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K is for Kink review

Summary: K is for Kink is a BDSM site with an equal emphasis on artistic direction and hardcore sadomasochism. There is plenty of Femdom, whipping, bondage and clothes pins going on. The archive includes around 150 video scenes as of now each around 20 mins in length and some part of a series. The updates are regular and the quality of the videos is high although available as streaming only.

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Tamesin, 2010-07-16

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cbt, feminization, Fetish, fetishwear, Foot fetish, Hardcore, hardcore bdsm, High-definition, Movies, sensory play, small penis humiliation, strapon play, tit torture, trampling, verbal humiliation

Intro promises

"New York's only high-end BDSM / fetish porn video production"

- 3 updates per week, with 2 bonus shorts
- Exclusive content

First impression

K is for Kink is yet another bdsm site, but what makes it unique is the high amount of artistry they show such dark fantasies brought to life. It considers itself the home of artistic femdom, bdsm, and fetish films, so if you're looking for something a little more artsy fartsy with your dungeon scenes, then it might be worth taking a gander at K is for Kink!


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Our opinion

There are over 40 episodes, each with a video, photo gallery, and trailer. Each one also has a handy keyword list of what the kinks are that will be featured in the videos. Unfortunately, these keywords aren't linked as they are on other sites, with such linking enabling you to quickly see other videos that contain the same niches.

The videos play in Flash streaming in regular and HD, which is just higher bitrate, though the regular is pretty amazing in quality. They open to a 590x334 sized screen. Unfortunately, there's no option to download them, which is a shame. The videos generally last around 20 minutes and even have very good quality sound. Buffering is pretty good, too, and once it loads, it doesn't freeze up. The screencap photos open to 853x480 pixels and are decent quality for screenshots. These are zip downloadable and have less than 20 pictures per set, but serve as a nice preview.

The action within their scenes feature mostly Femdom, though you'll see an occasional male dominant, as well as male and female submissives, though it's mostly males. There are lots of hardcore bdsm, fetishwear, verbal humiliation, small penis humiliation, strapon play, cbt (sometimes quite extreme), tit torture, sensory play, feminization, trampling, and much more. Sometimes two Dominatrixes team up and really put a hapless slave through some extreme pain and fun!

The dominants are very knowledgeable and creative, and they certainly have an air of dominance to them. They thoroughly enjoy themselves, and you'll often hear them giggling or laughing at the torment they're putting their slaves through. The submissives are very compliant and some of them can endure extreme pain and humiliation. Because of that and the artistic eroticism, these episodes are definitely a sight to see!

The vidoes are very lush, yet they still show intense dungeon scenes. It's very artistic to see such darkness with, for instance, a Domme wearing intense red latex coloring on her clothing. K is for Kink says it much more succinctly: their videos bridge "the gap between artistic media concepts and eroticism."

Navigation is simple, with the menu options of Blog, Video, and Forum. You can get access to the forum for free, though if you want to see the content, you'll have to pay for the membership. The site is updated every 1 to 3 days, as they mentioned on their tour.


I enjoyed K is for Kink. They have awesome quality videos, with a few updates per week. There's a lot of artistry to their sadomasochism, which is certainly different from many other bdsm sites. As a general rule, there aren't the extreme close ups like you find at other bdsm sites, but I think that has to do with the artistic thrust of the site. I do wish their videos were downloadable, and I consider that a major drawback to the site. If you keep that in mind, then I think you will enjoy their version of bdsm.



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