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K Scans review

Summary: K Scans is a hard-core fetish site featuring babes. There are hard-core images and 40 videos with an average size of 8MB.

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Uli, 2004-07-27

Fetish, Hardcore, Babes


Intro promises

Extreme East European Erotica - that's the main promise of KScans. They present eastern European Beauties, who would only have a small chance to get in the world of fashion and thus have to go glamour and erotic modelling. In their own words, their "'mission statement' is to present pretty models performing the most intimate and extreme acts." Their "shoots deliberately lead the models into a world of hard fetish and erotic humiliation."

Those hard fetishes are "pissing, anal, ass to mouth, anal douche, fisting, gyno scenes and the shitting of anal plugs". There are quite a lot of pics and vids in the preview tour that emphasize these claims.

The site claims its special character is the conjunction of very hard sex combined with real - and not seen before - beauties. The preview looks interesting - promising picture quality and quite a lof of stuff - well, let's see:

First impression

Hm, when I did my first tour around the member parts clicking here and there, I was a little bit astonished about the site at first. They claimed to be very hardcore, but the picture series I ran into first were nice, clean softcore pics of beautiful girls! Before I got too disappointed I gave the site a little bit closer look - ah yes, nevermind, this is definitely NOT a softcore site, even if the photographer indulges himself from time to time just pure female beauty without action!


Single site KScans:
$ 29.95 /month cheque or credit-card autorenew
$ 50.00 / 3 month cheque or credit-card not autorenewing
$ 80.00 / 6 month cheque or credit-card not autorenewing

KScans together with KPorns and KLiveCam:
$ 39.90 /month cheque or credit-card autorenew
$ 59.90 / 3 month cheque or credit-card not autorenewing
$ 89.90 / 6 month cheque or credit-card not autorenewing

Credit Card processors are CCBill, IBill and 2000charge, can be selected by customer.

Our opinion

Well, where to start now? The first look at the member home page could confirm the experience I described above: A lot (42 to be exact) of nice portraits and pics of (non-nude) girls. You have to read the short descriptions on the pics to see what the site offers. Clicking the pics leads to the girl (or sometimes a couple of girls) page giving you the single series.

The strategy of the photographers is to introduce each girl by a "harmless" photo shoot, most time not even ending in pics with full nudity. But with each following shoot this gets harder very soon and each promise made above is fullfilled many times - of course with many different girls. The acts shown are quite extreme and the girls indeed do their best to go to the limits. Limits: lots of pissing scenes (you do not need to be a fan of golden showers to like this site, but it might be _very_ helpful ;-) ) from nearly every girl (I prefer that scene where Mimi and Sophie help themselves pissing by spreading each other's pussy lips wide open), lots of dildoing with different weird objects like baseball bats or bottles, of course wide opening of pussys and asses, (self-) fisting, anal games and so one.

As claimed by the site its most astonishing fact is not even the pure hardcore action. It's the conjunction of extreme hardcore action with nice young beauties. It's not easy to believe that those shoots are not done by some completely crazy gals having sex as their hobby and privately looking for its limits but models that might prefer fashion modelling, because all of the girls seem to really enjoy the action - at least that's the message of most pics. What is quite rare on this site is good ol' fucking, so do not expect too much in this direction.

The style of pictures is natural, sometimes a little bit posed. It's not artsy, but the photographers, Captain K and the Puppetmaster, do not claim to make artsy pics - they claim to show hardcore sex! The quality of most pics is good, some being very good. Their size is up to 960 x 1280 pixel, many being around 768 x 1024, not many being smaller, a few video captures among them. The total count of pictures is difficult to guess, I already mentioned there are 42 different models at the moment (since this is an active site that may rise soon). There are 1 to perhaps 20 series for each girl, each with 10 up to more than 200 pictures - never mind, by the mass of its content this is indeed a big site.

Pictures is not all the site contains: There are shitloads of video from many of the girls - 40 videos with an average size of 8 Mb is not rare. Length of the single movies is up to 2 minutes, picture size is 320x240 and up, but with very crisp and clear picture quality, definitely taken with a digital cam. The action shown seems to be taken from the photo shoots, so the action is the same hardcore-style.

The navigation of the site is nothing spectacular, but looks ok, works well and does what it is meant to do. You can select the girls not only by the pics on the members home page, but also by a drop-down-field containing the names of the girls - fast and efficient. Each girl's site presents the single series with comments, lots of small (perhaps a bit too small) thumbnails and the vids in a subsequent list.

When I tested the site, I just missed two things: ZIP-files from the photo series which would make downloading of pics much more agreable and just a small hint: KScans unfortunately has a download limit of 200 Mb/day, because with pics and movies being that big you reach that limit bloody fast!


This is not the site designed for a softcore freak. So if you prefer to be browsing sites in such a category, stay away from KScans! But if you want pure hardcore with lots of hard fetishes, this is a honey pot! The content are of good picture quality, being unique with pics and girls shown nowhere else. Prize of the site is ok and definitely worth the mass of data, not just cheap, but worth the content. When you are thinking about joining KScans, you might get the partner sites of KScans, KPorns and KLiveCams at a discounted prize. We didn't review KPorns and KLiveCam (perhaps in the future), but judging after having seen KScans I don't think it will be wrong to give these sites a test too.


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