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In The Crack review

- 3rd revisit

Site of the month logo Summary: In The Crack has a unique concept of providing VERY intimate portraits of beautiful models through extreme closeups in true 1920x1080 High Definition video. The action is mainly solo masturbation and playing with toys. Perfect for the wannabe gynecologist or if you think mainstream porn just doesn't get in close enough.

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Score 95.0 /100
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Uli, 2008-10-15

Fetish, High-definition, Videos, Babes, Photography / studio, Lesbian, Squirting, Butts

1080p, 720p, adult toys, anal, ass worship, baby oil, closeup, high definition, masturbation, solo posing, speculum

Intro promises

"At inthecrack our primary focus is on making top quality solo girl masturbation videos. [...] Our videos are designed for the voyeur who likes to explore the girl's pretty bits up close with nothing left to the imagination. You get just the right mix of full body shots, mind blowing close-ups, and imaginative camera angles that enhance the girl's nakedness and reveal her best side. [...] You will see girls spreading their pussy & ass in your face for your inspection, [...] Most of our videos will show you things such as girls using speculums, peeing, anal insertion, leaking pussy juice, squirting orgasms, and super deep vagina views. Our hallmark, however, is to put your face in optimum viewing position to bring you all the pussy & ass you can handle."

First impression

Nice preview! Check the samples and you'll get a quick idea what it is all about and what the quality of the site is. There are several movies in full HD resolution with a smashing quality and a bunch of very nice pictures.

Oh boy! What a quality of stuff! Do not think it's time to fall in love just checking out the pictures. Wait until you have seen the movies and then you will know it's really time to fall in love!

The first impression of this site is that its videos are without doubt the main content. The picture series are less prominent than the movies but of course are faster to check out. They give a nice idea what to await in the videos. But then go for the videos to see what it is all about and - enjoy!


Our opinion

Impressive does not even begin to describe the action this site shows - it starts with the exquisite selection of girls available. It presents a certain type of girl - young, slender, perfect natural body (there weren't many with fake tits), very beautiful faces, no matter what hair color - the girls who will be the models and pornstars of the future, but before they spoil themselves with lots of tattoos, piercings, boob jobs and bleach blonde hair. In The Crack presents many models from eastern Europe and some from the US or other countries, especially the last features were done with the creme de la creme of Hungarian beauty. Well, it's not really difficult to admire such beautiful girls!

The videos wouldn't be complete without the fantastic scenery, especially tbe breathtaking beaches, houses, surroundings and flats, where the girls are filmed and photographed. This underlines the intention of presenting the female beauty at its best. There is no male action here at all - it's ALL about the girls here. There is however a few lesbian shoots - these include lots of pussy licking, kissing, massaging and asshole licking.

The action can be described as very intimate erotic portraits carried out by watching the girls moving around, seeing them strip, bath, masturbate, pee and especially lots of extreme closeups. The name "In The Crack" is a sort of programmatic declaration, that's what the site is concentrating on - these are very, very intimate shoots. I have rarely had such a strong feeling of being able to literally touch the girls on my monitor - much closer to a live and real contact than I've ever experienced on any other website.

The closeups do not stop when it comes to pee scenes, which are quite requent. It's no exaggeration to say that some of them were really risque - the promise of "we show everything" is definitely kept - and you, the voyeur, will be there watching! Ah yes, I'm still equally impressed.

Since the videos are the most important features on In the crack, let's proceed there. The shoots (there is a total of more than 200 shoots at the moment) are divided into a number of scenes depending on what goes on in that particular scene. There are some simply showing the girl walk around, stripping, masturbating, peeing, playing with her asshole, showing her clit and so on. So you can select just the themes you like and want to see. Have a look at the newer movies (series 114 and above) first - and get ready for a pleasant surprise. They have an absolutely amazing top High Definition quality! A shoot comes with 4 to 12 single video clips. These newer ones are all in Full HD with a resolution of 1920x1080 and a bitrate higher than 8000 kB/s (!), the older in SD (NTSC with 640x480). The file sizes vary between 50 and 1200 MB, and the scenes can have a length up to 20 minutes. Newer shots have an enourmous mass of data - 1.5 GB is not unusual for a single shoot! All videos are available as low-res options for slower internet connections. There is also a short sample clip just to get an overview over the scene. All movies are WMV.

The pictures seem to be shot in the same settings as the movies, but not at the same time. My impression is that they do the movies first and than the photos afterwards or the other way around. This means that there are only a few pee shots among the pictures. The pictures have a top notch quality and are very well done. They are available in a high and low option with the high quality pictures being above 2000x1800 pixel. Each scene has more than 100 pictures - some have more than 300. I guess the site has a grand total of more than 35,000 pictures. Each picture series can be downloaded as zip files.

The site design is nice, easy to handle and working well, but on the other hand nothing spectacular. It is however possible to search by activity - if you for instance want to see all clips with anal action or all pee clips. Just look for the search function. All series are numbered and chronologically organized. There is the possibility to sort the shoots by the name of the girl, but not nationality, location of the shooting, themes, user ratings or webmaster favorite clips. BTW, favorite clips marked, are the site owner's own favorite clips.


Site of the month logo

The producers of In The Crack are able to push the limits of erotic video content with this site! It has a consistent and very unique approach and an absolutely outstanding video quality, especially with the HD movies. The quality level is very good, perhaps even the best I have seen ever. Thus the site gets what it deserves - a top rating!

You will especially like this site if you are the voyeuristic type, a fan of female beauty, close ups and detailed shots of the female body, nice and tasteful erotic photography. The content is not hardcore per se since there is no male action involved, but considering the breathtaking closeups of solo masturbation and anal action even with the pee-shots it can not really be classified as softcore either.

The only slight problem is that you'll need powerful hardware to replay full HD video content in its original resolution for maximum pleasure and you need a (very) fast connection to the net to be able to download the big movies within an acceptable time.

We give a strong recommendation for In the crack. And I have an idea for the team behind In The Crack too: I would love to see a pure hardcore site using a similiar approach.


It doesn't happen very often, but from time to time we do stumble onto sites that are unique in the porn industry. In The Crack is just such a site. Still, surfers into the extreme vaginal closeups and solo girl masturbation should find these other competitors of interest.

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