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Murder Lily review

Summary: Murder Lily is dedicated to content featuring girls with large tattoos, piercings, weird hair colors and a bit rebellious. It has around 30 models in 56 photo sets and 6 videos at current time. The lack of content is the biggest issue, but in time it should be a good place for alt-model fans.

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Joseph, 2008-07-31

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Intro promises

- At Murder Lily we have tattooed babes, pierced girls, gothic chicks, punk hotties, modern pinups and alternative models.

- Our members area features a large photo collection of amateurs, professional models, and pornstars. Why settle for milk-fed porn when you can get alternative cream?

- Murder Lily brings you only the tastiest morsels of alternative beauty, from rockabilly retro to tattoo glamour.

First impression

Murder Lily is yet another alternaporn site with a name that suggests danger and femininity at the same time (see also: Suicide Girls, Razor Dolls, Burning Angel). Like all the other alt-porn sites out there, Murder Lily offers photos and videos of ďmodernĒ pinup girls, alternative models, tattooed babes, pierced ladies, goths and punks, in this case ranging from amateur hotties to big-name porn stars that youíve probably never actually heard of. But what separates this alt-porn site from every other alt-porn site on the Internet? (Spoiler alert: Absolutely nothing.) Letís find out!


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Our opinion

Updated weekly, Murder Lily has a stylish and easy to master interface, one that includes a handy menu bar at the top of each page to aid in navigation. Not only can members find what they want via the menu bar, but they can even search the site by keyword or browse content by three categories (general, hair color and fetishes); of course, the browsing and search options can both be found in the menu bar. See, I told you it was easy to master this site! Now if only I could master the banjoÖ Anyway, the main members area displays latest updates, sneak peaks at future updates, top rated pictures and top rated photosets.

Currently, there are thirty-two models (well, thirty-three if you count the two in the lone girl-girl set on this site) on Murder Lily. Many of these models, like Angela Ryan, have their own personal pay sites while some of the other models are bona fide (boner fide?) porn stars (Jezebelle Bond comes to mind) ó thereís a pretty good chance youíve seen some of these gals on other sites if youíre a faithful follower of this kinda smut. Of course, there are plenty of amateurs in the mix as well, so even the most hardened perverts (like me!) will find someone new to discover on Murder Lily. Each model has a little bio, which gives a smidgen of background information, including age and descriptions of tattoos and other body modifications, and at least one photoset under her (garter) belt (some have as many as two!). The content here is fairly tame: no hardcore and not much in the way of masturbation either, though there is some of that at times (see videos). Personally, Iíd prefer some spicier stuff, but Iím a pig.

The bulk of the material on Murder Lily is made up of nice looking images. These photos are offered in three sizes: small, medium and large, the largest being 1200 by 800 pixels. Zipped files are available in all three sizes, letting members download full sets in one fell swoop; members can also download the pics one at a time. Rate each photo if time permits or just add your favorites to the favorites, whatever. Photos look good enough to eat, but I donít think I would ó canít imagine theyíd taste too good.

Murder Lily has recently added videos to its members area ó itís about goddamned time! Sadly, there are only six videos on the site at the present time. Bummer. Each video is available for streaming in two formats; oddly enough, none of the formats are the same for the first three videos. For instance, one video is available in Flash and Windows Media while another can be streamed as an AVI file or an MPEG. Regardless of the lack of uniformity with streaming options, the videos are all of the same decent quality. And it seems they have now decided on offering videos in both MPG, WMV and Flash. One video shows a girl showering (snore), one shows a gal masturbating (meh) and the last shows a fox masturbating while smoking (gettiní closer, Murder Lily!).

The bonus section includes photo galleries shot by guest photographers (just two at the moment), user-submitted tattoo photos (excuse me while I stifle a yawn), probing model interviews (three so far) and ďa really radĒ (their words, not mine) blog, which mostly features random photos of stupid shit like motorcycles and arty garbage cans (no, really). No bonus sites come with your subscription to Murder Lily, Iím sad to report. Shucks. Thatís no good.


Put bluntly, Murder Lily needs more time to grow. The content here isnít bad, but this site just canít compete with the competition yet, particularly when you take into consideration the fact that sites like Burning Angel and Suicide Girls have been online for a half a dozen years now and have amassed a wealth of exclusive content as a result. Of course, Murder Lily will probably be rather awesome in a couple years, so Iím gonna suggest following a wait and see policy with regards to joining this website. Get to work, Murder Lily!

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