the House of Latexxx, and the House of Piss. You'll also find along the top navigation choices such as Mistresses and Slaves (a directory) and Text Stories, which gives you free chapters to read from BDSM Books. You can also upload your story or personal experience.

There's a good deal of content within each of the "houses": spanking has over 50+ episodes; bondage has around 80+; Carnal Clinic has over 30+ medical fetish episodes; Latexxx has over 40, while there are around 50+ watersports episodes. I even caught a glimpse of an ABDL video; you don't often the adult baby genre in sites not devoted strictly to ABDL.

Videos come in multiple formats for viewing and average 14 minutes in length. You can stream or download the entire episode in Flash 8 Stream in HDV (720x504, 1Mbit) and HDV (448x256, 464Kbit); WMV in HDV (1280x720, 4Mbit) and HDV (852x480, 2Mbit); DiVX AVI in HDV (1280x720, 4Mbit); and Quicktime in HDV (960x540, 2Mbit). If you want to watch just clips, these are offered in MPG format in HDV (448x256, 1Mbit).

There are photo galleries to go with each of the video episodes. The pictures come in three sizes: small - 531x800; medium - 797x1200; and large - 1328x2000. Other sets had smaller photos: small - 278x421; medium - 529x800; and large - 1067x1616. I suspect these are from older sets. (There's no date of uploading noted). The photo sets have a zip download option, as well as a Cooliris option. This is a software you can download where you can view the photos in 3D. There's no set amount to how many photos are in each gallery, but I'd say the average is around 90.

Both the videos and the photo galleries are generally very high quality. The episodes stay on target with the fetish, and you'll probably hyperventilate from the quality offered. The action seems real enough. For instance, I watched a spanking video where a young woman's bottom slowly went from pale to pink to red. You could even see how very wet her pussy was from the spanking. In the same vein, the bdsm movies showed a great deal of excitement and pain from the subs.

Additionally, if you're into fetish, you'll have plenty to slick your willy looking at the content here. The production quality is so good that you just may be even more turned on by latex than before! I particularly enjoyed watching Kelle Marie all dolled up in latex, while she was videotaped at the photo shoot. It showed some oops moments and some funny moments of trying to stick a dildo where it should go! All the while, her sexy latex outfit was featured in all sorts of poses.


House of Taboo is one of those sites that will make your eyes water and your eyes and pants bulge. The content is very high quality of beautiful, famous, and knowledgablee fetish and porn models. The updates are regular, and the navigation is simple. House of Taboo is so impressive you just may want to move in and call it your home!


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