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Mistress Amber Leigh review

Summary: Mistress Amber Leigh is a site focused on this British Mistress and how she plays with her subs. What makes her site stand out is her cheeky and cruel personality. She truly delights in what she does, and you can see it all in her very good quality content. She doesn't have much in the way of archives built up just yet, but I suspect that's because her site is relatively new.

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Tamesin, 2010-08-18

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BDSM, British models, cbt, corset, domination, femdom, leather clothes, rubber clothes, shoes, strapon

Intro promises

- Hardcore domination
- Exclusive content
- Regular updates

First impression

Mistress Amber Leigh is a self described "nasty sadistic Mistress who gets pleasure from inflicting pain! If you want to see me whip, kick, use and abuse useless creatures like you then you better fucking join my site right now!"

Well, now... that's putting it bluntly and succinctly, letting would-be members know exactly what kind of treatment they can expect to see within her exclusive site.


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Our opinion

I like Mistress Amber Leigh's style. She's got a lovely, lilting British accent that can instantly turn mocking and cruel. Same with her manner. She exudes a regal beauty about her, but she's not afraid to get down and dirty with her slaves, punishing them, laughing at them, and cruelly unleashing barbs of criticism as well as stings from her cane. Don't expect to see her getting nude in her scenes; upon occasion, she might flash you her boobs, but that's basically it. Instead, she relies upon her commanding presence, creativity, and expertise in making her subs submit; she doesn't need to get naked. How refreshingly dominant!

Currently, there are less than 30 videos of various lengths. The ones I saw had a run time of a few minutes to over half an hour. The videos open to various sizes, such as 720x576 and 912x512 pixels. They all play in a very good quality screen in QuickTime/mp4 format. The content within the videos varies as much as the amusing titles: "Human ashtray chokes on my smoke," "Cracking David's nuts," "Double slave ball busting," "Dance for me bitch!" and more. The latter is particularly hilarious, with an obese man made to dance around a stripper pole, among other things. As Mistress Amber Leigh cheekily writes: "By the looks of his pudgy ass I'm starting to think my boot polish must be high in calories!"

There are around 15 photo galleries of Mistress Amberleigh wearing various fetish attire, including corsets, thigh high boots, rubber, PVC, and more. There's very little nudity on Mistress Amber Leigh's part, by the way. The pictures open to 1000x1500 pixels and are pretty good quality. There's a slide show option, but no zip download option available for these galleries. The galleries average around 20 pictures in each of them.

Throughout it all, there's lots of cbt, heavy corporal punishment, human ashtray, bondage, strapon play, etc., and plenty of humiliation, as well as more fetish oriented offerings, such as thigh high leather boots, smoking, foot worship, fruit crushing, etc. And if you have a corset fetish, you'll love all the yummy corsets Mistress Amberleigh wears in her scenes. Whatever gets her fetish treatment, you can tell she knows fetishes well and how to handle them in order to drive her fetishists into maximum overdrive.

Additionally, most of the scenes are just the Mistress and a male slave, but upon occasion, you'll see another Mistress join in, or Mistress Amber Leigh will be dominating two male submissives, or one female submissive.

Mistress Amberleigh offers its members super simple navigation. Your menu options are simply videos, pictures, and blog (which is regularly updated). There are no dates noted on the content itself. There is, however, a small calender that lists the latest updates, with there being at least one update per week for the last several updates.


I like Mistress Amber Leigh. She exudes a true sense of dominance and understanding of what submissives need and crave. Unfortunately, there's not much in the way of content, but I suspect that's because the site is relatively new. What is there is very good quality and quite fun to watch! There's at least one update per week, and the navigation is very easy.

If you want to see an attractive Domme who delights in being cruel and who also knows quite a bit about fetish and bdsm, then do check out Mistress Amber Leigh. Hopefully, with time, she'll be adding more to her impressive collection of videos and photo galleries.


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