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Latex Angel review

Summary: Latex Angel is a German amateur site offering extreme anal and vaginal insertions of toys, fruit, vegetables and a bunch of other stuff. Everything takes place while wearing various latex outfits. Around 120 movies in average quality are available and 49 photo series. Very hardcore site with unique content for the extreme fetish fan.

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Score 85.0 /100
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Uli, 2008-11-25

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adult toys, anal play, extreme insertions, fisting, latex, peeing

Intro promises

Latex Angel has a very picture based preview. Want to know what can be seen? Well, here are just a few keywords:
- Overstuffed Pussy
- Cunt and Anal Fistfuck
- Analgape by a Zucchini
- Ice water enema
- Piss with speculum

All these examples have the appropriate, clear and uncensored pictures (mostly small screenshots or good thumbnails from pictures) underlining what the site claims: Very hardcore stuff in lots of different varations and no perversity is too extreme. Oh - and all of this is done in latex clothing.

Latex Angel is a German site and the preview is available both in English and German.

First impression

Wow! This is an extremely hardcore, perverse and kinky site featuring a middle-aged brunette woman. She specialises in extreme pussy and anus insertions and no kind of such sex is left out - you name it, it is there. And if anything should be missing, well, might only be a matter of time. As promised, everything is done while wearing latex clothes (with appropriate openings) except the few shots with full nudity.


$34.99 - 30 Days recurring
$89.99 - 90 Days

Payment processors are either CCBill or Inet-Cash.

Our opinion

Angelina, the attractive middle-aged dark haired lady, is the site's star.

As the site's name might suggest, most of the action is done in latex clothes. Here the word "clothes" should be handled with care - most of the latex stuff is hiding a lot of the body, but leaves those key parts out which would be covered by normal clothes. Needless to say all of this latex stuff is skin tight, much is really fancy, colorful and bright.

The action is wow - to be honest I've never seen a lady stuffing such a wide variety of quite large objects into both pussy and ass. There are some dildos among them (mostly the "elephant dong" type), but this site again is too exquisite to leave it at this. Vegetables and fruits like apples, bananas, zucchini or red pepper, billard balls, other balls, double fists, ass fists, baseball bats (partially of course), beer bottles (bottom first) just to name a few. There's some more extreme stuff available like enemas, extreme spreading, pee scenes, a few bondage scenes with clothespins on pussy lips and so on. But don't expect the typical BDSM-site - Latexangel is way too special to be compared to the average bondage site. There are a few scenes where she gets fucked (most times with other stuff in pussy or ass - what did you expect?!) by a guy (she calls him her master), but that's it.

Angelina's movies are the primary content of Latex Angel. At the moment of this review there were more than 120 of them available. You will see all the action described above in all details, some with closeup-shots, some totals, but always revealing as it should be. The recordings are clear and quite well done, editing and lighting is ok. They have an average playtime of 10-15 minutes, resolution is 512x384 which is not smashing. Filesizes vary between 50 and 100 MB.

Latex Angel offers 49 galleries - photo shootings and video shootings may not share the same action. The series each contain between 50 and 100 pictures with a grand total of nearly 5,000 images. They are well done, compared to the quality of the movies even a little bit more up-to-date in size, because 1200x800 pixel resolution is nowadays an acceptable size. Settings and lighting is good; I didn't find any spoiled pics.

There is some additional stuff on this site: All movies have accompanying series of screenshots. Although each movie has ~200 pictures which serve well to get an easy overview of the action, don't expect too much from these screenshots: They have the typical 720x480 pixel resolution and are by far not as crisp as the regular pictures.

Further bonus stuff contains a shop with movies from Latex Angel, a link to a toy store for extreme toys and a bonus area with additional stuff at the moment from only two ladies. The shop can be reached from the free area too and there's also a linkpage. BTW, if you are a member you will get Latexangel's own stuff for a reduced price (around 2/3 of full price).

The design of the site is nice with mainly black and red colors, but quite simple. The advange of this is that navigation is easy to handle and you never get lost on the site. Everything works as it should. All pictures open on new pages. Movies are only downloadable and packed as zip-archives. Also all picture series are available as zips - good service.


Latex Angel sure isn't a site for everybody. Pictures and movies are very extreme and among the most hardcore stuff I've seen so far in regards to big and extra ordinary toys, fisting and some other crazy ideas, all covered in latex fetish clothing. It will be difficult for other sites to beat this as Angelina and her 'master' truly enjoy what they are doing. But if you are not sure whether this might be something for you, check out the site's preview.

Quality of the offered material is varying from good (the pictures) to sufficient (the movies should have a bigger resolution, although their picture quality is not too bad). By the amount of content, this isn't a very big site, but since the content is very special and can't be produced as easy as the average porn scenes I find this acceptable. The price is quite high though, even for this content.

Screenshots from Latex Angel

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Total average: 65.5/100 Our score: 85.0/100

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2016-05-05 06:19:45

Awesome site when it comes to fisting (pussy fisting AND real anal fisting) Not only 3-4 fingers fucking...
Also if you are into (extreme) anal sex i highly can recommend that website as Angelina can really take lots up her bum.