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My Slave Life review

Summary: My Slave Life is an attempt to create a femdom site where men are treated as slaves by their female master. It contains 40 episodes featuring east European models. The videos however are made without understanding the BDSM scene at all resulting in poor content.

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Score 30.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2008-07-16

Fetish, Videos, Movies, Amateur


Intro promises

- Regular updates
- Videos in WMV and Quicktime
- Zip downloadable photos
- "Real" FemDomme action

First impression

I like the looks of this site. These men look like they're in pain and being quite humiliated. I've not seen any of these Mistresses anywhere. That's always a plus on a paysite. I hope the site lives up to the tour!


$29.95/30 days, recurring
$59.95/90 days, non-recurring

Credit cards through CCBill, SegPay, and Commerce Gate

Our opinion

Despite the dark theme, you'll find a light and easy menu awaiting you inside. Choose between Video, Photos, Mistresses, Slaves, Updates, and Network. There are also niches listed, if there's something you particularly enjoy. These categories include: POV, Feet, Spanking, Facesitting, Kicking, Bondage, and Humiliation. Below this are two episodes laid out in four good sized thumbnails. I'm a bit confused, however, since these episodes direct you to two other paysites. One of the links doesn't work, and the other one takes me to a porn network. The site in question wasn't listed on the porn network, which appears to be an upsale to another paysite anyway. Well, this is certainly disappointing. Perhaps a slave's life here is one of tease and denial, with heavy emphasis on denial. Or maybe it's financial domination, where the slave is given nothing for the money he paid. The link below the two episodes - "See more My Slave life scenes" - just links back to the same home page with the nowhere links.

I click on the menu, hoping this will get me somewhere. "Video" contains pictures of four mistresses and a brief description of them. Below that are the scenes. There are over 40 scenes; about half of them offer videos and photo galleries, while the other half has only videos. Videos stream or download in WMV or Quick Time. The videos range from 3 to 42 minutes in length; most of them are around 10 to 15 minutes. The videos open to a 384x288 pixel size in Quick Time and are decent quality. I prefer my videos in a bigger screen, though. The mistresses and slaves don't speak English - at least not on the videos I saw - so if you only speak English and want to understand the Mistresses, that'll be a problem for you. The WMV/AVI movies play in a 768x576 sized screen and are pretty good quality.

Photo galleries have no set amount in them; they range from around 10 to just over 160 pictures. Most of them tend to be around 30 pictures. The pictures are screen caps, so they're not the greatest of quality. Some have good quality for screen caps, and others are downright terrible! They open to 1024x768 pixels. The odd thing about this site is the non-uniformity of it all. Some episodes have photo galleries, and some don't. Some photo galleries have the zip download option, while others don't.

The menu option of "Photos" leads to over 20 episodes, which contain videos. A lot of them look like the same scenes that are under "Videos". "Mistresses" currently has 15 mistresses with a short description, link to their scenes, and an option of contacting them via email. "Slaves" contains a description and link to their scenes of each of the 4 slaves within this site. "Updates" contains...well...just one update listed. The date for this is listed as March 20, 2007. Okey doke. I guess this site isn't updated too often! "Network" just sends you back to those two "go nowhere" links I mentioned on the home page.

Now, I have to admit that looking at the thumbnails of some of these videos, I was impressed with the content. They looked pretty humiliating. But the problem is, I watched those videos. The videos didn't live up to the thumbnail teasers. These mistresses have absolutely no clue what they're doing. I laughed out loud when one mistress was tying a gag behind a sub's head. The thing is, she was tying it at an angle from his mouth to his upper head. Anyone knows that gravity will take hold, and down goes the knot. Yep, as soon as she took her hand away, the tied part fell to the nape of his neck, thereby not being a gag anymore. In fact, a minute or two later, the "gag" fell out of his mouth. Additionally, it's unfortunate that later on in this video, due to this website's cluelessness about safety, I watched the young woman take a metal serving spoon and hit the poor male model on his spine. WTF!?! Sorry, but I can stomach bad paysites, but when their total ignorance can cause someone great bodily harm, that is just too much! This site SUCKS!


There, I said it. My Slave Life sucks. I never thought I'd say that about a site, and I've seen some pretty bad sites before. But I always try to find something redeemable about the sites I review. I was going to try to at least point out that these are mistresses you probably haven't seen before. That's always a nice find in the porn world. However, after watching the actions of many of these "mistresses," there's a reason why you haven't seen them before. They're a danger because they're in total ignorance of what to do.

Granted, many porn actresses may have no clue, but at least they have good direction. There's not even good direction in this paysite. This site has nothing redeemable, especially when it shows actions that can cause danger. These videos are clearly made by people who have absolutely no clue about bdsm, let alone how to play safely. It's not just the bdsm actions alone, but how the girls have to constantly look at the camera for guidance. Ugh!

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