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Hypnogirls review

Summary: Hypnogirls is based on the idea of a guy hypnotising girls into orgasming by letting them imagine they are licked by "the world's greatest pussy eater" or fucked by Brad Pitt etc. And the action seems authentic enough actually. The site's biggest flaw is that none of the content can be downloaded.

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Joseph, 2009-01-07

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Intro promises

"I'm Count Spankula and I'm a perverted hypnotist.

Ever since I was a young pervert, I dreamt of being able to hypnotize girls and control them through erotic hypnosis. Growing up, I saw the way these hot girls all acted and I thought about how much I would like to change them into horny sluts at my disposal. While in college, I learned how to hypnotize girls, and in grad school I let my perversions run wild.

After a while, I thought about videotaping what I was doing to these girls, and now I decided to put my private erotic hypnosis collection on the web for you to see.

I know that you will enjoy it or you wouldn't be a man."

First impression

Hypnofetishism, more commonly known as erotic hypnosis, is a fetish involving hypnosis (duh). It is defined as “the sexual interest in hypnosis and similar forms of mental persuasion or mind control.” According to Wikipedia, “Reducing inhibitions and increasing arousal are the most common goals of erotic hypnosis;” in other words, this special fetish involves hypnotizing babes and making them do stuff for you or to you in the bedroom (or carport).

As you probably guessed by now, HypnoGirls is a site involving hypnofetishism. The hypnotized models featured on this site are filmed and photographed during a session of hypnosis where various suggestions of a sexual nature are made, causing some to strip and others to masturbate. Truth be told, I’ve already seen countless other sites with a similar premise, only those sites have hardcore material on them (and therefore are superior). But I guess we’ll discuss HypnoGirls anyway cos that’s what we’re here to do.


Our opinion

As of January, 2009, there are ninety-one HypnoGirls and roughly two hundred and twenty hours of streaming erotic hypnosis video in the members area of HypnoGirls. The members area, like me, ain’t much to look at, but it’s easy enough to use (like me!), so I guess it doesn’t matter that it looks awful. The members area displays ads, links to “extra porn” (see below for more on that), all the site’s updates, info and the following message: “Just a friendly reminder! You may NOT download any of these files. If you try to use a download agent or other software to download the content, your IP will immediately be banned, your password terminated, and you will not receive any refunds. We have software in place to check for this and it has been 100% effective in the past.” Lame.

So, yeah, chicks are hypnotized and told stuff like “a thousand tongues are licking [her] at once” or “the guy with the world’s biggest dick is fucking her.” The girls respond by stripping and jerking themselves off and even orgasming at times. Sometimes the gals reveal secrets about their sexual histories. Boring. Many of the models have chosen amusing names for themselves, like Autumn Reign and Lisa SparXXX (yes, it’s spelled just like that!).

Each gal has a set of photos and a set of videos to her name. There are hundreds of regular resolution still photos (pics per set: 300), none of which are zipped for ease in download. Sometimes you can’t easily make your way back from the photosets to the members area cos there’s no link back… odd. There’s also well over an hour and a half of footage of her being hypnotized in the Windows Media format (384x216; 532k). The videos are cut up into numerous clips that can be streamed in two qualities (high and low). Again, neither the average quality photos nor the below-average Windows Media clips are downloadable so it's streaming only.

The extra content includes some chat links and games as well as access to content on several other websites, including Hand Sluts, Porn in Public, Coed Fuck Tour, MILF XXX Riders, Teen Sluts Need Cash, Big Dicks Tiny Chicks, Dude’s First Threesome, MILF Needs Cash, Banging Sex Machines, Ron’s Associate, LightSpeed’s Hot Shots, Amsterdam Live, Store4Sex, LoveSeXXXy, Spread4u, Flirt! And Got Jizz? Some of them offer full-access while others simply let you enjoy direct links to the members areas. The additional content has nothing to do with hypnosis and contains some softcore and some hardcore material. I personally think the bonus material sucks.


HypnoGirls blows. I’m sorry, but looking at this site was a chore and I wouldn’t recommend it. What kinda porn site doesn’t allow its members to download anything offa it?! That’s just shitty.

The content here is believable though and actually seems to be authentic, but it tends to get slightly boring and the video quality is not that great. There are way better sites out there with this premise, I assure you. Two fins down.

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