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Need A Pee review

Summary: Need A Pee caters to the fan of pee desperation, where a woman suddenly has to pee no matter where she is be it on the middle of the free way or in the city streets. Decent content quality and good close ups.

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Score 75.0 /100
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Uli, 2007-05-17

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Intro promises

Need A Pee - pee desperation - pee accidents - pee exhibition. "Needapee: what's it all about: It´s all about girls busting to pee and wetting themselves in desperation, it´s about girls peeing in public places and it´s about girls showing off and peeing to exhibit their masterpiece for you!" "Hi, I am Rebekah [Dee], and if you don't already know me I am a British amateur model who positively loves to wet myself in extreme pee desperation situations. As far as I am concerned the more public location of a mishap the better. Of course the inevitable climax to all of this is a nice warm pantie wetting accident! - Some of you may already know me from - my mainstream girl/girl site. I decided to launch Need A Pee after I discovered that there was a pee desperation niche through the many requests for wetting photo sets and videos. That and the fact that I love nothing more to feel the warmth of a pee accident in my panties!"

The site lets you preview the beginings of its photoseries, some blurred pics and two previews of movies - I recommend the real explicit sofa demo to get an idea.

First impression

You will not expect such a clean starting site welcoming you when entering the members area of such a dirty website. Anyway, Need A Pee has a clean design and is easy to handle - galleries of both pictures and movies are just one click away. The overview of the 20 photo series is no problem, but there are seven video pages each with ten entries and furthermore a bunch of cam archives - well, there's more stuff I expected at first sight!


$19.95 - 30 days recurring
$24.95 - 30 days non-recurring
$44.95 - 90 days then every 30 days recurring @ $14.95
$69.95 - 180 days non-recurring

Payment processor is CCBill.

Our opinion

I knew Rebekah Dee from her main site having been a member there some time ago. She's a true hottie with a great body and performs quite a lot of action, although rarely f/m-hardcore sex. As mentioned above and in addition to her mainstream site this new site concentrates on pee scenes. Although around 3/4 of the stuff on the pee site is performed by herself, there are some other good looking gals performing pee action on Need A Pee.

At the moment Need A Pee offers 20 galleries, 16 with Rebekah. Their action is as promised freely performed pee shots. Not just sitting on toilets but many outdoor shots with very explicit peeing, showing it all, "golden arches" or "long distance shoots". And not only outdoor shootings - some were done intentionally in public places with the risk of getting caught by people passing by. It's obvious Rebekah loves such posings, since there are a bunch of such situations. There are even some very closeup pictures so whatever you want to see you will see. Beside the pissing scenes there is no more explicit hardcore - for the only exception see below.

The photo series consist of 20 up to 220 pictures (especially the newer seven ones are larger) with a grand total of more than 2000 pics. Their size ranges from mediocre 500x600 to real good 700x1000 pixel and goes up to 1000 KB. Most of the pics are crisp and clear but some seem to have had insufficient lighting to me. Nevertheless, quality is ok. Pictures are straightforward without the intention of being artsy.

When comparing the video pages with those of the pics it gets obvious very soon that the movies are the main content of the site. At the moment there are 70 of them. Since there are more movie- than picture shoots it's clear that this site is a little bit different from many others where the same action is used both for picture and video. This might be due to the fact that it's easier to catch peeing scenes on movie than on pics. Anyway, the character of the movies is comparable to those of the pictures and is of course conform with the main theme of the site. The posings are good and original and show everything you might want to see. Again it's obvious Rebekah loves risky scenes. The exception mentioned above is one scene were Rebekah is standing above a man and peeing everywhere on him at her best - very hard and good shoot called "My first golden shower"!

The movies are available in three resolutions - 320x240, 640x480 and 720x576. Their file sizes are varying between 20 MB and more than 500 MB for a single file (big resolution), the low resolution does have file sizes of about one third. Since the quality of the full PAL-resolution files is really good, I absolutely recommend going for these ones, even if this absolutely needs a DSL internet connection. File type is wmv at ~1400 kbit/s.

The site offers some more stuff - I admit I was a little bit astonished to find that on a pee site: There is a "peecam" available with regular sessions for the members by Rebekah and her friends. Furthermore, many (or all?) of the old sessions are available for download in full length(!). Although these are low-resolution files with a reduced frame rate (and are thus not smooth), I consider this to be a really good service.

As a bonus there is a well-kept diary with Rebekah telling some background stories and a link site. Sadly there are only a few links to TGP sites - some more effort here and links to other great pee sites like PeePeeBabes, Pissing in action, Pissbank or other amateurs doing great pee shots might furthermore increase the value of Rebekah's pee site.

The design and navigation of the site is simple but well done. No problem here. All content is downloadable without hassle - sometimes the movies have a nasty copyright-logo covering important parts. Sadly the picture series are lacking zip-files - this would substantially increase the handling comfort of the site.


Well, Rebekah has done some good work with Need A Pee. Action and picture quality is great and very explicit. If you are into this type of scenes, I promise you not to be disappointed by this site. Anyway, the site has the typical problems of many sites being in a quite early state: The content, especially the picture series, is a little bit small and needs some growth. I personally would like Rebekah to do more real hardcore scenes together with other guys and gals of the "golden shower" type. I consider the price of $19.95 not cheap but to be ok for such a niche site. If the site will grow and get improved furthermore, it might get a real bang for the buck. A further improvement also could be a combined membership to Rebekah's normal site and the pee site for those wanting the complete Rebekah experience.

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Total average: 80/100 Our score: 75.0/100

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Comments from other readers

2014-05-21 09:51:47

- content as promised
- new updates in good quality
- design and members area is not state of the art
- download procedure for new updates terribly annoying
- update-frequence much too long: once a month
- audio podcast stopped short: 4 stories (a real competitive advantage)
- get some lawyers and make trespassers suffer, - but don't annoy your customers.
- start updating, especially the audio podcast

2014-05-29 10:19:24

This site is NOT good.

To download the 40 most recent videos you have to complete an annoying half-broken form, ONE PER VIDEO, and wait for a download link to be emailed to you. It is often several DAYS before any email arrives. Even then, the emails come through very slowly over several more days.

If I had known this before, I would have spent my money on one of the pirate / file share sites that already has the most recent videos and could have downloaded them all in less than an hour.

The site must be congratulated on annoying honest customers and being so incredibly slow compared to the file share sites.