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Men in Pain review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Men in Pain offers members a large archive of very high quality BDSM femdom scenes in HD video and high resolution photos. The navigation is easy, and membership also gives you access to Divine Bitches, which is every bit as hardcore and extreme in its femdom action. The site is no longer updating but with such a large archive available plus the bonus sites that is no reason to discount it from your list. A site very much worth visting for surfers interested in the niche and lifestyle.

Score 80.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2017-02-10

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Intro promises

- 390+ shoots
- 275+ hours of videos
- HD videos
- 78,790+ pictures
- Forums
- Bonus sites
- Discount membership price

First impression

One look at the tour pages of Men in Pain, and you quickly see the site is aptly named. Submissive males are strung up like sides of beef, tormented and tortured by beautiful and merciless Dommes. These Femdoms are curious goddesses who like to see just how far they can push their male subs - both physically and psychologically - and are all too happy to use, abuse, and fuck up their prey in dark and foreboding dungeon settings. But don't feel too sorry for the male painsluts because soon the Dommes are using them as fuck toys. Thus, you'll see extreme BDSM play mixed with hot and heavy hardcore sex in each of these scenes!

Read on for a more in depth look at just what the site has to offer members in 2017.


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Our opinion

Men in Pain has been the go-to site for male submissives for several years now. Produced by the highly regarded, Men in Pain features male subs who are tested to their very limits - both physically and emotionally - by very capable, sadistic, and hot Dommes. You'll be grimacing and writhing in sympathy as you vicariously live through these male subs' experiences at the hands of these sexy sadists.

Very Real and Intense Scenes

mean dome administers cock and ball torture while caningI'm sure you've seen plenty of bdsm sites where you wonder if the porn stars are just going through the motions. Since BDSM has become popular over the past few years, it seems everyone wants to get in on the action. Unfortunately, most of these people have no clue about the dynamics of BDSM and the subtle nuances, psychological drama, and total power exchange that goes into such play.

Unlike these sites, Men in Pain is very real, and you don't get any sense at all that the participants are just flogging or grimacing through the motions. Sweat running down the torso, limbs shaking, red marks, and soulful looks quickly tell you that the subs are very much feeling everything that is going on, with the added dimension of the psychological struggle of giving it all up for their Dommes. The Dommes, for their part, seem to totally enjoy and get off on dominating and inflicting pain on their willing prey.

Wide Variety of BDSM Play

All the action you expect to see in a BDSM site is in Men in Pain. There's plenty of cock and ball torture, bondage, predicament bondage, suspension bondage, strapon play, heavy corporal punishment, erotic humiliation and degradation, flogging, subs blindfolded and gagged, pussy and ass worship, smothering, dehumanization, sounds and urethral play, slapping, orgasm denial, and much more. After the males become totally obedient, they're used as sex toys, which provides for lots of hardcore sex with in focus closeups.

Fun Vignettes and Role Play

Nikki Noire smoothes sub missives face and plays with her big titsMany of the scenes are the typical dungeon scenes, but some offer fun vignettes where the participants get to role play. Examples of such story lines are interrogator/torturer and spy, a dominant turning the tables on some guy who's hitting on her at the gym, or extracting revenge on a used car salesman.

Very High Quality Videos

Fortunately all the S&M action is shown in very high quality videos. You can download your favorite scenes in parts or in their full length in Highest Quality HD (MP4 1280x720 screens; 3 mbits), WMVHD (Windows Media 1280x720 screens; 7 mbits), or Most Compatible (Windows Media 960x540 screens; 2 mbits). There are also special downloads for iPads/iPods in mp4 format.

Not only do the scenes play in HD videos, but also other formats as well. You can stream in Flash streaming at high, medium, and low quality settings online instantly. Streaming is a breeze because it doesn't freeze at all to buffer, and the downloading speeds are quick as well. The videos run around 45 minutes on average, with both visual and audio being very high quality. Even the closeups remain in focus and clear.

High Resolution Photos

Red high heels crush cock in viceThe scenes not only contain videos but also photo galleries. You have your choice of viewing the very good quality photos in either low resolution (800x533 pixels) or high resolution (1200x800 pixels). The galleries are offered with PicLens and zip downloadable capabilities. There are usually 175 pictures, on average, per photo set, with some galleries having a lot more or a lot less photos. Sometimes the galleries will have screencaps mixed in with the photos.


The scenes contain interviews of the participants before and after the BDSM play. These interviews usually go over how the subs like to test themselves, as well as discussing their previous bdsm experiences. The after play interviews go over what occurred in the painful scene - what the subs liked about it, how far they were tested, etc.

Easy But Too Simple Navigation

Navigating around Men in Pain is pretty basic. You can View All the Shoots according to Date, Rating, or Comments. Links to the Forums, your bonus site Divine Bitches, and Kinky Deals is prominently displayed. There could have been more of a filtering/sorting system put in place here - maybe something based on tags or categories, so you could look up movies with Cock and Ball Torture, or with a specific type of bondage, more directly.

Large Archive

Men in Pain contains over 390 episodes; each of these episodes consist of a video and a photo gallery. The site had been regularly updated for years, which makes for a large archive!

Access to all the Kink Unlimited sites included

Membership to Men in Pain allows members full access to Divine Bitches. This site is every bit as extreme and hardcore as Men in Pain, though it does add some extra erotic humiliation and degradation.

No Longer Updating

I don't think the site is updating any longer, since no dates are noted and the earliest comments on the most recent scenes go back to 2008. This doesn't mean the scenes are "dated"; these scenes are timeless and every bit as enjoyable now as the day they were first uploaded.

Men In Pain Porn Review Take-Aways:

  • \BBExtraordinary BDSM and femdom action.
  • \BBA large library but it isn't being added to with new episodes any longer.
  • \BB720p HD downloads, high quality streams, zip-archive galleries.
  • \BBAccess to Divine Bitches is included as a bonus.


Men in Pain continues to be an awesome site, despite no longer updating.

You'll see a wide variety of BDSM activities, and the Dommes and subs have a genuine chemistry and bond with each other, which is certainly important in any S&M play. Men in Pain offers its members a large archive of very high quality videos and high resolution photo galleries, as well as easy navigation. The site isn't updating but it still has a lot to offer, and members get a nice bonus in the form of full access to Divine Bitches, which carries on the hardcore and extreme Femdom tradition that you love in Men in Pain and is still updating regularly.


Any site from is pretty much the cream of the crop, and Men in Pain is no exception. There is, however, one site that is just as edgy and hardcore in its Femdom slant, and that is The English Mansion. Both sites have been around for several years and both feature very capable, creative, hot, and diabolical sadists who get off on inflicting physical and psychological pain on submissives. The English Mansion differs in that female submissives are also featured, though males are more prominent. Both sites offer very high quality videos and photo galleries, as well as large archives. One of the main differences is that The English Mansion still updates, whereas Men in Pain doesn't. The English Mansion also offers its members a large amount of sissification and medical fetish content, whereas Men in Pain does not.

Kinky Mistresses will also be worth visiting. The infamous Lady Natalie Black and her domme friends put on quite stunning performances here overwhelming and sometimes doubleteaming their submissives with an array of BDSM practices. Quality is high and at the time of our last visit they were updating very frequently.


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