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Lady Natalie Black review

Summary: Lady Natalie Black is a very attractive blonde Domme abusing men and women on her site. And she clearly enjoys what she is doing. The site is fairly new, but there is already a good amount of videos and pictures. Content quality is about average. About 2 full episodes are added per month.

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Score 80.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2008-10-01

Fetish, Amateur, Foot-fetish, Handjobs, Hardcore, Videos, Movies

bdsm, domme, femdom, foot worship

Intro promises

- Exclusive bdsm, real session videos
- High quality videos, with over 7 hours of footage now showing
- Updated twice a week
- Over 50 photo galleries, with over 800 images
- 800 pixel photos

First impression

While Lady Natalie Black may look too pretty to be taken seriously as a Domme, her tour shows how mistaken that impression is. She shows a lot of sadistic pleasure in the types of bdsm activities she participates in with her male and female submissives. The tour certainly looks promising; I hope it can deliver once I get inside.


$24.95/30 days, recurring
$29.95/30 days, non-recurring
$59.95/90 days, recurring
$69.95/90 days, non-recurring

Credit cards, online check, Direct Pay through CCBill
Credit cards also offered through Epoch
Pay by post option available.

Our opinion

The "what's new" section dominates the home page as soon as you enter. It lets you know the latest updates in the past two weeks or, if you've been inside the members' area before, it'll let you know what's new since your last visit.

Navigation is easy, with a simple menu featuring Movies, Photos, Favourites, Search, Coming Soon, and Forum. "Search" lets you type in keywords, and it will search the movie datasbase for you. "Coming Soon" shows you over a dozen of the episodes coming up. They're laid out in a montage of very slick looking thumbnails. "Forum" has a category where you can suggest ideas for upcoming movies. I do not see any link to Lady Natalie's blog inside the members' area. You'll have to click on "Site Home" to then get back to the tour and read her blog.

The videos play in Windows Media in low and high resolution. Videos are in clips of around 7 minutes in length, but you can also watch the episode in its entirety - once the clips have all been uploaded. The videos open to 640x480 (1.73 Mbps) and are good quality. The sound is good as well. The latest complete episodes are generally between 20 to 30 minutes in length. The oldest episodes comprise of one or two clips, with a few minutes of total play time.

There are over 30 episodes, dating back to May 2008, so this is a new site. There's a handy list of keywords for each video, which is great because then you can click on the keyword(s) and find other videos within the website that features the same activities.

Updates seem to be regular. There's no date as to when the clips are uploaded, but there's usually a couple new episodes added a month. (Each episode contains a few parts/clips).

"Photos" contains galleries divided into categories. These are: Friends of Lady Natalie, Action Galleries, Movie Galleries, Slave Girls, and Portraits. There are over 50 galleries total, with the majority being in Movie Galleries. They are zip downloadable, with a slide show option as well. The amount of pictures in each gallery isn't all that much - usually between 10 to 20. Some are done in black and white, while the others pop out with their colorfulness. The quality of the photos is very good and very artistic, although they're on the small side.

I watched a couple of Lady Natalie's videos. One featured the Lady putting lots of clothespins along her sub's lower belly and balls. I don't think she could've fit another clothespin on his balls if she tried. She also put some on his chest and then proceeded to flog them off. She flogged the ones on his belly off, and then slowly took the ones on his balls off. Suffice it to say, he writhed a lot!

The other video I watched was all about dog training. Lady Natalie had her dog slave all collared, leashed, and caged up. He endured flogging, tit torture, spanking, and slapping. He even fetched a bone several times, much to the amusement of his Mistress. This episode featuerd a lot of boot worship, foot worship, and stocking worship. Clearly, they were both enjoying such play. Throughout the video, I got the feeling that the little doggie really worshipped his Mistress; he seemed to be in sub space. I imagine it was easy for him to go into sub space with such a beautiful and very feminine looking Mistress. She's also not afraid to show that she's having fun while still retaining an air of sadistic domination. I have found that combination to be rare - smiling and thoroughly enjoying oneself while still being very bitchy and cruel. Lady Natalie Black pulls it off very well.


I like Lady Natalie Black's website. Her updates are regular, with very good and artsy videos. The navagation is relatively simple as well. The only problem I have is the photos; they're rather small, and you have to zip download them to see them in a larger size. The videos themselves show a Mistress who can be very serious in her sadism, but isn't afraid to show how she's thoroughly enjoying herself with many smiles.

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