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Men in pain review

Summary: Men In Pain delivers quality fetish content when it comes to females dominating males. The dominant girls go all out when it comes to inducing pain and humiliating their slave boys. Video quality is great and updates occur regularly. Recommended to femdom fans.

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Score 90.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2007-12-14

Fetish, Videos, Movies, Hardcore

BDSM, bondage, domination, femdom, Kink

Intro promises

There are no introductory promises, per se, for Men in Pain. What you see on the tour is what you get inside. As you can see, the photo galleries and videos are good sized. Updates are regular at once a week.

First impression

I have to admit to hyperventilating a little bit at the prospect of reviewing Men in Pain. I'm a lifestyle Domme and oh boy! I've heard so much about this site that I'll cane anyone who will slow me down on my way into this site. So, since I'm not into denying myself, I'm heading in!


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Credit cards via Jettis or Epoch.
Personal check via online or regular mail.

Our opinion

What you see on the tour is what you get inside - only you get to see the action! As on the tour, the menu is simple: Updates, Live Shows, Schedule, Models, Webstore, Special Offers, and Forums. Updates obviously shows the latest content. The updates are once a week and are pretty sizable. There's usually around 200 photos uploaded, as well as at least 30 minutes of video.

Live Shows takes you to a great concept of watching streaming video and audio of a live show. There's even a chatroom where you can chat with the participants and make suggestions as to how the episode should unfold. Unfortunately, the last show for Men in Pain is dated July 10, 2007. I hope they take up this venture again soon. Or perhaps they are rotating amongst the Kink family of sites. The Schedule option shows what updates are being loaded within the whole Kink network. As a general rule, there's a new update within this collection of sites each weekday. Models takes you to a directory of all the models within Kink, listed alphabetically by their first names. You can also search models by sex, region, site, and name. Webstore redirects you to a well known BDSM toy store. Special Offers shows the latest discounts Kink offers within their family of sites. And, last but not least, you can hang out with fellow BDSMers or admirers at the Forums.

Okay, now that the preliminaries are out of the way, let's enter the dungeon! On the Home page, you'll find the latest updates laid out in a dozen good sized (200x133 pixels) thumbnails, as well as a nice sized picture and description. The older episodes aren't laid out the same way, but they still have decent sized thumbnails so you can get a good idea of what the videos will contain. Episodes go all the way back to March, 2003, so there's a lot archived.

Each of the almost 250 video episodes has photo galleries to go along with it. These are zip downloadable, and you can choose between high res and low res pictures. High Res opens to 800x1200 pixels, while Low Res opens to 533x800. Either option contains pictures that are crystal clear, where you'll see latex and sweat glistening.

You can stream or zip file download the videos as individual clips.
Unfortunately, you can't watch the episodes in their entirety; however, the clips are rather long. You can choose between WMV, Real Player, and iPod formats. The videos play in a 960x540 size very good quality screen. The older videos play in a smaller size - like 640x480, but they're still good quality. The oldest videos are offered in RealPlayer for Broadband or Modem and play in a smaller good quality screen. While the content varies within each bdsm episode, there's a commonality of a brief conversation before each session. There's also the aftercare video clip which shows all is well with the men. The Domme and sub discuss their intense scene play and how they felt about certain activities. This adds a personal touch to the whole episode and shows that it was more than just physical play; the two (or more) delved into the emotional and mental realm as well.

I'm a big fan of Claire Adams because her domination style is similar to mine, so I was quick to check out her videos. Her and totaleurosex's latest episode, "Heavy Bondage and Mind Games" cannot be missed. There was far more than just physical interaction going on in this one, as the title indicates. He was a mouthy little sub, and Ms. Adams broke him down piece by piece. When she put the anal hook in euro's ass, his pain and discomfort was clearly evident. (I'm still wincing at that one). His forehead was red, his face flushed, his breathing heavy and labored, and the sweat was pouring off him. She puts him through all kinds of physical pain, which was very beautiful. The emotional exchange between them was palpable. Another thing that can't be faked was when his arms were turning purple after being tied behind his back for so long. I was glad they untied him shortly after that!

There's a point in the video where euro is in suspension bondage, and Ms. Adams laid down and kicked him. I hope next time she wears cleats - hehe! Yes, I tend to be very sadistic, and this site will satisfy the sadist and the masochist. It also satisfies those who may not be into the real extreme stuff. There are plenty of videos with naked porn stars dishing out some heavy corporal punishment or bondage, yet they also use the men purely for their sexual pleasure. For example, Sativa Rose is at her sassy and cruel best in her Men in Pain videos. She cracks me up with her sultry Latina, ballsy attitude. I admit to being a little skeptical when I see well known porn stars within a BDSM site. All of a sudden they "become" domme? However, these women do a very good job being dominant. What is prevalent amongst these models - whether they're dominant in real life or not - is that they are clearly enjoying their role as tormentors.


I love men in pain. Oh, and I love this site, too. Lol! The site is easy to navigate, and the updates are regular. I like that they keep all their bdsm episodes archived since the site's inception. The quality of the photos is very good - even in low res, and the videos will either make your mouth water (if you're dominant) or cringe and aroused if you're submissive.

As I mentioned above, I do wish we could watch the episodes in their entirety and not in clips. Be that as it may, the clips are good sized, so that offsets that drawback a little. Another drawback: I wish the site came with my very own euro sub to torment.

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