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In The Crack review

- 2nd revisit

Site of the month logo Summary: In The Crack delivers fetish content in true 1920x1080 high definition. The action is mainly solo masturbation and playing around with lots of extreme closeups. Perfect for any wannabe gynecologist or if you think regular porn just doesn't get in close enough.

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Score 90.0 /100
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Joseph, 2007-12-07

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Intro promises

At inthecrack our primary focus is on making top quality solo girl masturbation videos. We do not sell videos of a simple picture shoot with the video camera 10 feet away. Our videos are designed for the voyeur who likes to explore the girl's pretty bits up close with nothing left to the imagination.

You get just the right mix of full body shots, mind blowing close-ups, and imaginative camera angles that enhance the girl's nakedness and reveal her best side. The content of our videos ranges from simple tease, up the skirt shots, and wet panty tease, to the wide-open views of special interest to the "amateur gynecologist".

You will see girls spreading their pussy & ass in your face for your inspection, using all kinds of novelty objects for sex toys, smearing themselves with edible delights, and oozing and squirting their juices as they cum. Inthecrack videos are for the pussy & ass connoisseur who likes to soak in the lovely shapes and contours of the female ass and thoroughly explore the pretty features in the vagina, pussy lips, and anus.

First impression

As someone who is petrified of vaginas, it was with great trepidation that I explored In the Crack, which lets its members peek “in the crack” of numerous girls; it also lets ‘em “see girls peeing, using a speculum, peeing through a speculum and even having squirting female orgasms.” In other words, this site shows you lots of vaginas that are spread wide open with the aid of a speculum or fingers, which In the Crack calls “the human speculum.”

Female masturbation videos are In the Crack’s specialty and the site “[brings] you some amazing close-up views as you watch female masturbation acts right in front of your face.” That sounds unpleasant to me. Anyway, content on In the Crack ranges from relatively tame upskirt shots and “wet panty [teasing]” to wide open vaginal views that are sure to delight would-be gynecologists all over the world. Leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination, In the Crack specializes in giving its members high quality content featuring that which they want to see most: vaginas.


[Updated 05-2008]

Monthly Membership - $34.95/month (now includes access to ALL pictures and videos)

Credit card billing handled by CCBill.

Our opinion

Navigating In the Crack is so easy that won’t find yourself cracking up as you try to find your way around. You can find content by searching or just looking through the models, but I suggest checking out the “what’s new” section first to see all the new picture and video content added to the site. The update schedule for the site has recently been completely revised and the webmasters now release a minimum of one video clip per day. While the site used to add thirty to one hundred photos every five to six days, picture updates may be more irregular at the present time, as they are now dependent on the number of clips in a video.

In the Crack currently features one hundred and twenty-four models. These models all have their own photo galleries and videos. In the Crack used to charge extra for videos, making them available on DVD or via downloads that could be bought with tokens (two hundred tokens will cost you about ten bucks), but videos are now available with the monthly membership.

The webmasters explain that “by releasing the low-resolution vids within the membership, it is intended that there will now be a more appealing option available to those that cannot afford to purchase with the token system, do not require the higher resolution videos or simply do not like the hassle of an unfamiliar system and wish for the more familiar membership model that most sites use.” Lower resolution videos can still be purchased with the token system, for whatever that’s worth.

[As of early 2008, tokens are no longer required - see prices.]

Bad news: With the new video inclusive membership there is now “a rather liberal” thirty gigabyte per month download limit. This is roughly equivalent to one-third of the entire site at the membership included sizes. The webmasters do not expect any typical customers to reach this limit as it is intended only to prevent downloading literally the entire site in one month and keep bandwidth cost less than revenue. Videos purchased with tokens do not count towards the download limit and, on the plus side, there is no daily limit.

The movies on In the Crack average about seventy minutes in length and are mostly divided into four to six scenes. Each scene has its own write-up describing the action involved as well as file size, length and cost in tokens for the higher resolution clips (video clips will cost you anywhere from six to over one hundred tokens per download). Some are starred as being favorites of the webmasters. The videos play in Windows Media and feature speculums, peeing, anal insertion and squirting orgasm, as promised by the site’s tour.

The following screen sizes are available: 320x240, 640x480 (older clips - low and high quality, essentially), 640x360, 1280x720 and 1920x1080 (new clips - high, super high and extremely high quality). In fact In the Crack is the only site offering 1920x1080 as well as 1280x720 porn videos. These high definition videos require a new Windows media player. And they take forever to download unless you have a highspeed connection. But they look simply amazing; seriously, I've never seen higher quality videos on a porn site. All I can say is wow.

Most of the photo galleries on In the Crack contain between one hundred and two hundred and fifty photos of amazing close-ups of women’s no-no spots. The image sizes are huge (1600x1200, 2000x1500 with others 2400x1800) and are excellent in quality. You can download the entire gallery in a convenient ZIP file or view the photos one at a time. If opting to view images one at a time, you can choose how many thumbnails you want to see on each page and even how big the thumbnails are; you can even choose to have the photos open in a new window instead of opening in the same window.


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Vaginal and anal enthusiasts will certainly want to go In the Crack but only if they have the cash and patience to deal with the token system. Those of us who are terrified of female genitals and don’t handle money well may want to steer clear of this site. And that’s all I gots to say about In the Crack, motherfucker!

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